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No jail for man who bottled out of 100m final. Linford spared over 1996 farce. 0
MADJEZ 04.02.13 5:12pm
Sceintists reveal Richard lll was clamped 3
Scronnyglonkle 04.02.13 5:09pm
Atos declare Richard III fit for work. 1
Zen 04.02.13 5:03pm
Careless dog walker fined for leaving Richard III in Leicester car park.

Arnold Hepplewhite of Pound Close Leicester has been fined £100 for failing to clear up a large Richard III that his dog Skipper had deposited in a supermarket car park. Scientists took several...

wallster 04.02.13 4:33pm
Murder of US author prompts Jeffrey Archer to go into hiding 2
custard cream 04.02.13 4:32pm
Britain Gripped by The Big Mild

Britain is recovering from one of the worst outbreaks of mild weather since WWII. The wholly expected clemency is said to have drifted in on the back of a mild front from the mid-Atlantic. It has...

No Beard 04.02.13 4:25pm
Richard III's Grave Found To Contain Zero% Horse

More soon, unfortunately...

Titus 04.02.13 4:14pm
Leicester Council lorries deliver PCNs to Buckingham Palace

with apologies if it's been done before....

04.02.13 4:13pm
Richard III found buried in car park, Prince Harry found asleep in skip 0
gregle 04.02.13 4:11pm
Richard III's Family To Sue W. Shakespeare For Defamation 0
Titus 04.02.13 3:54pm
“Gazza needs help”, says FA, “he can’t return all the empties on his own”... 3
Tripod 04.02.13 3:00pm
Scientists: "Richard III hunch proven correct" 0
AReader 04.02.13 2:59pm
Smokers Told To Check Their Matches......

As experts say some could be dodgy...

Jesse Bigg 04.02.13 2:45pm
Jesse Bigg
Justice Secretary Chis Graying not against smacking gays

In controversial remarks welcomed by Tory right-wingers, Chris Grayling has defended the right to smack gay people. In an interview for the Jeremy Kyle show, Grayling said: "I'm not opposed to it,...

Aberdeen Correspondent 04.02.13 2:31pm
Aberdeen Correspondent
Shock as Liberal Democrat goes back on his word 0
herculepoisson 04.02.13 1:49pm
Premier League now “one buffoon short”, admits FA...

With the departure of Mario Ballotelli to AC Milan, English football is experiencing “a severe buffoon shortfall”, according to Carl Faber, Interim Diversity Officer at the Football Association....

Tripod 04.02.13 1:14pm
Footballer making replica ship from Swan Vestas accused of match fixing 1
One Line Only 04.02.13 12:51pm
Dick Everyman
Dick in Leicester car park was Gary Lineaker. 1
MADJEZ 04.02.13 12:50pm
Dick Everyman
After 23 years, Phil Mitchell finally clears throat

More than 20 years after his first appearance on long-running soap opera EastEnders, the popular character of Phil Mitchell has at last got round to clearing his throat, suddenly enabling him to talk...

Long Distance Clara 04.02.13 12:37pm
Long Distance Clara
Cockneys not surprised by discovery of Richard The Third in car park 0
TerribleTim 04.02.13 12:27pm
Man City 'offered to take Chris Huhne's points' 0
Duncan Biscuit 04.02.13 12:11pm
Duncan Biscuit
Leicester University scientists confirm remains of Man City title hopes 0
Duncan Biscuit 04.02.13 12:03pm
Duncan Biscuit
Shakespeare vindicated as Richard III DNA sample shows no trace of a horse 0
Duncan Biscuit 04.02.13 12:03pm
Duncan Biscuit
Chris Huhne falls on 'sword of truth and the trusty shield of British fair play'

More disgraced Government ministers soon...

MADJEZ 04.02.13 11:48am
Bookies put Chris Huhne's' current partner favourite to take his jail sentence. 1
One Line Only 04.02.13 11:46am
Speed camera captures Chris Huhne’s political career “heading west”... 0
Tripod 04.02.13 11:45am
Richard III found in car park ignites calls for more public toilets 0
One Line Only 04.02.13 11:43am
One Line Only
Etch A Sketch inventor remembered until he is turned upside down and shaken 4
Ian Searle 04.02.13 11:02am
Ian Searle
Last of the Durex Sisters dies at the age of 93

The death has been announced of Berry Durex, the last surviving member of the celebrated wartime singing trio, the Durex Sisters. Paying tribute, Prime Minister David Cameron reminded reporters...

Stan 04.02.13 11:02am
Kabul street market cleared as fruit vendor discovers bunch of Talibananas 3
Dick Everyman 04.02.13 10:46am
Dick Everyman