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Romanians ask Rebecca Brooks "please can we have our horse back" 7
sillybugger 18.02.13 12:53am
Centaur burger found to be 70% horse 4
Sinnick 18.02.13 12:04am
Pietersen bemoans theft of Cricket Bat...

Quoted: 'If I catch the thieving bastard I'll break his legs'....

ESJ 17.02.13 11:20pm
Hg wins mercury prize. 3
godly1966 17.02.13 10:49pm
Man who met his clone was beside himself. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 17.02.13 10:34pm
Morrisons buys 49 Blockbusters

Return burgers and lasagnes after hours by dropping them through the door!...

topfotogmw 17.02.13 10:28pm
"Stacking shelves rocks!", claims IDS 0
topfotogmw 17.02.13 10:22pm
Oscar Pistorius 'knocked for six' at latest revelations 6
custard cream 17.02.13 10:00pm
Backpacker 'within hours of not becoming a celebrity for being a moron'! 0
topfotogmw 17.02.13 9:54pm
HOSGATE - the true scandal of the Coalition cover-up!

News is breaking that the Health Secretary has been arrested after an undercover operation by Staffordshire Police working with the Met and Interpol. It has been alleged that recent stories regarding...

Squudge 17.02.13 9:22pm
Problem of women who hog the bathroom for hours is now solved

more to follow...

scribbler 17.02.13 9:20pm
Ready meals relaunched in Mystery Meat Bingo promotion...

Barry Protheroe, Quality Control Manager at Morrisons, has addressed customers directly in a press release today. “Instead of making a drama out of a crisis, we’ve decided to make a game out of...

Tripod 17.02.13 9:15pm
Jonathan Ross Assault - Ken Hom arrested

Following an incident outside ITV's studio's last night, TV Chef Ken Hom was arrested by Police and taken in for questioning., Sporting a large bruise and sticking plaster on his forehead this...

ESJ 17.02.13 9:04pm
Tartar horde invades Tesco Express convenience store

Forty-seven staff and two customers dead...

Audible Minority 17.02.13 8:24pm
Pistorius offended by "Don't give up" message from Pope 4
sydalg 17.02.13 7:58pm
Audible Minority
Meat misselling scandal leads to rise in dodgy claims companies 0
custard cream 17.02.13 7:12pm
custard cream
Pistouris jokes 'just not cricket' warns family 1
Squudge 17.02.13 7:03pm
sponge finger
Pistorius charged with ‘assault and batsmanship’... 0
Tripod 17.02.13 7:00pm
Speak Cat like a native: Starting "Mau"

[i]Language tips from Gordon the cat[/i] Did you know that the cat was so revered by Ancient Egyptians that they simply called us "Mau"? "Mau" - sometimes written "Meow" - is actually the name that...

GordonChen 17.02.13 6:59pm
Geology is schist compared to shelf stacking says Minister 0
custard cream 17.02.13 6:48pm
custard cream
Judges ignore Theresa May in fresh shock for democracy

More legislation soon...

Audible Minority 17.02.13 6:42pm
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Adam Smith Institute Competes with Itself

Free market think-tank the Adam Smith Institute has been split into a dozen competing Adam Smith Institutes as a result of a ruling by the Competition Commission. The Commission found that the...

Iggy Pop-Barker 17.02.13 6:41pm
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Pope resigns because a meteor, horse meat, teenagers are twats

less soon, more soon, the same amount later, ffs...

Truebiscuit 17.02.13 6:39pm
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Findus "disappointed" no horses killed by meteorite

But they're hopeful about an accident at a stud farm in Somerset...

sydalg 17.02.13 6:38pm
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Stuart Hall to host new TV show, 'It's a cock out'. 2
topfotogmw 17.02.13 6:36pm
Aussies Advocate Brits To Try Their "Jumpy Beef"

'No sweat, mate; no horse in our 'Jumpy Beef!'...

Jesse Bigg 17.02.13 6:29pm
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Oscar didn't realise it was a person behind the door - he thought it was a model

We can still win the FA Cup says Wenger. East London killing believed to me unconnected to condom found in teenager's bedroom...

lane-avenger 17.02.13 6:27pm
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Hawking answers sell-out critics: "Go Fuck Yourselves" 1
Drylaw 17.02.13 6:26pm
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wrong place wrong time.. 1
godly1966 17.02.13 6:24pm
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New Testament to be rewritten -- NewsBiscuit exclusive!

More over the next two thousand years...

Audible Minority 17.02.13 6:23pm
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