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Rural Broadband "unnecessary". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 09.12.11 10:15pm
Al OPecia
Newt Gingrich calls his pet rock Ken Livingstone 0
bonjonelson 09.12.11 9:50pm
Daily Mail Columnists Xmas Party Could Get out of Hand, police warn

Scotland Yard chiefs are 'quietly confident' they can keep a lid on the pressure cooker of excitement that is created by the Daily Mail columnists annual Xmas Party. The annual shin dig brings...

ronseal 09.12.11 7:48pm
Local man gains street smarts by studying Google Street view 0
Dumbnews 09.12.11 7:23pm
Cameron: "Look Mum, all the others are out of step, 'cept me!" 0
dvo4fun 09.12.11 7:14pm
Livingstone calls newt Gingrich 5
nickb 09.12.11 9:11pm
Cameron Run Out Of Europe....

Due to need for builders, not demolition experts...

Jesse Bigg 09.12.11 5:24pm
Jesse Bigg
PM complains about Dad's Army 'Pike' reference via his translator headphones.

"Stupid Boy" clearly heard on numerous occasions...

Bryan with a Y 09.12.11 5:17pm
Bryan with a Y
Royal Wootton Bassett chosen to 'repatriate British powers'

Since the decision by the Ministry of Defence to close RAF Lynham, the town of Royal Wootton Bassett, made famous by the public show of respect for our fallen soldiers, has been very quiet. However,...

Perks 09.12.11 5:34pm
Bee "dissatisfied" with one Nectar point after winning dance competition. 0
nickb 09.12.11 4:40pm
Cameron confused "vetoed" and "voted".... 0
nickb 09.12.11 4:38pm
Lib-Dem Leader, Clegg-Iron, Complains .....

.Of a splitting headache...

Jesse Bigg 09.12.11 4:04pm
Jesse Bigg
One Direction pulls out so The Grinch turns on Knutsford's Christmas Lights 0
Ian Searle 09.12.11 3:54pm
Ian Searle
"Fog In Channel. Continent Isolated," Says Cameron

..The old jokes can still be the best...

Jesse Bigg 09.12.11 3:48pm
Jesse Bigg
Mathematician wins beauty contest for looking good on paper 1
Dumbnews 09.12.11 10:17pm
Al OPecia
Controversy as London Mathematical Society launches Möbius Strip club 9
pinxit 11.12.11 7:53pm
"Fenton, Jesus Christ Fenton" heralds discovery of Higgs Boson particle 0
simonjmr 09.12.11 2:31pm
Scotland rebuilding after 8 hour Trampoline attack

After a series of up and downs, Scotland is aiming higher! Higher! Wheee...

gaijintendo 09.12.11 2:23pm
Over 50% of zoo animals "unemployed graduates in costume" 0
Drylaw 09.12.11 2:18pm
Investmentment bankers critised for betting against future happiness of own kids 0
thisisall1word 09.12.11 1:50pm
Exorcism of poison dwarf performed during filming of Noel's christmas Presence 0
Iamthestig 09.12.11 1:45pm
Prolonged Climate change talks criticised for burning the midnight oil 0
brownpaperreporter 09.12.11 1:39pm
Microsoft to bring back the paperclip 0
theumpire 09.12.11 12:22pm
Police urge women suspecting intruder in house to run a bath and lie in it 0
Nick McCarr 09.12.11 11:58am
Nick McCarr
Croatia orders Farepak Christmas hamper 0
Runestone Cowboy 09.12.11 11:37am
Runestone Cowboy
Independent Police Complaints Commission to investigate spilt pint allegation

Solihull, West Midlands, Tuesday 6th December. The IPCC is investigating an allegation that an off-duty police officer negligently spilt a customer’s pint in The Shakespeare pub at around 2015...

brownpaperreporter 09.12.11 4:16pm
Soldier becomes commando following debriefing 9
Vertically Challenged Giant 09.12.11 7:13pm
Cameron vetoes changes to Eurovision Song Contest

David Cameron has this morning thrown the whole of Europe into crisis by using the UKs veto to prevent changes to the Eurovision Song Contest. 'The proposals were not in the interests of the UK'...

ianslat 09.12.11 4:11pm
Racism and cheating explained to Dalglish after continued defence of Suarez

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has been having private tuition this week, in an attempt to get him to understand that racist comments and persistent cheating from one of his players are bad things....

Vertically Challenged Giant 09.12.11 11:40am
Panasonic unveils new Eurozone crisis-ready TV

Electronics giant Panasonic has entered the Christmas sales war by launching its most advanced television set yet featuring new Eurozone crisis-ready technology. The set features the biggest and...

The Paper Ostrich 09.12.11 4:53pm