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Mick Philpott signed up for new Channel 5 home improvment show

Channel 5 announced the launch of a new home improvement show hosted by Mick Philpott. Filmed from HMP Nottingham the show is guaranteed to run for at least 5 maybe even 10 years. Creative director...

theinvisiblecitychannels 03.04.13 5:00pm
David Cameron ‘is black’ shock

Prime Minister David Cameron his discovered that, like a Dagenham blonde, he has black roots. Appearing on the hit BBC TV show ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ Cameron’s lineage has been traced back...

Thewoodenleg 03.04.13 4:39pm
Di Canio declared 'thousand year manager' 1
Squudge 03.04.13 4:25pm
ADHD upsurge reported amongst US journaloh look, a squirrel

More so-wow look at that car...

SuburbanDad 03.04.13 3:19pm
‘Antichrist’ Johnny Rotten to be ‘new Pope’

Former Sex Pistols leader singer John Lydon has joined the Catholic Church and refuses to discount the possibility of ‘being Pope one day.’ Lydon, 57, said he was moved to join the Catholic faith...

Thewoodenleg 03.04.13 3:17pm
Blushing Bull Embarrassed by Accidental Rampage Through Chinese Restaurant.

At first, restaurant owner, Wong Lee wrongly accused the bull of being drunk. "No but it's an easy mistake-a to make-a" said the now very red bull in an oddly Italian accent, for some reason....

BewsNiscuit 03.04.13 3:11pm
Mick Philpott optimistic: "I've been promised plenty of action on D Wing"

more later...

dvo4fun 03.04.13 2:15pm
David Bowie to Enter Politics

Semi-retired popstar David Bowie announced yesterday that he would be entering the world of British politics. ‘I’ll be launching the Alien Party,’ he said through his official website,...

Thewoodenleg 03.04.13 1:58pm
Di Canio abolishes zonal Marxing 0
charlies_hat 03.04.13 1:47pm
Bull to sue china shop owner for injury sustained during rampage 5
Ian Searle 03.04.13 1:31pm
Driving pleasure - when does it start....

when you cut someone up and push in without indicating in front of a queue of patiently waiting cars -- so long suckers!!...

blacklesbianandproudofit 03.04.13 1:29pm
Suspect psyched out by joint grilling from Good Cop and Litigious Cop 0
ronseal 03.04.13 1:23pm
Latin Mistress, Asked to Conjugate but Declines

Semper bona repetere. :-) Mox plures...

BewsNiscuit 03.04.13 1:19pm
Di Canio unveils controversial "Tottenham Hotspur solution" 0
CulchaVulcha 03.04.13 12:59pm
UK government launches sale: 75% off all housing benefits 0
antharrison 03.04.13 12:58pm
Vampires strike over pensions following proposed switch to Stakeholders 0
seymour totti 03.04.13 12:47pm
seymour totti
Times square divided by (addition of take-away) 2
blacklesbianandproudofit 03.04.13 12:45pm
Rootin Tootin
Sunderland ready to assume ‘absolute power’ in Premier League...

In his first week as manager, Paolo Di Canio has dedicated himself to making Sunderland the greatest club in the country. At a press conference in the town square, with a turnout of a size rarely...

Tripod 03.04.13 12:44pm
Hotel California to review check-out policy in light of Tripadvisor ratings

A popular Californian hotel has admitted that ‘serious administrative oversights’ may have contributed to an onslaught of damning feedback on travel website, ‘We are heartened...

Mary Evans 03.04.13 12:34pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
New Sunderland manager to play without left wingers 2
Oxbridge 03.04.13 12:19pm
Ian Duncan Smith to live on air “Live On Air” for new radio show

Ian Duncan Smith is to take part in a live daily radio show which charts his progress as he attempts to live purely on air. The Minister made his claim that he could live on air on the Today...

CulchaVulcha 03.04.13 12:13pm
Government announces improved 3-tier benefits system - and at no cost to you!.

Beaming with pride, his chest puffed out like a cock ptarmigan on a crisp winters morn, a strutting chancellor proclaimed to an invited press pack last evening as "nothing short of miraculous" the...

BewsNiscuit 03.04.13 11:19am
Di Canio salute "just a routine check to see if deodorant was still working" 0
sydalg 03.04.13 10:35am
Derby man's scorching display nails Game of Thrones' extreme fanboy award 0
Nowherefast 03.04.13 10:30am
Government Accepts Sociologists' Recommendations - Introduces New Social League

The Government has, this morning, announced that it is to introduce a new social league to define social class and to let the various classes know their place. The old three-tier system is out with...

BewsNiscuit 03.04.13 9:03am
Sociologists Now Divide Social Class Into Seven New Categories

(1) Working Class = people doing essential or at least useful jobs and being paid rubbish money for doing so, (2) Not-working Class = people doing naff-all and getting paid more for doing that than...

Titus 03.04.13 8:57am
Derek Grub (45) Gloucester's river aficionado voted Severn Bore of 2013 0
simonjmr 03.04.13 8:40am
Roy Walker and Jim Bowen to tour: The Pope and the DG of the BBC show 0
simonjmr 03.04.13 8:36am
Kylie Cloned Without Her Consent - 2

An official inquiry into unethical practices of an international network of medical scientists uncovered the shocking news of a living human clone, already in the media. It was discovered that while...

Big Ben 03.04.13 8:30am
Al OPecia
£53 to live on a week? Iain Duncan Smith diary of so-called hardship - Day 1

Awake before 9 today, up ready to pick up the Ocado delivery, technically I bought this weeks food last week, so this won't come out of the £53. Budgeting like this is an important lesson for many...

thisisall1word 03.04.13 8:21am
Mary Evans