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National Lip Service Day abandoned due to lack of action 0
custard cream 29.03.13 5:47pm
custard cream
Glastonbury tickets to Include Free Dial-a-ride passes

And thats just for the Stones!...

victimms 29.03.13 5:12pm
Police employ Aussie expert to decipher the lyrics of 'Tie Me Kangaroo Down'

more soon What can: 'Keep me cockatoo cool, Curl', 'Let me abos go loose, Lew', mean?...

custard cream 29.03.13 5:03pm
custard cream
Man, 82 protests, 'It was only two little boys.' 0
custard cream 29.03.13 4:50pm
custard cream
Man, 82 arrested as part of RSPCA investigation. 0
reforse 29.03.13 4:31pm
Berezovsky : injuries consistent say TVP

A postmortem carried out on Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky confirmed injuries to the deceased’s body were consistent with somebody who had fallen out with Vladimir Putin say Thames Valley Police.,...

Gerontius 29.03.13 4:30pm
Dick Everyman
Pie finally confined to sky. RIP. 0
deskpilot3 29.03.13 4:20pm
Panic hits UK as sky turns a weird blue colour with bright shiny thing in it

There was panic this morning as people over several areas of the UK woke to find that the sky had changed to a strange blue colour. There have also been a large number of reported sightings of a...

Smart Alex 29.03.13 4:08pm
Not Amused
"I was a human Stylophone", claims abuse victim 0
sydalg 29.03.13 4:07pm
Pope announces ban on homeopathic marriages.

Pope Francis has surprised the world by making the focus of his first infallible declaration marriage between people only mildly interested in each other, according to a Vatican Spokesman. "This...

Al OPecia 29.03.13 3:50pm
Pope Resignation ‘Inspired by Millibands’

“I saw the Two Millibands and had a divine revelation - they’d obviously elected the wrong one“, ex-Pope Benedict told Vatican insiders today. “When I look at Pope Francis he positively...

deceangli 29.03.13 3:49pm
'First Louise Mensch, now David Miliband. How will we cope?' bemoans unhappy UK 0
custard cream 29.03.13 3:32pm
custard cream
Mylene Class denies Hearsay reformed especially for the San Marino game 0
Not Amused 29.03.13 3:31pm
Not Amused
Newsbiscuit servers braced for influx of trite Rolph Harris jokes 0
Nowherefast 29.03.13 3:17pm
deleted 0
irreverendJ 29.03.13 2:05pm
Former Pope Benedict 'I told them either the prison feet go or I do'.... 0
MADJEZ 29.03.13 1:25pm
Andrew Mitchell Sues The Plebs' Favourite Newspaper 2
Titus 29.03.13 1:15pm
2 little boys had 2 little toys...insterted. Man 82 in custody. 1
MADJEZ 29.03.13 1:05pm
Police to review archive footage to confirm 'extra leg' was, in fact a leg 0
topfotogmw 29.03.13 12:03pm
Pope to ‘take in washing’ over Easter holidays

Vatican officials have revealed Pope Francis will be taking in washing over the holiday weekend to help with the day to day running costs of the world’s only ecclesiastical monarchical., A Vatican...

Gerontius 29.03.13 11:53am
Soyuz Space team to take over UK Rail network

The government today announced that a tam from the Soyuz Space mission is to take over the Rail network., A Government spokesman said " I f anyone can cut a journey time down from 2 days to six...

tonyhill 29.03.13 11:45am
Sixty-per cent of Glastonbury ticket holders will die before June

People who were unlucky in trying to buy tickets for this year's Glastonbury Festival may get another chance - because sixty-per cent of those who got tickets are so old they are expected to die...

roybland 29.03.13 11:34am
Arrest of 82 yr old prompts forensic examination of 'Two Little Boys' lyrics 0
topfotogmw 29.03.13 11:31am
Archbishop of Canterbury offers Maundy full body oil massage 5
pere floza 29.03.13 11:22am
Concerns over NHS non-emergency line: 'Some people still getting through'

A spokesman for the NHS today revealed concerns about the new non-emergency 111 line. 'We're still having problems with it,' he admitted. 'In trials, some people are still able to get through,...

John Wiltshire 29.03.13 11:11am
Al OPecia
EU-forced closure of Cyprus' Haloumi Bank leaves customers 'cheesed off'. 1
jimmydodger 29.03.13 10:32am
Journalists ask police: 'Can you tell us who it is yet?' 0
fink 29.03.13 10:28am
North Korea launches "Toothless Rhetoric" Missile at rest of world. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 29.03.13 10:24am
Al OPecia
Merkel launches 'Frank Bank' as final solution to Eurozone crisis

In the wake of financial woes in the Eurozone, it has now been confirmed that Angela Merkel has launched a new German led European 'Frank Bank' with handy new services to assist citizens and...

Squudge 29.03.13 10:20am
Mandella & Pope Benedict To Attend Glastonbury "Only If Stones Are Well Enough" 0
Titus 29.03.13 9:19am