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Dyslexic PA fired after booking Rihanna photo shoot in Abu Dhabi morgue 0
irreverendJ 22.10.13 7:43am
Dismay As Tesco Shoppers Fail To Eat Shoots Or Leaves 1
Titus 22.10.13 7:42am
France coquettishly demands to be spied upon

US diplomats have laughed off recent accusations of espionage as 'the jealous machinations' of a spurned French Republic. In turn, the Quai d'Orsay's Laurent Fabius has petulantly claimed that the...

Wrenfoe 22.10.13 7:27am
Police to publish e-fit pictures of MP’s breasts

The police are to circulate efit pictures of a pair of breasts allegedly once belonging to a now prominent MP. The breasts, thought to be in their mid thirties, were initially photographed when...

CulchaVulcha 22.10.13 6:47am
NPower launches Dual Death Discount for pensioners

Eldery couples could be a lot better off by switching to NPower's new Dual Death Discount tariff, the energy supplier announced today. Should both die within the 12 month contract, a 10% saving will...

Boutros 21.10.13 11:40pm
Scottish Tesco customers amazed to discover salad is edible

Tesco customers all over Scotland are reacting with shock to discover that some people are eating the salad that comes with their meals; "I thought it was some kind of chip cosy", said one shopper,...

apepper 21.10.13 10:17pm
Nigerian Royal Family "feel ignored" as no-one answers their emails

Members of the Nigerian royal family say they are fed up with being ignored; "Every day I send out dozens of emails.", said one prince, "but I never get any replies; it's as if they think we're some...

apepper 21.10.13 10:17pm
John Lennon "a dreamer".

If I may say so...

Maverick 21.10.13 9:26pm
Shock on revelation that fully 1/3 of Tesco salad leaves are actually eaten

Rather them than me...

AReader 21.10.13 9:25pm
Embarrassment as UKIP candidate mistakes random black man for Barack Obama

UKIP have been forced to publically laugh-off their embarrassment again today after Diane James mistook a random black audience member for US president Barack Obama during her appearance on Question...

TobiasBV 21.10.13 9:20pm
Territorial Army to recruit 'invincible' badgers.

And they've already got their stripes...

deskpilot3 21.10.13 8:33pm
School gates smokers told to go behind the bike shed. More soon. 0
deskpilot3 21.10.13 8:32pm
Badgers now thought to be ‘virtually immortal’

Government scientists have come to the conclusion that badgers are pretty much immortal following the failure of the recent cull to put much of a dent in their numbers. ‘Not only can they survive...

ianslat 21.10.13 7:52pm
Civil Servant Admits Coalition Government Policy 'Entirely Satirical'

A Senior Civil Servant has today responded to a Freedom of Information request from Roger Scruton by admitting that an IT error in the days after the formation of the coalition has led to bulletins...

sunrise 21.10.13 7:46pm
Energy policy not "unclear" announces government spokesman

with huge tips to Weemant, Titus, Smart Alex and other In an unexpected announcement to unveil the UK’s first nuclear power station in a generation, Energy Secretary Ed Davey has defended granting...

irreverendJ 21.10.13 7:45pm
Thousands of care home armchairs uncared for and 'on their last legs'

Thousands of armchairs are being mistreated in care homes across the UK, according to an undercover report by upholstery inspectors. The report says that the image of the care home armchair as seen...

roybland 21.10.13 7:22pm
Japanese nuclear plants receive glowing safety report. 2
godly1966 21.10.13 6:54pm
Free Hospitals threatened as new docs find “they can’t stand the sight of blood"

Honours shared with Not Amused “By removing unnecessary levels of red tape, we believe we will soon see services which cater more accurately to local needs,” Jeremy Hunt announced, launching...

nickb 21.10.13 6:49pm
Bi polar bear clarifies: "I'm not depressed, I just swing both ways" 3
sydalg 21.10.13 6:48pm
Sydney arsonists throw another few million cane toads on the barbie

Poisonous burning cane toads revealed as ‘nature’s chemical weapon’. Arsonists inhale and get high. Lobster population explodes and market dives as fat barbecue-loving Aussies splutter....

farmer giles 21.10.13 6:04pm
farmer giles
Race row at zoo after an ape is called a monkey by a visitor. 0
PeterB 21.10.13 6:02pm
Football is ruining racism says tommy english

millwall fans...

farmer giles 21.10.13 6:01pm
farmer giles
Education Minister Liz Truss beats Clegg and leaves. More soon. 5
Al OPecia 21.10.13 5:55pm
Al OPecia
Lib Dems to adopt male porn star candidates in hope of well hung parliament

Hat tip to wirralmatt (not related) for mentioning hung parliament...

weematt 21.10.13 5:36pm
ADHD Genetic Link Research Dismissed as Attention Seeking 2
wirralmatt 21.10.13 4:54pm
Al OPecia
Clegg announces preferred coalition partner for next hung Parliament

Nick Clegg's office has this morning announced which party would be the Lib Dem's preferred partner in the event of another hung Parliament at the 2015 UK General Election. Despite reassurances from...

wirralmatt 21.10.13 4:53pm
Al OPecia
Pestilence, war, famine and death could all create jobs, says think tank 3
ronseal 21.10.13 4:44pm
Paedo barber, 58, with a mental age of 10 ‘groomed himself’

“Scum like you deserve a clip round the ear” said judge...

farmer giles 21.10.13 4:43pm
Ukrainian Pavlo Lapshyn appointed head of EDL. 0
Maverick 21.10.13 4:37pm
US/France Spy Scandal: French letter leak forces US Ambassador to withdraw. 3
weematt 21.10.13 4:26pm