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UKuncut claims "Gift Aid" on donations 0
PeterB 24.05.13 5:59am
Golf to make amends for racism, with charity drive for "Black causes. Like AIDS" 0
Andrew Alexander 23.05.13 11:26pm
Andrew Alexander
Kit Car Builder Creates a Furore 0
Titus 23.05.13 11:09pm
"It's all downhill from here" admits oldest man to climb Everest 1
Psycadelic Squirrel 23.05.13 10:16pm
"We Were Too Thick To Make A Bomb" Say Soldier-Slashing Jihadists

" let alone to be able to learn to fly an aeroplane. To be honest, we struggled to use a gun. And we didn't have the bottle to blow ourselves up." "In fact, we wanted to avoid getting hurt at all....

Titus 23.05.13 8:18pm
BT Sport announce ball by ball coverage of nude male wrestling 0
custard cream 23.05.13 8:09pm
custard cream
President Assad To Leave Syria & Take Over British NHS.

"He has an expemplary record for killing large numbers of people in his hospitals, being proud of it and being convinced that he is the best man for the job" said a spokesman for the appointments...

Titus 23.05.13 8:01pm
Pillow-sized marshmallows to be prescribed by psychiatrists.

. Is this the right kind of thing? Never done one of these...

nickb 23.05.13 6:09pm
Audley Harrison to Come Out of Retirement After Knocking Out a W*nk 2
DraculaBranded 23.05.13 5:02pm
Unprecedented shortage of strimmer line threatens bank holiday chaos.

I hate those things...

sredni vashta 23.05.13 3:53pm
Dick Everyman
Chocoholic woman arrested after vicious bar brawl 0
Dick Everyman 23.05.13 3:47pm
Dick Everyman
Terrorist attack latest: Halloween costumes sorted for idiots

It has long been tradition for moron’s to don the guise of the culprit of the most publicized tragedy of year, which is why assholes up and down the land were last night celebrating the recent...

Hooch 23.05.13 3:24pm
Dick Everyman
'Share a Coke' Campaign Will 'Stem the Flow of Crap Baby Names'

Chances are that Coca-Cola’s new ‘Share a Coke’ summer campaign has had you rummaging through newsagent and supermarket fridges recently. This unique and interactive marketing idea that has...

NorthernGravy 23.05.13 3:23pm
Angry neighbours turn on incompetent farmer

Neighbours of incompetent farmer Macdonald joined forces today to tell him he should shut the duck up, get the flock out of here and put it where the sun doesn't shine (thought to be most of Cumbria)...

sillybugger 23.05.13 3:06pm
sredni vashta
Solar paneled Drone to go into production

Pentagon Chiefs have expressed excitement about the prospect of a Drone version of The Solar Impulse plane. This follows extensive lobbying by the pressure group the Eco-NRA, whose motto is “Saving...

Wrenfoe 23.05.13 3:05pm
sredni vashta
Net migration to be reduced by driving out "best and brightest"

Home Office minister Mark Harper was today "delighted" that the government's policy to reduce net migration by a third continues to bear fruit. "This government is proud to be fostering...

What_username 23.05.13 2:20pm
Mick McManus memorial to be Half-Nelson column 0
JETFAB 23.05.13 12:21pm
Stereophonics new album made using Welsh Herald, a pair of scissors and a hat

Welsh rocktards the Stereophonics celebrated their new album this week at a special launch event. Speaking at the event lead singer Kelly Jones revealed some song writing secrets “We spend all...

theinvisiblecitychannels 23.05.13 11:55am
Local veterinary clinics procured by A&E services under Health Service plans

Travelling times to Accident and Emergency services are to be drastically reduced with the procurement of local veterinary clinics by NHS trusts. Under the new plans anyone requiring emergency...

Dick Everyman 23.05.13 11:43am
Lindy Moone
Shamefaced narcissist caught treasuring himself. 0
sredni vashta 23.05.13 11:30am
sredni vashta
Nissan Recalled

Harry Tiles, 71, remembers his favourite car - a blue 1983 Nissan Bluebird., "It really was a lovely driver" recalls Harry, "before the steering broke and I drove into a skip."...

NewBiscuit 23.05.13 10:33am
EDL defeats Irony

Like modern day super-heroes, our plucky boys in denim – The English Defense League – took to the streets to do battle with the subtle forces of incongruity and contrariness. Once more...

Wrenfoe 23.05.13 10:26am
pere floza
End of the Line for 3,500 Nokia employees 14
medici2471 23.05.13 8:52am
Mr Target
Faulty steering wheels to blame for so many Government U turns 0
topfotogmw 23.05.13 7:39am
Right wing extremists fear scout leader woman may tick them off and tell parents

The EDL were forced to disperse last night as rumours spread that scout leader woman was in the area. A spokesman for the extreme historical revisionist group denied they had retreated from the...

ronseal 23.05.13 6:45am
Overly secretive Mason advised to get a grip. 0
weematt 23.05.13 2:32am
Alternative therapists hail new wonder drug treatments

Recent advances in alternative pharmacology are revolutionizing the world of alternative medicine, according to a paper in the latest issue of Nature. The University of Nova-Scotia has demonstrated...

bonjonelson 23.05.13 12:11am
owner of intrusive sheep ordered to "get the flock out of here"

Hat tip to Sredni...

Smart Alex 22.05.13 10:31pm
Coalition advised by large, floating fish head

Ministers today were embarrassed to discover that many of their key policies were the result of an extended consultation with a dead shark., , Tory ministers have been taking regular guidance from...

Wrenfoe 22.05.13 10:14pm
Gove, Hammond "had mandate" on gay marriage

Ministers Michael Gove and Philip Hammond have both recommended a mandate before gay marriage legislation is enacted. "We had our own mandate. It was just dinner at a discreet restaurant. We...

nickb 22.05.13 7:44pm