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Suspected Dr Who plot-leaks actually primary school child’s English homework 0
Qoxiivi 3 years
Stephen Moffat blames Samoa for leaking Dr Who plots of episodes not yet written 0
bonjonelson 3 years
AOL struggling to oust ex-employees 14
Screenie 3 years

Internet firm AOL is attempting to cut nine hundred jobs, however it is having difficulty in removing the ex-employees from the building. "We thought we had got rid of them", reported AOL's head of...

Two of life's greatest questions answered 21
Screenie 3 years

As tree falling in woods lands on Schrödinger's cat...

Parking chaos outside many dry cleaners as drivers seek to avoid spot fines 0
Duncan Biscuit 3 years
Investigation reveals Dr Who plots were leaked tomorrow 0
Duncan Biscuit 3 years
Language reported as terrible as MSP's swear in for new parliament. 0
Basil_B 3 years

'F*ckin this, f*ckin that' said Alex F*ckin Salmond...

International terrorism: all fun and games until someone loses an eye 7
ResidentAlien 3 years

More tasteless news comment soon...

Male executives keen for women above glass ceiling 'provided they wear skirts' 3
QorbeQ 3 years

. [Prompted by jp1885's Max Mosley / glass door headline]...

Super-glue injunctions make rumours stick... 0
be reasonable 3 years
Bin Laden's sons denounce arbitrary killing of 3000 people in New York... 0
be reasonable 3 years

more hypocrisy soon...

Julian Assange wishes he'd thought of using a super injunction 0
simonjmr 3 years
European butterfly species to be sued by Mississipi flood victims 2
Mr Payne 3 years

Hat tip to Schrodinger post...

White House admits to McCain, Palin sex tape revelations 6
ResidentAlien 3 years

“It was probably one of the most anxiety-filled periods of time, I think, in the lives of the people who were assembled here yesterday,” spokesman John Brennan said. “The minutes passed like...

Wayne Rooney asks Downton star to negotiate final price for his new car. 2
DrTurmoil 3 years

Too subtle/tangential/illegal/unfunny?? If somebody was proved to be good at getting something Rooney'd already paid for at a much lower price, he might therefore ask that person whoever they may be...

Spot fines for acne ridden teenagers 0
virtuallywill 3 years
US triumph short-lived as scientists discover Bin Laden 'hid seven horcruxes' 2
rickwestwell 3 years

Celebration of the death of Osama Bin Laden was cut short this morning after a team of American scientists specialising in paranormal research made the terrible discovery that while still alive, the...

“The Lord of the Rings Was Nonsense” reveals Seven Year Old Child 0
Quaz 3 years

The literary world is reeling today after the realisation that JRR Tolkien's three volume epic “The Lord of the Rings” was a load of old nonsense. “Why did they have to go all the way to Mordor...

RSPCA to launch investigation into Schrodinger. 2
Mr Payne 3 years

Obvious, I know, but I was powerless to resist...

Mary Todd Lincoln: Vampire Hand Love Therapist 1
rikkor 3 years

The working title of a book I'm writing. I think it will be a hit...

'Beware Greeks bearing alms' 1
pinxit 3 years
Rumours that Samoa plans to make the time jump this sunday 1
Screenie 3 years

The suggestion has been circulated after a Samoan spokesman, when being interviewed for the Daily Mail, concluded the interview by simply smiling, pointing at the interviewer and saying "See you next...

China admits interest in Bin Laden chopper, says "just curious, you know" 0
ResidentAlien 3 years

The Pakistani government has admitted that it may have "given the Chinese a peek" of the downed US stealth helicopter that had repeatedly failed to self-detonate, following an alleged "Stop...

Skype suddenly crashes due to inexplicable glitches. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 3 years
Where's Hillary? Clinton in Photoshop FAIL 0
ResidentAlien 3 years

An orthodox Jewish-American newspaper has Photoshopped Hillary Clinton from the iconic image of Obama's team at the moment of Osama Bin Laden's death. Explaining their religious beliefs, a spokesman...

Rich parents restricted to using private tutors to get their kids into Uni. 0
deskpilot3 3 years
Schwarzenegger split, wife cites DeVito adultery 1
QorbeQ 3 years
Lib Dem bid to outlaw human shields threatens to split coalition 0
roybland 3 years

A bid by the Lib Dems to the European Court of Human Rights to outlaw the use of human shields could split the coalition as David Cameron signalled his fierce opposition to the move.    ,  ,...

PM rejects University for "ritch". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 3 years
Native American smoke signals mainly emergency calls to fire station 10
Genghis Cohen 3 years

Said tribal elder, Talking Bull...