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Crime clear up rates fall as badger cull takes effect

A police authority source today confirmed that crime clear up rates in rural areas had fallen sharply as officers were no longer able to justify garden shed break-ins and similar offences being put...

philmurray 22.10.12 5:50pm
Google launches public restroom locator app, Poogle 0
Dumbnews 22.10.12 5:45pm
Frankie Boyle donates libel damages to EDL

fed up of claiming damages? Write for the biscuit...

ironbridgeboy 22.10.12 5:19pm
Neil Warnock condemns ‘absolute disgrace’ but applauds the rest of the BBC

Leeds United boss Neil Warnock has stated his embarrassment at being connected with Leeds following the revelation that they had a vile animal associated with the city. However, Warnock also stated...

Midfield Diamond 22.10.12 5:11pm
Midfield Diamond
Threat of suicide bombings blown out of all proportion claim police. 0
godly1966 22.10.12 4:02pm
Worldwide sea piracy falls to lowest level in four yaaaarrrrhhhs. 0
exigo 22.10.12 4:00pm
'I had the liquidators in the back of my cab' claims London cabbie. 0
MADJEZ 22.10.12 3:54pm
Suicide bombers posed as beard-growth before and after picture.

MADJEZ 22.10.12 3:51pm
Video proves gay striker asked for black holding midfielder's tackle

humble apologies...

22.10.12 3:11pm
Dick Everyman
Rio Ferdinand wears Bib supporting 'Spit It Out' stammer awareness campaign. 0
Ironduke 22.10.12 2:57pm
Rio Ferdinand refuses to support 'Knock One Out' masturbation awareness campaign 0
Ironduke 22.10.12 2:55pm
Census 2011 : Westminster second address hotspot,'mainly MP rent-swaps' 0
medici2471 22.10.12 2:20pm
Black cab manufacturer finally goes south 0
Not Amused 22.10.12 2:13pm
Not Amused
Savile Inquiry may put finger in Greg Dyke

Flood later...

virtuallywill 22.10.12 2:12pm
Government brings in Freddy Krueger to slash teen unemployment

In response to the nightmare of teenage unemployment Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg has announced an innovative partnership with Freddy Krueger to ‘assist’ young people in their search for...

Dick Everyman 22.10.12 2:06pm
Dick Everyman
UN bemoans lost opportunity on racism

The United Nations Human Rights Council issued an angry response after a number of Premier League players refused to wear t-shirts in support of the anti-racism Kick It Out campaign at the weekend....

johnnydobbo 22.10.12 1:29pm
Newsnight editor 'steps aside' to join Panarama team 2
custard cream 22.10.12 1:26pm
seymour totti
Script writers help fabricate police evidence claims Walford business man

An MP is to call for an inquiry into alleged manipulation of evidence by several Police forces in Weatherfield, Walford and Beckingdale over the last 50 years. It is claimed that script writers...

simonjmr 22.10.12 1:22pm
SWP's new marketing manager promises to revolutionise the politics business

The Socialist Worker Party has surprised many in the world of politics by installing Rick Cooper, a leading light in the IT marketing industry, as its new CEO with a brief to 'revolutionise' British...

ronseal 22.10.12 1:13pm
/. 0
dvo4fun 22.10.12 1:05pm
Morph playdoughphile investigation "ongoing" say BBC 0
andhrimnir 22.10.12 12:59pm
Recalling a golden age of Ceefax firsts

As many as twenty-six people across the British Isles tuned in to say a final goodbye to Ceefax. The TV text-based new service gave us many wonderful moments during its long life but enthusiasts...

Newsquelch 22.10.12 12:16pm
Newsnight editor 'steps aside' to join Panorama team

rite speling this time!...

custard cream 22.10.12 12:13pm
custard cream
Newsnight editor 'steps aside' to take over from Brucie on Strictly Come Dancing 0
custard cream 22.10.12 11:53am
custard cream
Stannah creates the social mobility lift. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 22.10.12 11:50am
custard cream
Armstrong cameo absent from new director's cut of Dodgeball. More soon 0
johnnydobbo 22.10.12 11:49am
Page 3 models refuse to wear 'women's rights' campaign t-shirts

In an attempt to show how they feel about the lack of progress made by women's liberation groups, Page 3 models up and down the UK have decided not to wear t-shirt supporting the cause. Hayley, 23,...

Perks 22.10.12 11:14am
Men welcome morning-after pill for things you wish you hadn’t said

There was a cautious welcome yesterday for news that over-the-counter sales of a new morning-after pill will go ahead. The pill, which reverses the effects of misconceived comments before they grow...

Des Custard 22.10.12 11:13am
Osborne plans to retire Cameron and Clegg to stud after the next election 0
simonjmr 22.10.12 11:10am
Black velour scarf sparks tarantula panic

Renowned arachnophobe, Shirley Vaughan (44) of Corby, sparked a major rescue services incident at the weekend, when opening the middle drawer of her dressing table, she thought she saw a large hairy...

simonjmr 22.10.12 10:13am