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Nobel prize guaranteed for anyone who can solve "Internet buffering" 0
Dumbnews 05.11.12 10:32pm
Obama asks nation for 'four more years of not being shot by white supremacists' 0
Mandy Lifeboat 05.11.12 9:10pm
Mandy Lifeboat
''Fe female' new band name not a stutter' claims Bruce Dickenson 1
Perks 05.11.12 7:12pm
Must dash - off for a shave 0
Scroat 05.11.12 5:25pm
Jimmy Savile's visits to Crufts under investigation 1
antharrison 05.11.12 5:12pm
BBC renames Strictly Come Dancing. Now called "Dancing" 0
nickb 05.11.12 4:32pm
Famous Magaines Endorse Their Favored US Presidential Candidate

FAMOUS MAGAZINES MAKE THEIR PRESIDENTIAL ENDORSEMENTS., Rolling Stone- “Jerry Garcia Man! He’d make the bitchiness President ever! Wait, what do you mean he’s dead?”, Playboy- ...

05.11.12 4:11pm
Entire population of Knotty Ash put on 'end of life pathway'

more soonish...

custard cream 05.11.12 4:05pm
custard cream
Elton John's Rocket Man voted Gay Fawkes theme tune 0
philthefunk 05.11.12 3:42pm
Shock for Obama as Romney unveils 'brother' in Florida 0
philthefunk 05.11.12 3:38pm
Responsible Geordie smokers worried about loss of ash trees

(one of several on a similar theme)...

Midfield Diamond 05.11.12 2:59pm
Midfield Diamond
Confusion as government pledge to "save ash trays"

A government spokesman has defended a new policy of saving ash trays. "Obviously since the ban on smoking in pubs and restaurants, there have been a huge reduction in the number of ash trays. The...

apepper 05.11.12 2:53pm
Office workers to be culled following outbreak of face fungus

not so neat-o...

beau-jolly 05.11.12 2:14pm
Savile inquiry to woo kids' audience with Scooby-Doo style celebrity unmaskings

Dame Janet Smith, a former appeal court judge, heading the investigation into culture and practice at the BBC in the aftermath of the Jimmy Savile scandal, has confirmed that all new suspects will be...

antharrison 05.11.12 2:00pm
Isle of Wight man targets tablet market with 7" slate & chalk combo

more after the break....

Nowherefast 05.11.12 11:58am
DNA test confirms Ray Winstone isn't the daddy after all. 0
wallster 05.11.12 11:27am
Republicans accuse Obama of fraud, citing him of being 'only slightly black' 2
custard cream 05.11.12 11:21am
US election mainly about bum sex

As the US presidential election campaign enters its last days, pollsters say the result is still on a knife-edge. Whilst flag worship remains an issue for some, the electorate is split almost evenly...

Oxbridge 05.11.12 11:13am
Next Catholic Pope to be chosen using blindfolded boy

In case you missed the news item:,

Sinnick 05.11.12 9:20am
Man finally admits unconditional love for his mechanic

Returning to the family home last Thursday after collecting his car from a routine service, James Hepworth, a 43-year-old married man from Lincoln, finally confessed to his wife what he described as...

Re Pete 05.11.12 9:17am
Re Pete
Cycling federation to strip Lance Armstrong of handlebar moustache. 0
JETFAB 04.11.12 11:36pm
Hurricane Sandy: "Origin tracked back to Mablethorpe wind farm" claims Minister 3
Nowherefast 04.11.12 10:52pm
Sarcastic Heavy Metal Tribute Band touring small clubs and pubs in a transit van

[quote]Well of course this is [i]exactly[/i] the sort of venue we'd like to be playing[/quote] said lead singer Brusque Dickinson outside the Ilkey Tap snug., [quote]Ironic Maiden is not about the...

Ironduke 04.11.12 10:09pm
Researchers reveal 'Time To Destination' most shown in-flight movie 4
custard cream 04.11.12 10:03pm
The All New Jeni B
Pig farmer's AI slip ends in A&E trip 0
Dick Everyman 04.11.12 9:53pm
Dick Everyman
Prince Harry's parents vet likely brides

custard cream 04.11.12 9:50pm
Man electrocuted by Marks and Sparks 9
Idiot 04.11.12 8:10pm
Tree fungus latest: Government abolishes Ash Wednesday 2
custard cream 04.11.12 7:50pm
custard cream
Light snow in Wiltshire today - road grit shortages expected tomorrow. 0
deskpilot3 04.11.12 7:36pm
"Passenger 57 inappropriate film for in-flight movie", admits airline

Embarrased bosses at airline DisastAir were yesterday forced to admit that the choice of movies available on their transatlantic routes may have been less than ideal. Airline owner Mick o'Bleary...

Smart Alex 04.11.12 7:34pm
Smart Alex