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Ian Duncan Smith buys monocle and riding crop on eBay 0
blokefromstoke 03.11.13 10:16am
Will Self Completes Paragraph With Normal-Length Words: Paramedics Called 0
deceangli 03.11.13 9:17am
Coalition Latest : Nick Clegg "Can't Remember What I Came In Here For" 0
deceangli 03.11.13 9:10am
Welsh Language Society to Sue Twitter Over 'Absurd' Character Limit

"140 characters is just silly", said a spokesman. "Some Welsh words are barely getting started after 140 characters. We have longer placenames than that". Future targets for the Society include...

deceangli 03.11.13 9:03am
Yewtree Police Swoop on Camberwick Green. Local Miller Arrested

In the latest arrest of a well known celebrity from 70s light entertainment, Officers involved in the Operation Yewtree investigation last night confirmed the arrest of a 68 year old man described as...

blokefromstoke 03.11.13 3:19am
Ref Minor
Strike averted after union agrees to fit Stannah stairlifts to fire engines. 1
dominic_mcg 02.11.13 11:56pm
Psycadelic Squirrel
Grangemouth Shareolders Deny Bullying Len McCluskey's Children On Way To School

But why not? According to Mr McCluskey, it's OK to use such tactics to defend the interests of those you represent...

Titus 02.11.13 10:47pm
Paramedics rescue Nicole Sherzinger in southern drawl choking incident

Y'all know what I mean...

Dick Everyman 02.11.13 10:02pm
Dick Everyman
Party-loving petrolheads search for an Abu Dhabi ‘do’... 1
Tripod 02.11.13 9:34pm
Fears for Cerne Abbas Giant as one testicle is twice as big as the other

"Better get it looked at", says local GP, "and not just by horny teenagers"...

AReader 02.11.13 9:33pm
Troops run for cover in Gary Barlow Afghanistan drone attack

hopefully no more soon...

Dick Everyman 02.11.13 9:03pm
Dick Everyman
Blokefromstoke Killed By Angry Mob of Unemployed NB Writers

Just kidding . . ...

deceangli 02.11.13 5:30pm
Stalkers' Convention…...

…Unanimous decision - "We're right behind you Mr Chairman,"...

Jesse Bigg 02.11.13 4:37pm
Jesse Bigg
Weird man ends every day with bizarre ritual of rubbing himself 1
Dumbnews 02.11.13 2:45pm
Weird man spends all his free time tweaking his online profiles 1
Dumbnews 02.11.13 2:33pm
Cerne Abbas Giant "Just Looks Normal To Me", says Paxman

Following pictures showing the Cerne Abbas giant with a Movember moustache, Jeremy Paxman has declared the chalk giant to be "if anything, a little under-endowed. If I came home with an erection...

deceangli 02.11.13 1:55pm
"Purr, Purr, Purr, Busy Line" Voted…...

…".Best underground song of the century," say rail workers. "It's the blend of heavy metal and the way the track is laid out, and the soulful screeches."...

Jesse Bigg 02.11.13 1:50pm
Jesse Bigg
Dog Scientists Decipher Wayne Rooney Body Language

Scientists working on canine body language have shed more light on how the movements of Wayne Rooney's arse are linked to his mood. "We know that in dogs a left-handed or right-handed wag indicates...

deceangli 02.11.13 1:46pm
Joe Hart given time off to wash his hair

Manchester City have granted their goalkeeper a well deserved rest this Saturday to allow him time to take proper care of his luxuriant blonde thatch, a trait that the 26 year old credits for his...

cinnahmon 02.11.13 1:14pm
Tourette's Syndrome Affects House of Commons...

…Mr Speaker (with cottonwool in his ears) invokes the Gag Act, and on come the comics...

Jesse Bigg 02.11.13 1:02pm
Jesse Bigg
Bloody big chicken turns up at Brooks-Coulson Trial. Reported Roosting. 4
blokefromstoke 02.11.13 12:54pm
Wino community urged to "stay calm" as paint thinner shortage looms

Gatherings of tramps around barrels of burning tar are about to become much quieter and more subdued affairs, as the Government warns of a drastic shortage of petroleum-based refreshments. Wino...

sydalg 02.11.13 12:26pm
Shouts of "ollocks!" and "astard!" now common as millions of Bs disappear 2
sydalg 02.11.13 12:19pm
BBC iPod left on ‘play & repeat’, as Radio 2 runs out of music presenters... 1
Tripod 02.11.13 11:32am
Quantum physicists flock to new science forum, Schrödinger's Chat 0
sydalg 02.11.13 11:32am
Aide in shock after seeing Vince Cable without mask

A junior parliamentary aide was last night rushed to the trauma unit of a central London hospital after accidentally catching a glimpse of Trade Secretary Vince Cable without the wax prosthetic mask...

blokefromstoke 01.11.13 11:41pm
"Honest, Upright Citizens To Blame…."

….For these extensions, says local vicar...

Jesse Bigg 01.11.13 11:30pm
Kevin the Swan
Killer bee on the loose in Northern Pakistan 0
cinnahmon 01.11.13 11:19pm
Santa's union votes to strike on 25 December 1
antharrison 01.11.13 11:15pm
Otto Jespersen
Eon Duncan Smith denies Tories are too close to energy companies 4
CulchaVulcha 01.11.13 10:52pm
Sir Lupus