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Church of England appoints first Tranny bishop 1
antharrison 26.11.12 10:49pm
Bank of England annouces twinning link with Bank of Canada 0
custard cream 26.11.12 10:05pm
custard cream
Mayan prophecy 'not the end of the world' 0
custard cream 26.11.12 10:04pm
custard cream
Ryanair slammed for outsourcing complaints department to Dublin tramp

Low-cost airline Ryanair have been criticised by consumer groups after it emerged that their “revamped” complaints procedure now involves disappointed customers being put through to a homeless...

Vertically Challenged Giant 26.11.12 9:37pm
Oxbridge posts about perverted middle managers 'that little bit too often'

More soon!...

Ironduke 26.11.12 9:33pm
Disgruntled crowds flock from Cornish Waterpark 3
Dick Everyman 26.11.12 8:48pm
custard cream
'No bloody chance' Bank of Canada tells King 1
antharrison 26.11.12 8:47pm
custard cream
HMP Parkhurst's drama society to perform Jack & the Bean Stalker 8
Dick Everyman 26.11.12 8:44pm
custard cream
‘I was spent over the counter and then I was banked,’ claims used money. 0
malgor 26.11.12 8:22pm
Shoppers trapped in supermarket by over-stocked Christmas goods

Around 300 people became stuck in their local supermarket yesterday after a massive display of Christmas biscuits and confectionery was erected in the entrance foyer while they were shopping. The...

Midfield Diamond 26.11.12 8:09pm
'At least the SPOTY studio will be sparkling this year' say BBC bosses 0
antharrison 26.11.12 7:55pm
Osborne - 'inspired by Vettel" - goes for triple-dip recession 0
dvo4fun 26.11.12 7:54pm
Crap, site-specific artworks celebrate ‘the beautiful game’...

A statue of Sir Alex Ferguson - swearing at the referee in a display of crowd-pleasing petulance, and pointing angrily at his watch - has been unveiled outside Old Trafford. The artwork, called ‘A...

Tripod 26.11.12 7:34pm
custard cream
Mild racism of all Grandparents plunges UK childcare system into crisis 1
charlies_hat 26.11.12 7:03pm
Nick Clegg to Grow a Spine for Charity

Following the success of ‘Movember’, Nick Clegg has become the latest high profile figure to sign up for ‘Manuary’, a new charity event in which leading political figures will spend a month...

TheNewsWalrus 26.11.12 6:51pm
New law to tackle mutual stalking introduced

New legislation introduced by the government which makes mutual stalking a specific criminal offence has been widely welcomed by campaigners. Mutual stalking, where two people obsess over each...

jamsieoconnor 26.11.12 6:29pm
NHS introduces self-service check-outs

In a new cost saving scheme to be introduced by the NHS in 2013, patients on the verge of death will no longer have to wait for lengthy periods of time to check out. Doctors and hard pressed nurses...

Dick Everyman 26.11.12 6:26pm
Canadian BoE guv'nor - what's that all aboot!!!

[size=30] ON THE MONEY [/size]...

Bourbon 26.11.12 6:23pm
Britain’s Oldest Man A Virgin Subscriber

satire and serial killer documentaries make me laugh he says...

Reg Herring 26.11.12 6:05pm
Reg Herring
Chelsea's Christmas manager to be flown in from Norway. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 26.11.12 5:59pm
West Ham shock at supporters grasp of history. 'Hitler's been dead for ages' 0
MADJEZ 26.11.12 5:08pm
'Is it 'cos I is UKIP?' asks Rotherham foster parent 4
custard cream 26.11.12 4:12pm
Midfield Diamond
Nick Clegg in Foster Care Order shock

Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg has become the subject of a Care Order under an extension of Section 31 of the Children Act 1989. The extension allows people over the age of 18 to be removed from...

Dick Everyman 26.11.12 3:56pm
Dick Everyman
'overzealous' Lib Dems condemed after banning Tories from adopting UKIP policies 0
bonjonelson 26.11.12 2:36pm
Chelsea has more managers than McDonalds.

[size=20] Chelsea managers should drive thru [/size]...

Bourbon 26.11.12 2:07pm
Chocolate fondue dinners in overdue meltdown 0
26.11.12 1:57pm
First Great Western start rail replacement shipping service in the West Country. 1
PeterB 26.11.12 1:44pm
Elton John claims he was mis-quoted. Said he needed a wee-wee at China concert.

More purile stuff soon...

MADJEZ 26.11.12 1:01pm
Ad: Trace your Norfolk relatives online at 4
brownpaperreporter 26.11.12 12:24pm
Up North Library Staff Critised For Over-Sushing......

.As patrons' farts get louder...

Jesse Bigg 26.11.12 11:47am
Dick Everyman