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The NHS is the envy of the world, agree Burma, Saudi Arabia and North Korea 0
Ian 07.02.13 7:11pm
Man plans Valentine's Day box of chocolates surprise

A thirty-eight-year-old Swindon man is planning to surprise his girlfriend on Valentine's Day with a wrapped box of chocolates. Brian Palette said he had been thinking about a Valentine's Day...

roybland 07.02.13 6:55pm
What Richard III REALLY shouted: "A burger! A burger! My kingdom for a burger!

Yet more horse burger and Richard III posts to follow, almost certainly. Yawn...

Titus 07.02.13 6:36pm
Lens Cap
Rough sleepers to be issued with sand paper 2
custard cream 07.02.13 6:30pm
Lens Cap
Judge rules 'Huhne told me to do it' is an acceptable defence 0
custard cream 07.02.13 6:16pm
custard cream
Waiter who put willy in judge's soup fined for perverting the course of justice 5
wallster 07.02.13 6:05pm
Tipping Point voted UK's least suspenseful TV quiz show 0
custard cream 07.02.13 6:01pm
custard cream
Aircraft crashes into Rolf Harris as pilot fails to see the big picture. 0
wallster 07.02.13 5:54pm
Terry Venables found guilty of impersonating Ray Winstone 0
custard cream 07.02.13 5:39pm
custard cream
Govt. set to save millions through new 'policy scrappage scheme' 0
charlies_hat 07.02.13 5:10pm
Reincarnation fan makes will leaving everything to himself 0
custard cream 07.02.13 4:52pm
custard cream
Gove to re-sit GCSEs 0
Duncan Biscuit 07.02.13 3:49pm
Duncan Biscuit
Huhne’s application for the Chiltern Hundreds found to be signed by his ex-wife 0
Duncan Biscuit 07.02.13 3:49pm
Duncan Biscuit
NHS to reduce the number of hospitals that are below average

A Coalition Health Ministry spokesman, Michael Moroney, has issued a statement expressing deep concern that 50% of hospitals had mortality rates that were less than average. “We just cannot have...

JoshSpringer 07.02.13 3:28pm
French Tesco's horseburgers are 29% beef

The French division of Tesco are investigating claims that some of their horseburgers are contaminated with beef. "Zis iz un outraage.", said a customer...

apepper 07.02.13 1:54pm
Dogs to have chips. Cat owners ask if they can have the fish. 5
weematt 07.02.13 1:48pm
Water rates rise blamed on fake tan glut

The overwhelming presence of fake tan in Britain’s water supply has left treatment plants struggling to cope, according to a report by the utilities companies. Some parts of Liverpool now appear to...

07.02.13 12:13pm
Dick Everyman
Rolf Harris dope tests positive, authorities not clear what it is yet 0
charlies_hat 07.02.13 11:01am
Scottish Scientists print first Human Stem Cell Square Sausage


gaijintendo 07.02.13 10:26am
Monopoly refresh: drone replaces battleship, top hat still ensconced 0
cinquecento 07.02.13 9:59am
Dignitas deny branches in Colchester, Blackpool, Thurrock .... 0
FlashArry 07.02.13 9:16am
Gove plea: "Don't judge me on this one failure but on my overall performance."

more later today...

dvo4fun 07.02.13 9:14am
Facial reconstruction project shows Jolly Roger was a miserable git 1
charlies_hat 07.02.13 9:07am
1000 motorcycle exhaust silencers dumped outside Scotland Yard. Police baffled. 0
wallster 07.02.13 9:05am
Lib Dems surprise U-turn on votes for prisoners 0
dvo4fun 07.02.13 8:58am
Dentists to Sponsor Plaques

The financial crisis faced by London’s Blue Plaque scheme, which honours dozens of the capital’s historic residents, may be saved after an offer of sponsorship by the British Dental Association. ...

Iggy Pop-Barker 06.02.13 11:49pm
Iggy Pop-Barker
Leftovers of Henry VIII found round back of Mr Wimpy

It was today confirmed that a half-chewed carcass found behind Mr Wimpy in Hampton Court are indeed the leftovers of Henry VIII. Although much is known of the whereabouts of Henry VIII's wives'...

kga6 06.02.13 11:26pm
Scandinavia found to contain 29% Norse 1
Smart Alex 06.02.13 10:35pm
Supermarkets withdraw all food as crap is found in everything 0
roybland 06.02.13 10:33pm
BBC deny claims of 'Match-Fixing of the Day'

Following a lengthy investigation by Europol into football match fixing, the BBC's only remaining sports show 'Match of the Day' has been implicated as a major player in the crime. 'Their...

Perks 06.02.13 10:30pm