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Elgin Marbles return to include Prince Philip, George Michael and Peter Andre

Stephen Fry is spearheading a new campaign to return the Elgin Marbles to Greece. However, knowing that this will not receive much popular support, he is keen on forcing the Greeks to take a few...

seymour totti 12.06.12 1:34pm
Fresh setback for Clegg

Sources close to Nick Clegg say that his special advisor has warned him against relying on a trail of crisps as a navigation aid. David Cameron usually buys him a packet before leaving him in the...

the bumpy 12.06.12 1:06pm
the bumpy
MoD complains that UK school-leavers 'lack basic human shield skills' 0
cinquecento 12.06.12 11:57am
Ukranian officials thought English music banned 0
button 12.06.12 11:16am
Olympic opening: Coe launches British countryside litter appeal.

Concern has been raised that the transformation of the Olympic stadium into a replica of the British countryside will be in jeopardy due to a national shortage in the real countryside of used plastic...

weematt 12.06.12 10:49am
Hayward Gallery claims “Invisible” art exhibition drew massive crowd

Despite widespread scepticism, it seems the Hayward Gallery’s “Invisible” exhibition - so named as all of the works by the fifty artists are invisible – will be a resounding success as a...

Yikes 12.06.12 10:31am
Ramblers demand access path through Olympic opening ceremony 7
charlies_hat 12.06.12 10:27am
Google Street View Denies Opening The Door To Burglars

Google is coming under fire today and stands accused of making it easy for burglars to rob our homes once again; following new reports of a malicious code hidden in its already controversial...

Duff 12.06.12 9:37am
Bath salts face-eating horror inspires George Romero's 'Dawn Of The Dead Radox'

A bit convoluted I admit...

Haywood Manley 12.06.12 9:17am
Haywood Manley
England team visit Polish orphanage.

'It is so sad to meet people with such little hope' said 4 year old Ivan...

gwhj2008 12.06.12 8:52am
Nokia research shows happy homosexuals want homophone

.. or "Nokia research shows happy homesexuals like gay homophone"...

Yikes 12.06.12 8:09am
Ant and Dec Voted Two Biggest Anchors On TV

Ubiquitous Geordie presenting duo, Ant and Dec, have been awarded the coveted title of the nation's biggest anchors for a third consecutive year, in a poll of Radio Times readers to be published...

Duff 12.06.12 7:12am
Nancy Cameron in failed bid to distract David Cameron from ruining anything else

Nancy Cameron has apologised to the nation after her bid to distract her father from messing anything else up by hiding in a country pub ended in failure. Although the prime minister's daughter,...

The Paper Ostrich 12.06.12 5:30am
President Amadinejad and Katie Price announce wedding plans

After much speculation is has now been confirmed that President Amadinejad and Katie Price are to be wed in a lavish ceremony in Iranian capital Tehran later this Autumn. The unlikely partnership ...

bumtrinket 12.06.12 5:18am
Tim Rice, Damien Hirst to Stage World's First Surrealist Musical, "Hello Dali!" 0
Iggy Pop-Barker 12.06.12 12:14am
Iggy Pop-Barker
Broken Britain update : Champagne Charlie's leave daughter in pub 1
simonjmr 11.06.12 9:11pm
Biennial renaming of country to 'Inger-lund' underway 1
Mandy Lifeboat 11.06.12 9:05pm
Stirring England draw invokes spirit of ... er 1980... oh dear.

More dullness soon...

MADJEZ 11.06.12 9:04pm
Leveson inquiry concerned that selective amnesia may be at "epidemic" levels 0
FlashArry 11.06.12 8:52pm
Dignitas to launch 'come die with me' two for one summer promotion

Financially struggling suicide-assisting Swiss outfit Dignitas are taking the unusual step of offering a BOGOF for their Platinum-level death-assisting service. I spoke to CEO of the company Dr...

bumtrinket 11.06.12 8:29pm
In brief:

Home from trip to pub, PM looks around car and concurs 'maybe we're not all in it together.'...

Miss Hegas 11.06.12 6:18pm
Miss Hegas
BBC Denies Peston Bailout Rumours

Senior sources at the BBC moved quickly today to scotch rumours that Business Editor Robert Peston is in need of a bailout. "There are no suggetions of Robert needing an 'additional line of credit'...

custard cream 11.06.12 3:57pm
custard cream
Over 40 people rescued from caravan holiday in Wales

Rescuers have managed to evacuate over 40 people from a distressing caravan holiday in Wales. Three people were airlifted to safety by Royal Air Force Sea King helicopters. “It was awful,”...

Danny 11.06.12 3:55pm
Both Luke Skywalker and Nancy Cameron decide not to send Father's day cards 1
Smart Alex 11.06.12 3:32pm
Midfield Diamond
Kitchen assistant Nancy Cameron first to trial "Work, not Child Benefit" scheme 0
Nails UK 11.06.12 3:08pm
Nails UK
9 out of 10 people say Eric Pickles would be neighbour from Hell 0
roybland 11.06.12 3:05pm
Blair's hands recalled to Leveson 0
nostra da mouse 11.06.12 2:44pm
nostra da mouse
Cameron left social conscience behind in Gentlemen’s club

Reports coming in suggest that Prime Minister David Cameron left his social conscience in a small members club in Chelsea shortly after the General Election in 2010. The press were alerted to the...

Rizzo 11.06.12 1:48pm
Doctors claim they are close to finding a cure for Jeremy Kyle 0
Ian Searle 11.06.12 1:46pm
Ian Searle
Potuguese police make random arrest in Cameron daughter pub case 0
cinquecento 11.06.12 1:46pm