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Ikea to try new business model and sell furniture in future 0
Squudge 05.03.13 9:25pm
Ikea to recall all PloopyKuchen 0
Ian Searle 05.03.13 8:26pm
Ian Searle
Gardener finds one carrot diamond ring 1
medici2471 05.03.13 8:19pm
Cameron to re-introduce 50% tax rate (for the poor)

In a major re-think on the taxation system the Prime Minister, David Cameron, announced today that the 50% tax rate was to be re-introduced by the government, but this time, for those earning less...

blacklesbianandproudofit 05.03.13 7:56pm
Justin Bieber was late due to complex negotiations about becoming next Pope 0
Ian Searle 05.03.13 7:42pm
Ian Searle
Robbie Fowler adds new depth to the term ‘cunt.' 0
sigmund 05.03.13 7:34pm
Ryan Giggs set for 1000th Sexual Conquest

There has been widespread acclaim from across the football world as Ryan Giggs is tonight expected to claim his 1000th sexual partner as a Manchester United player. The veteran winger, who has been...

TheNewsWalrus 05.03.13 5:57pm
Justin Bieber apologises for being 0
wallster 05.03.13 5:57pm
Trinotalotasauraus Trades Union Party Leader, Archibald .....

Standing on the steps of the TUC building in London, Trinotalotasauraus Trades Union Party Leader, Archibald Aristotle Arkwright, insisted “17% in favour of all out industrial action is an absolute...

HenryMJUK 05.03.13 5:49pm
Animal Charity Spends £326,000 Prosecuting Baby for Attacking Fox

Titus 05.03.13 4:50pm
Cardinal's long-lost carrot 'found in ring'

Dunno why this is 'most read' on BBC, it's from 2011:

Slante Dangle 05.03.13 3:57pm
Slante Dangle
Man accused of nearly destroying the NHS demands right to finish the job

Sir Derek Smyth, the NHS Chief Executive responsible for hundreds if not thousands of preventable hospital deaths told a select committee he is the “right man” to complete the planned destruction...

nickb 05.03.13 2:55pm
Papal Bull Disqualified from Pamplona

Lucky Lad, the bull trained over the past year for the upcoming Pamplona Running of the Bulls by ex-Pope Benedict, will not now be permitted to participate. Inspectors from the official Pamplona...

Iggy Pop-Barker 05.03.13 2:53pm
Iggy Pop-Barker
Posh yoghurts 'full of haughty culture' 1
Nunnion Splendacular 05.03.13 2:51pm
Master of the Rolls expresses relief at Queen's recovery 0
blacklesbianandproudofit 05.03.13 2:45pm
Prostitutes to be allowed artistic licence on golf course.

For the first time in its history, St. Andrews golf course is to allow prostitutes to sculpt, paint murals, compose poetry and perform Bach oratorios on its premises. They will not be allowed to do...

sigmund 05.03.13 2:39pm
Joy as child slaves freed from internet forward sweatshop

There were tears of joy in a quiet street in Plymouth yesterday when seventeen children were freed from an internet forward sweatshop. Inside rescuers found banks of computers that the children had...

Carter 05.03.13 2:32pm
Boos as Justin Beiber arrives on stage ... 1
Kramaring 05.03.13 2:28pm
Cannibal kills and eats vegetarians in ironic crime spree. 11
Paulduckula 05.03.13 1:48pm
Midfield Diamond
Guinea Pigs face decimalisation. 6
Iscariot 05.03.13 12:52pm
Actual Size
Newsflash, 1935: Foreign Secretary goes to the ballet.

Neat-o. There’s a prize for anyone who gets it without using wikipedia...

sigmund 05.03.13 12:52pm
Cardinal o'brien says he is not gay but has slept with plenty of men who were.

You couldn't make it up and I didn't...

Actual Size 05.03.13 12:50pm
Actual Size
Sony Walkman thefts at all-time low 0
grumblechops 05.03.13 12:44pm
Frog legs may contain traces of poultry. They taste like chicken. 1
weematt 05.03.13 12:32pm
Nunnion Splendacular
MOD confirms Doncaster job centre as new British Army HQ 0
Nowherefast 05.03.13 11:26am
‘Weird old weight loss trick’ was heroin addiction - 2

An investigation into internet adverts proclaiming that you can lose belly fat fast has discovered that the ‘one weird old tip’ mentioned is actually an addiction to heroin. ‘We suspected that...

Vertically Challenged Giant 05.03.13 11:07am
Grantham Labour group calls for Sacrificial Alter in Honour of Margret Thatcher

Labour Councillors want support to build a sacrificial alter to honor former prime minister Margret thatcher in home town of Grantham. Grantham Local Sue Smithson said "it could be a great way to...

confuzzled 05.03.13 9:32am
Enter Farage stage right, wrapped in flag of St George

This royal throne of kings, this scepter'd isle,, This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars,, This other Eden, demi-paradise,, This fortress built by Nature for herself, Against infection and the...

the peoples poet 05.03.13 9:25am
Q Flees Hospital As Charles Suggests She Be Transferred To South Staffs 0
Titus 05.03.13 9:09am
The Queen: Mid Staffs Update

Dr Emina Sithole of the Mid Staffs Trust has just made the following statement: "The Queen's testicles have been removed successfully and she is now recovering in the Service Corridor."...

blacklesbianandproudofit 05.03.13 8:50am
Dick Everyman