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Football, basketball, hairdressers and fishermen all in favour of Net Migration. 0
Not Amused 28.11.13 1:06pm
Not Amused
Bernie Winters to replace Tony Hart in new series of "Vision On"

really obscure neato...

NewBiscuit 28.11.13 1:04pm
Independent Scotland would keep England, says Alex Salmond

The leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party, Alex Salmond, has pledged that along with Sterling and the Queen, an independent Scotland would keep England. Speaking at the launch of his party's...

nedge 28.11.13 12:06pm
'I thought she asked for a smack,' claims Saatchi

More soon. I imagine...

Oxbridge 28.11.13 11:39am
Cold turkey this winter, Lawson?

Neat-O (and doffs cap to cinquecento)...

Smart Alex 28.11.13 11:01am
Smart Alex
Latest Edward Snowden disclosure: "NORAD faked Santa-tracking information" 1
bonjonelson 28.11.13 10:40am
Manufacturers of woodworking tools may be forced to use plane packaging 0
Smart Alex 28.11.13 10:37am
Smart Alex
David Cameron suggests giving vote to poor was a mistake that he will repeal

Further to his idea to rectify the mistakes made by the previous Labour government in granting rights to immigrants from other EU countries, the PM has voiced the idea that granting voting rights to...

gregle 28.11.13 10:35am
North Uist To Split From South Uist After Hebrides Vote to Leave Scotland 3
Titus 28.11.13 10:13am
Psycadelic Squirrel
God facing action for charging 7 days' labour for 6 days' work

The Office of Fair Trading has promised to investigate complaints that God's claim to have made the world in seven days may be a case of false accounting. The project, which was completed some time...

James Pluside 28.11.13 10:13am
James Pluside
Nigella releases new recipe for hash browns 0
Oxbridge 28.11.13 10:01am
Payday lenders to cap kneecappings 0
jp1885 28.11.13 9:51am
Lib Dem manifesto could be sold in plain packaging by 2015 0
exigo 28.11.13 9:11am
Bryan May arrested over match fixing allegations.

No more. Edited from, Bryant, May, Swan and Vesta named among 6 arrested for match fixing., (hat tip to Pere)...

Not Amused 28.11.13 8:59am
Not Amused
Father enjoys US blues music but admits Johnny Winter bores son 0
Smart Alex 28.11.13 8:34am
Smart Alex
"Nigella's Cold Turkey" tops Xmas book chart 0
cinquecento 28.11.13 8:23am
Transylvanian hordes will drain NHS blood banks dry, warns Boris 0
pere floza 28.11.13 8:22am
pere floza
Coalition policies to be released in plain packaging 0
Not Amused 28.11.13 7:52am
Not Amused
Cigarette and alcohol packaging to contain photos of Ed Milliband, laughing 0
antharrison 27.11.13 11:36pm
Nature to be Developed into Advertising Space

[i]Britain’s love of advertising has exceeded manmade space and will now expand into the countryside, experts announce.[/i] With trucks, shop windows and vast rectangular boards that inexplicably...

Pixie 27.11.13 11:26pm
Independent Scotland would keep abusing England, pledges Salmond

more soon (inevitably)...

Squudge 27.11.13 11:22pm
sponge finger
Berlusconi To Run Co-op Bank 4
Titus 27.11.13 10:56pm
Al OPecia
Cameron in failed pioneering attempt at charisma bypass reversal. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 27.11.13 10:41pm
Al OPecia
SNP in secret post-independence plan to blame Shetland Islands for Everything. 0
Al OPecia 27.11.13 10:38pm
Al OPecia
Tories to offer new tax concessions to rich immigrants...

to balance things out...

deskpilot3 27.11.13 10:35pm
Al OPecia
Surviving the Wilderness of Modern Britain 5
27.11.13 10:27pm
Al OPecia
Nigella counters drug allegations with low cut top. 50% of public satisfied.

MADJEZ 27.11.13 10:22pm
Al OPecia
Charles Saatchi offers to get the Panto season started

For those in search of traditional festive entertainment, the co-founder of one of the world's largest advertising agency has agreed to play out his bitter divorce across every broadsheet and gossip...

Wrenfoe 27.11.13 10:16pm
Nigella Lawson Unveiled as new chief executive of Co-Op Bank

Charlie Sheen, Paul Gascoigne, George Michael and the late Amy Winehouse have been pipped to the post for the vacant position on the board of the Co-operative Bank. Today, the Co-Op is expected to...

ronseal 27.11.13 10:15pm
'Yay - Result!' Says Cameron As EU Brands UK As 'The Nasty Country'. 0
Titus 27.11.13 10:12pm