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Passport Office to offer new pre-dated photograph service.

The Passport Office is to introduce a new service that offers holders the opportunity to have their passport photographs instantly given that familiar, embarrassingly out-of-date look. Passport...

sredni vashta 14.07.13 1:40am
sredni vashta
Man trying to rinse away spilt homeopathic solution only makes things worse 2
Smart Alex 14.07.13 1:01am
Smart Alex
Blueman group banned from Northern Ireland 0
Scronnyglonkle 13.07.13 11:38pm
French mountain climber's body found in le vide en ce bas d'Auvergne 0
Arthur 13.07.13 11:28pm
'Stodgy' wedding cake maker sued after heavy, dense base dropped in groom's lap 3
Arthur 13.07.13 11:26pm
Galleon crash - 'pirate error' to blame.

More soon....

Idiot 13.07.13 10:46pm
Man drowns in cement. Family mortarfied. 0
godly1966 13.07.13 8:52pm
Government calls for calm amidst unexpected "Vitamin D" outbreak

Scotland declared as a "Safe Zone"...

Jesus H 13.07.13 8:04pm
Lindy Moone
Judge makes landmark ruling by admitting evidence based on trig-points 0
Arthur 13.07.13 5:55pm
Cannibalism prosecution dropped after defendant eats evidence 1
sydalg 13.07.13 4:44pm
Three gorings and so far only one von ribbentrop in Spain's San Fermin bull runs 0
bumtrinket 13.07.13 4:41pm
Royal baby to wait until Mandela dead

The offspring of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is believed to have taken PR advice to wait until the death of Nelson Mandela before emerging from his mother’s vagina. A spokesperson from...

andrewl81 13.07.13 2:36pm
Doubts cast on water-board confessions as Cheney admits to being Tooth Fairy

Amid continued scandal over the enhanced interrogation techniques employed by the former US administration under George Bush and the information extracted using such procedures, former members of the...

bumtrinket 13.07.13 2:18pm
Grandparents 'displeased' at receiving happy birthday wishes via Facebook

A survey conducted by greeting card retailer Hallmark has revealed that 95% of over-75s are 'fed up and disappointed' at only ever receiving their happy birthday wishes in the form of a Facebook...

Jesus H 13.07.13 11:47am
Jesus H
Defendant who had sex with chicken accused of basting evidence 0
sydalg 13.07.13 10:58am
Thousands of accounts re-activated as Facebook release 'Pointless Status Filter'

Thousands of users returned to Facebook today to re-activate their accounts following the announcement from the social network giant that a new 'Pointless Status Filter' has been rolled out worldwide...

Jesus H 13.07.13 10:50am
Jesus H
China falls for Nigerian 419 confidence trick

In the world's most successful email scam, Chinese President Xi Jinping has agreed to give Nigeria $1.1bn. Beijing officials have been embarrassed by the release the following email exchange:...

Wrenfoe 13.07.13 10:10am
Unabashed biblical masturbator vows to go "on an' on" 0
sydalg 13.07.13 9:34am
Orange men admit "they still can't find a rhyme for 'orange'"

Orange men have confessed that they are still struggling to write a marching song because they can't find a rhyme for orange. "The best we've come up with is 'door hinge' - but that's a bit hard to...

apepper 13.07.13 9:34am
Funding Crisis in Welsh Emergency Services

The Welsh Assembly has ordered an inquiry into a chronic funding shortage in the emergency services in South Wales. In particular the inquiry will be asked to look into the excessive funding...

clarksn 13.07.13 8:55am
Spooneristic baker vows to go out with all buns glazing 5
sydalg 13.07.13 8:54am
Suarez rejects Liverpool Care Pathway

Health officials in England have expressed concern that Liverpool FC's treatment of the wantaway striker may have been used to hasten his exit, save money and put fans out of their misery. The LCP,...

Wrenfoe 13.07.13 8:40am
Jesus H
Liverpool Care Pathway to be given an overdose of Morphine 0
A.A.Arkwright 13.07.13 7:13am
Gove re-captured by Thunderbirds factory 3
antharrison 13.07.13 12:25am
sredni vashta
"Significant" number of MPs agree to "feel uneasy" about accepting £6k pay rise. 4
sredni vashta 12.07.13 11:36pm
Electrical appliances on HD 189733b 'must be HD 189733b-d' scientists find


Idiot 12.07.13 10:49pm
Doubts expressed about whether there will ever be a cure for pessimism 19
John Wiltshire 12.07.13 9:07pm
Charles Foley to be buried in X shaped coffin. 0
Maverick 12.07.13 6:49pm
Attempt to reattach severed toes leads to defeat. 1
sredni vashta 12.07.13 6:23pm
Lindy Moone
Garden theft: evidence based on plants "fundamentally flowered"

first ever neato attempt, be kind...

sillybugger 12.07.13 6:22pm
Lindy Moone