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Clegg promoted to new post of 'Minister for everything that's really shit'

Former deputy prime minister has spoken of his delight by being promoted by David Cameron into the new position of 'Minister for everthing that's really shit.' 'When David first told me of the move...

antharrison 05.09.12 7:31pm
Embarrassment at NASA as Marianne Faithful's Mars curiosity pictures published 1
charlies_hat 05.09.12 7:22pm
Je Margarette Rien
2012 Silly Season declared worst since records began

Tabloid editors have declared the British 2012 Silly Season the least silly since records began in 1665. As summer 2012 draws to its close, with parliament reassembling and the kids going back to...

05.09.12 4:36pm
Zanardi denies use of KERS

and also claims amputation does not qualify as DRS...

kjo36 05.09.12 4:14pm
Latest advice for people drowning: 'keep your feet up and drink plenty of water' 0
05.09.12 1:22pm
Leo Tolstoy's Grave Overturned

Whilst distinguished actress, Keira Knighley, was celebrating last night's London film premier of Tolstoy's Anna Karenina, Russian news agencies reported a mysterious seismic convulsion at the burial...

05.09.12 12:07pm
Salmon of Knowledge
Mars Rover discovers crater 'formed by colossal cat turd'

NASA’s Mars Rover, Curiosity, has made a startling discovery amongst the dusty grey rocks of our nearest planet: a feline turd just under a kilometre in length. Despite being two storeys high and...

05.09.12 11:51am
93% Of British Workers Fear Being Laid Off

The other 7% say it would be like winning the National Lottery...

Martin Shuttlecock 05.09.12 3:16am
Martin Shuttlecock
"Recession Not Down To Fat Idle Lazy Bastards"

Claims Fat Idle Lazy Bastards Society spokesman...

Martin Shuttlecock 05.09.12 3:13am
Martin Shuttlecock
Expect A Flood Of 20 Million 'Empty Chair' Gags - Washington Advises UK

In the wake of the frankly rather silly American electioneering stunt which saw Clint Eastwood indulging in nonsensical, and rambling conversation with an empty chair, US State Officials in...

Martin Shuttlecock 05.09.12 12:36am
Martin Shuttlecock
Maria Miller.... oh WTF' say leading spoof news writers 0
Scroat 04.09.12 11:02pm
Jeremy Cunt moves to Health to avoid burther floopers 0
Scroat 04.09.12 11:00pm
Hunt moves to Health to avoid further 'cunt' bloopers 0
Scroat 04.09.12 10:59pm
A and E departments 'relaxed' about forthcoming homeopath strike 0
ricky33 04.09.12 9:31pm
Cabinet reshuffle blamed for night of violence

The PSNI have issued a statement saying that David Cameron’s disappointing cabinet reshuffle has played a major role in sparking the violence that has rocked the province over the past two...

Gerontius 04.09.12 9:25pm
Cameron drops clanger on the NHS in reshuffle 1
Squudge 04.09.12 9:13pm
Don't mess with me, Tutu warns Blair 0
custard cream 04.09.12 8:59pm
custard cream
Harry to become McVitie's ambassador for Ginger Nuts 3
kjo36 04.09.12 8:47pm
Gt British Bake Off lectured for promoting Smeg, Red Dwarf's Lister told off too

Gary Baldy 04.09.12 7:10pm
Mars Curiosity sends pictures of sucessful Martian abduction and anal probe 2
charlies_hat 04.09.12 7:09pm
Cameron re-shuffle turns up yet more Jokers 2
dvo4fun 04.09.12 5:45pm
Hot fashion news! Black confirmed as new black!!!

For all budget-conscious fashion-lovers in these tough recessionary times, this has been the news you've all been waiting for but never dared believe would ever come. Fashion gurus from around the...

Miss Hegas 04.09.12 2:14pm
Miss Hegas
German software company launches app to translate British humour

German software giant SAP have launched a smart phone & tablet app that enables Germans to translate British satire into leather clad slapstick. The company's spokesman Fritz Banghard claimed...

kjo36 04.09.12 2:13pm
Queen of Tarts
eBay prostitute offers zero insertion fees. 9
Queen of Tarts 04.09.12 1:48pm
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to Reinvent Themselves

They have hardly been seen in public since the middle ages. They have never agreed to requests for interviews; so it came as quite a surprise when the four horsemen of the apocalypse invited the...

Smart Alex 04.09.12 1:22pm
Recession-Hit Mobile Phone Companies To Offer Users A Semaphore Service...

As profits flag?...

Jesse Bigg 04.09.12 12:06pm
Romney Plans - Big!

Massive expansion of trailer parks and big increase of food stamps., It's the American way, folks!...

Jesse Bigg 04.09.12 11:56am
Jesse Bigg
Major Reshuffle at Pest Control firm

CEO of Swindon based ‘The Rat Trap’ has announced a major reshuffle to the firms structure. Key Developments so far: Cleaner Barbara Simmons replaced by former diretor Dave Parker Parker...

button 04.09.12 11:55am
Corby woman issues rent demand to spiders who have moved in during September 0
simonjmr 04.09.12 10:26am
A week with Boris (news roundup)

Mayor unveils tribute to G20 victim and launches 'Bozza Buggy' scheme Boris Johnson took the opportunity to kills two birds with one stone today when he unveiled a plaque to Ian Tomlinson whilst...

pinxit 04.09.12 10:14am