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NHS starts search for a new incompetent and uncaring chief executive

The government announced today that they have started a world-wide search for someone to replace Sir David Nicholson as chief executive of the NHS. A spokesman said: 'We are casting the net as wide...

John Wiltshire 22.05.13 8:34am
Jesse Bigg
Nation remembers Dam Busters, tries to forget name of Wing Commanders dog. 8
MADJEZ 22.05.13 8:19am
Jesse Bigg
Research identifies 3 rules for the Internet: location, location, masturbation 0
ronseal 22.05.13 8:19am
Touring Tourette's Choir A Big Hit......

in most public toilets...

Jesse Bigg 22.05.13 8:04am
Jesse Bigg
Motion Picture Association calls for pirate movies to be 'a little less piratey' 0
raudus 22.05.13 8:02am
Disgruntled Google employees "hiding things"

It's been revealed that unhappy Google employees have been working against the search giant's ethos by sneaking into people's homes and hiding things. One unnamed source explained: "It started with...

apepper 22.05.13 6:08am
Sci-Fi movie star reveals he has a masturbation tape 0
Dumbnews 22.05.13 3:52am
3-D Printing Takes Cue from ‘Weird Science’

3-D printer technology has gone from the reproduction of toys to fully functional hand guns. Now, two Harvard University graduates have provided it with possibly its greatest challenge yet., Like...

victimms 21.05.13 10:41pm
Suicidal funeral director was living the dream, says coroner

Body to be released for burial soon...

Arthur 21.05.13 9:58pm
Vicky Pryce says Chris Huhne was the woman driving at parliament gates 0
Not Amused 21.05.13 9:44pm
Not Amused
Topping dead celebrity rich list 'no consolation', says Elizabeth Taylor's ghost

The ghost of Elizabeth Taylor has hit out at Forbes magazine after it claimed she would be 'delighted' to top the list of the world's highest earning dead celebrities. Taylor, who died in 2011 aged...

The Paper Ostrich 21.05.13 8:07pm
Man living the D:Ream still believes that things can only get better 2
Midfield Diamond 21.05.13 8:06pm
Not Amused
Miserably Married Couple Ask How Their Marriage Can Be Made A Gay One. 6
Titus 21.05.13 7:46pm
sredni vashta
Gaming community unimpressed with "Call Of Jury Duty" 4
sredni vashta 21.05.13 7:45pm
sredni vashta
Salmond 'Scotts independence affordable with mix of payday loans & lotto wins' 2
MADJEZ 21.05.13 6:39pm
The All New Jeni B
Leaky water bed caused teenage boy to live his dreams 0
Midfield Diamond 21.05.13 5:56pm
Midfield Diamond
Spiritualist crosses road - gets to the other side 11
Smart Alex 21.05.13 5:21pm
David Cameron To Join Labour Party

NewsBiscuit can exclusively reveal that previously confidential plans for David Cameron to join the Labour party will be made public within the next few days. In a prepared statement he will...

Titus 21.05.13 5:00pm
Prince Charles hits out at poaching of elephants

Claims they're much better barbecued. (Groan)...

Beerboy 21.05.13 4:27pm
Bulgarian women campaign for "beer" option on Google Glasses

More to follow...

apepper 21.05.13 4:14pm
Ray Manzerak donates his organ to science.

Transplant surgeons were unimpressed to learn that recently deceased Doors keyboard player Ray Manzerak has donated his organ to science. "It's just a well-used Vox Continental transistorised organ...

Boutros 21.05.13 4:13pm
Charity Stunned by Donation of Chewing Gum from Sir Alex Ferguson

Two weeks after announcing his retirement, the figurehead of English football, Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed reports that he donated twenty-six years worth of discarded spearmint gum to The East...

NorthernGravy 21.05.13 4:05pm
Falling off cliffs and appearing naked at work makes living the dream tough. 2
weematt 21.05.13 3:54pm
Muted reception for new Bond film "On Her Majesty's Jury Service" 0
sredni vashta 21.05.13 3:42pm
sredni vashta
Prince Charles to protect wildlife by hiding his father's shotgun

More to follow...

apepper 21.05.13 3:36pm
Reggae Reggae Sauce, not that nice.

Reports have come in that a rival to The Dragons' Den's sensational find, Reggae Reggae sauce, has hit the shelves. Only hours into it's launch, the sauce, which is being marketed with the slogan 'So...

No Beard 21.05.13 3:23pm
Ray Manzarek Closes The Doors for the last time 2
victimms 21.05.13 1:45pm
The All New Jeni B
Chris Waddle not in top 1000 pop stars, according to Victoria Beckham

More to follow...

Beerboy 21.05.13 1:19pm
Colleen Rooney's seagull impressions, just her calling Kai Klay in for tea 0
simonjmr 21.05.13 12:55pm
The Doctor finally becomes a consultant, will now be called Mister Who 1
simonjmr 21.05.13 10:34am
John Wiltshire