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Facebook users 'running low' on inspirational quotes to share

Thousands of Facebook users have found themselves running 'seriously low' on fresh inspirational quotes to share with their friends of late, the social network giant has announced today. Quotations...

Jesus H 30.10.13 1:15pm
Paddy Berzinski
Baby on Board parents receive World Humanitarian Award

A Halifax couple who have displayed a Baby on Board sticker in their car for the past five years have been awarded a prestigious World Humanitarian Award for their ‘remarkable contribution to...

Dick Everyman 30.10.13 1:02pm
Paddy Berzinski
Pantene launches new range of ‘Roma’ hair dyes... 2
Tripod 30.10.13 12:32pm
'Eastenders' Runs Out Of Hitherto Unknown Relatives

Desperate 'Eastenders' writers have given up the introduction of previously unmentioned relatives of existing characters in an interview attempt to reverse plummeting viewing figures. Instead they...

paulo 30.10.13 11:07am
HS2 downgraded to HS1.7. More soon. 4
Al OPecia 30.10.13 10:00am
Pension cap idea just sounds flat to me..e bah gum! 0
irreverendJ 30.10.13 9:19am
Concordia : "Going Down" Has Different Meaning in Moldovan 0
deceangli 30.10.13 7:25am
Concordia: Captain Regrets Doing 'Wheelie' To Impress Girlfriend 0
deceangli 30.10.13 7:25am
New Windows wizard troubleshoots why the wizards never work 0
Dumbnews 30.10.13 5:07am
Halloween party ruined as IT geeks misunderstand HP Lovecraft theme

Neat-o, Well someone had to...

Not Amused 30.10.13 12:16am
Not Amused
Scotland 3rd best tourist spot - after staying at home(2) and everywhere else(1) 0
bonjonelson 29.10.13 10:43pm
Steel Company Says 'Tata' To 500 Workers 2
Flugelbinder 29.10.13 8:26pm
New “Murder Bacon” to combine best of Danish

“It’s a marriage made in heaven, but it’s got Danish written all the way through it,” said Lars Smytt, brand manager for Denmark’s latest marketing success, which from tomorrow will ...

nickb 29.10.13 8:16pm
Cyprus man "not missing George Michael, either". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 29.10.13 7:40pm
Al OPecia
"Bad taste" in Ed Balls's mouth actually due to talking crap too often 0
cinnahmon 29.10.13 7:29pm
Isle of Wight homes still without power. Storm not to blame. More soon. 3
dominic_mcg 29.10.13 7:07pm
Kingdom of the mole people seeks fracking injunction 2
nyarlathotep 29.10.13 7:07pm
Satan denies any involvement with the Conservative party, threatens libel action 0
nyarlathotep 29.10.13 6:50pm
Isle of White Council disappointed over "not spied upon" claims 2
Bigglesworth 29.10.13 6:14pm
Have you got a Clubcard? No luv! This is Shoplift Tesco

Only a month after their record breaking release hit the shelves, Rockstar North, creators of the Grand Theft Auto series, have been quick to unveil the next instalment in the crime-packed video game...

Robopop 29.10.13 6:14pm
Scotland and Northern England Responsible For Torrential Rain in South... - 2

due to pissing themselves laughing at the reaction to weather they'd describe as 'A wee bit breezy', advise south to man the fuck up and get on with it...

The All New Jeni B 29.10.13 6:06pm
EDL Leader Ousted After Reporting Enjoying Black Comedy 1
Flugelbinder 29.10.13 5:53pm
Energy companies blaming energy bills on "rising cost of policitians"

When grilled in parliament today, the spokesmen for the big six energy companies blamed the rising cost of politicians. "We are competing in the global wholesale market for politicians" said one...

steve_l 29.10.13 5:15pm
New Plan For HS2 To Be Built By The French & Funded By The Chinese 1
Titus 29.10.13 4:58pm
Tougher sentences for dogs - now to include verbs

Technically "[i]Sausages[/i]" didn't constitute a complete sentence, argue English teachers...

NewBiscuit 29.10.13 4:32pm
Qatar to stage Dancing on Ice World Cup 0
custard cream 29.10.13 1:52pm
custard cream
Royal Mail deliveries a 'postcode lottery' claim critics 0
custard cream 29.10.13 1:50pm
custard cream
Blockbuster enters administration after failure of their "empty store" policy. 0
dominic_mcg 29.10.13 1:29pm
H2S stinks 0
medici2471 29.10.13 12:50pm
Samsung launches "Fake or Real?" suntan app. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 29.10.13 11:36am
Al OPecia