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"I can't stand the swearing", Commissioner for Oaths quits 0
medici2471 28.02.12 7:52am
Vatican burns 5 tons of photos before 'Church in NoW hacking' named as Charlotte 1
pere floza 28.02.12 12:15am
Meryl Streep wins "Best Meryl Streep" award at oscars 1
paddyparkinson 27.02.12 10:23pm
Millionaire capitalist: "baffling" resistance to appropriation of surplus value.

More from a textbook later...

Mandy Lifeboat 27.02.12 9:33pm
Mandy Lifeboat
'Putin wins by a landslide'!

States premature ejaculation society newsletter...

John Ffitch-Rucker 27.02.12 7:35pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Vodafone unveils new mobile phone that transfers funds into offshore tax havens

[I'm going for the UKUNcut vote here]...

ronseal 27.02.12 7:32pm
Transport for London unveils new Hope on Hope off routemaster 0
ronseal 27.02.12 7:27pm
Radio adaptation of "The Artist" surprise failure

More to follow...

apepper 27.02.12 6:44pm
Unnamed footballer clocks up 900th extra marital affair

Players, managers and pundits were lined up today to heap praise on a mystery footballer who this weekend added the 900th notch to his impressively battle-scarred bedpost when he slipped his winner...

grumblechops 27.02.12 6:31pm
A4E and Charlie George. Police probe egg based welfare-to-work scheme 3
Mandy Lifeboat 27.02.12 5:25pm
Al McHogan
Liberal Democrats to push for directly-elected newspaper editors

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has unveiled plans to end hereditary privilege in Britain by introducing directly-elected newspaper editors. ‘It’s time to end this anachronistic, unaccountable...

The Paper Ostrich 27.02.12 5:24pm
Executioner of the Year title decided by 'death penalty shoot-out'

This year's Texan 'Executioner of the Year' contest has ended in drama this week, as for the first time in it's 120 year history, the winner was crowned after a tense 'death penalty shoot-out'. It is...

Perks 27.02.12 5:22pm
London Fashion week to feature Oscar-winning Uggie boots

Complaints soon...

Mandy Lifeboat 27.02.12 5:12pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Arsenal profits soar after selling off Brasso stockpile

“Well we won't be needing it for while” shrugged Wenger...

grumblechops 27.02.12 4:25pm
Clumsy Window Cleaner Kicks Bucket 0
Al McHogan 27.02.12 4:23pm
Al McHogan
LIb Dem MP's ecstatic "Man or Muppet" won best song Oscar 0
simonjmr 27.02.12 2:20pm
French satire ‘Hollywood disappears up its own arse’ sweeps board at Oscars

The French had their first good laugh in ages last night as a low budget film by veteran director Jean-Paul Gauloises-Bout-Filtre swept the board at the 84th Academy Awards, winning all ten...

Des Custard 27.02.12 11:43am
iPhone ad voiceover man chokes to death on own smugness 0
Nick McCarr 27.02.12 11:19am
Nick McCarr
George Lucas offers to do 3D Special Edition of 'The Artist' 4
bonjonelson 27.02.12 11:19am
Kim Jong-un to scatter Baron Cohen's ashes at North Korean film festival 0
27.02.12 11:18am
Heir to the 17th Baronetcy 'dead or living in Africa'

Missing Heir to the 17th Baronetcy George 'Gideon' Osborne is dead or hiding somewhere in Africa according to reports. Osborne, usually prominent amongst London's social and political elite, hasn't...

roybland 27.02.12 10:23am
Star of 'The Artist' strangely not speechless after winning Oscar. 0
Ian Searle 27.02.12 10:18am
Ian Searle
Sacha Baron Cohen sign's lucrative sponsorship deal with Shake n' Vac. 0
Ian Searle 27.02.12 10:17am
Ian Searle
Angelina Jolie...For two pins the world's media would put her on the front page

I'm sorry, this doesn't have a leg to stand on!...

Ian Searle 27.02.12 10:15am
Ian Searle
Horse plans talking role after winning best supporting Oscar

Legendary Hollywood stallion, Dobbin Jr, the star of epic ‘War Horse’ was celebrating last night after winning an Oscar at last night’s glittering Academy Award ceremony in tinsel town. ...

Stan 27.02.12 9:43am
European recycling laws to be introduced it Afganistan to prevent killing spree

Legislation from Brussels will now be enforced in Afganistan as it came to light that the recent bloodshed could have been prevented if the Nato soldiers would have been familiar with the concept of...

4ty2 27.02.12 9:17am
Wry grins replace suicide bombs as Taleban complete anger management course 0
cinquecento 27.02.12 9:11am
Archaeologists uncover prehistoric snowman at South Pole

A team of scientists and archaeologists from Britain have discovered what they believe to be a prehistoric snowman in a deep, permanent snow structure at the South Pole. The UK ambassador for...

kga6 27.02.12 8:59am
Black Sabbath reunion blamed on global war pig 0
and another one 27.02.12 8:54am
and another one
'The Artist' to be released in the US with subtitles. 0
Griffin 27.02.12 8:10am