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Innovative vicar launches bungy-jumping service: "Let us pray, and dangle" 0
DorsetBoy 24.09.13 6:25am
Milly rules for national workforce

the potential positions are endless :-) will kerb imigration by forcing British football clubs to employ more british players. (a leo ferdinand...

4ty2 24.09.13 5:16am
Employers to hire 1 clueless person for each skilled empoyee

in order to boost the economy by reduceing average labour costs of the work force...

4ty2 24.09.13 4:08am
Dwarf turns out to just be far away 1
TobiasBV 24.09.13 12:51am
Roberto Di Matteo favourite to be next Sunderland manager to be fired 0
custard cream 23.09.13 9:26pm
custard cream
Rolf Harris complains of 'Kangaroo Court' trial 2
custard cream 23.09.13 9:11pm
Poundland worker goes berserk in change giving spree

A man who worked at Poundland for several years 'went berserk', unloading thousands of pounds in small change on unsuspecting customer as they paid for their purchases. The man - who gave out a...

roybland 23.09.13 8:05pm
HS2 project to discover life up North thrown into doubt

The HS2 project to discover if there is life up north has been thrown in doubt after politicians decided they really didn't care what they found up there, they still wouldn't visit...

tomholder 23.09.13 5:55pm
Thunderbirds to save Sunderland

In the wake of the dismissal of Paulo Di Canio, Sunderland football club sent an SOS to a prominent former director of the ailing club., David Miliband, CEO of International Rescue since the...

cinnahmon 23.09.13 5:37pm
The Shining sequel sales hit by McBride memoirs

Sales of Doctor Sleep, Stephen King's sequel to The Shining, are likely be dented by the publication of Damian McBride's memoirs, according to booksellers. 'McBride's book is likely to appeal to...

roybland 23.09.13 4:29pm
Hackers who raided Barclays surprised as £20million taken from their account.

Cyber criminals who hacked a branch of Barclays bank gave themselves up in the face of catastrophic losses on their account. The scam was running like clockwork after initially breaking into the...

MADJEZ 23.09.13 4:29pm
Foreigners confess; "We can all speak English really"

What has long been suspected by British tourists has been confirmed; foreigners all speak English in private and only speak foreign languages to pass embarrassing remarks about any British visitors...

apepper 23.09.13 4:23pm
Another kid falls to Homeworkalitis

The parents of Joshua Davis, a 10 year old boy from Gillingham, have spoke of their heartache as their son was recently diagnosed with Homeworkalitis, the debilitating illness which affects the...

Robopop 23.09.13 3:47pm
iPhone5S buyers excited to be directed straight to queue for iPhone6 Excited buyers of Apple's flagship new iPhone5S were delighted to be directed straight to...

Peter749400 23.09.13 3:38pm
J Vine
Breaking Flues: Chimney Sweep Charged With Damaging Property 0
Flugelbinder 23.09.13 2:55pm
Saudi serial bigamist has ring finger amputated 0
sydalg 23.09.13 2:52pm
Knight forced to work on building site goes from chivalry to shovelry 0
sydalg 23.09.13 2:51pm
Party Have Not Sprayed Angela With Fake Tan To Win Votes 4
Flugelbinder 23.09.13 2:22pm
Miliband announces Sorcerers taking on apprentices should get a new local broom

The idea also met a backlash from the magician's lobby, which warned the new ‘apprentice tax’ was 'Mickey Mouse' and would make it difficult for wizards to keep afloat, and their heads above the...

Ian Searle 23.09.13 2:11pm
Ian Searle
Tesco customer service receives first Hudl that fell in a pudl....

More bad spling later...

AReader 23.09.13 2:05pm
Farage: UKIP "does not discriminate by race, colour, creed ... or even ability"

As if we couldn't guess...

AReader 23.09.13 2:01pm
Fat cat business analyst: "Apple turnover would improve with Blackberry"

. (Potential for a longer article? Feel free if you have time/inclination)...

Midfield Diamond 23.09.13 1:56pm
Madrid: Merkel will not let Spain dangle over a fiscal hole in its finances 1
AReader 23.09.13 1:37pm
Chancellor Merkel declares start of 1000 year reign 4
custard cream 23.09.13 1:26pm
Paulo Di Canio found swinging from lamp-post in Sunderland... 6
Tripod 23.09.13 12:41pm
custard cream
Tesco's new logo unveiled - 'Every Hudl helps' 0
custard cream 23.09.13 12:18pm
custard cream
Babs Windsor admits she used to be Babs Saxe-Coburg 0
Smart Alex 23.09.13 12:04pm
Smart Alex
Poo On Piano Bench Turns Out To Be Beethoven's First Movement

Elton John cleared of dirty protest...

Flugelbinder 23.09.13 12:01pm
Ed Miliband pinning conference hopes on Real IRA atrocity

Ed Miliband has asked dissident Irish republican groups for their help in making his conference more newsworthy courtesy of some kind of terrorist atrocity, it has emerged. The Labour leader is known...

Gary Stanton 23.09.13 11:49am
Tesco to launch tablet computer...unexpected item in the blogging area! 0
irreverendJ 23.09.13 9:59am