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Ed Balls yesterday apologised for selling his daughter's hamster (2 years ago)

Speaking from his garage in his North London home Ed made this emotional and extraordinary apology "There's no easy way to say this: I made a pledge to keep the hamster, I didn't stick to it - and...

andydog 22.09.12 7:07am
Phil and Grant distance themselves from David 2
Duncan Biscuit 22.09.12 7:02am
Mr Target
Olympic Park volunteers struggle to adjust to civilian life, says report

With their distinctive sponge fingers, their uniforms and their loud hailers, it's hard to ignore the Olympic Park volunteer vets who hang around the streets of Britain. But everyone tries to. It's...

ronseal 22.09.12 6:39am
Mr Target
Turkish Grand Prix latest - Simeon Stylites named as polesitter 2
Smart Alex 22.09.12 6:37am
Police appeal to public to end abuse of police officers

Police investigating the deaths of two officers in Greater Manchester have called for an end the generalisation by the public on the deaths “of the cute one and the other one” Speaking via their...

hardev 22.09.12 12:21am
Wealthy Tories to be given priority at Passport Control.

The UK Border Agency today announced the provision of priority lanes at Passport Control for Wealthy donors to the Conservative party, its M.P.s and party members; arriving at airports in the UK. ...

exsumper 21.09.12 8:09pm
Carlos Kickaball sues for “racial stereotyping”... 1
Tripod 21.09.12 7:51pm
After another ministerial indiscretion PM calls in Cabinet for dressing down

pinxit 21.09.12 7:22pm
Blasphemous online comment spark massive protests in Pakistan 2
Dumbnews 21.09.12 6:59pm
Advertisement Feature: Could you be entitled to claim back 'SSI'?

Have you ever been to a well known burger restaurant? Did you have fries and a drink with your fast food? Have you eaten your chicken out of a bucket in the last 6 years. If you answered yes to any...

Perks 21.09.12 5:54pm
Its the devils work I tell yee,

hes falling yee all I tell yee,EVIL goes on here I tell yee,EVIL,evil thats easy to see if your a man of the cloth, that 90% of the people on this site arent real,there all one man,a madman,a shape...

Rev E Coli 21.09.12 3:42pm
No longer anyone available to fix Jimmy Saville headstone spelling mistake 0
Duncan Biscuit 21.09.12 3:41pm
Duncan Biscuit
Birmingham crash pilot admits brum landing 0
Duncan Biscuit 21.09.12 3:40pm
Duncan Biscuit
Afhan Bowler accused of bowling a wrong 'un hand grenade 0
simonjmr 21.09.12 3:30pm
Remember GB's Famous 1979 World Champion Hide & Seek Team-Where Are They Now?

More sooncount to 100 and close your eyes...

21.09.12 2:55pm
Western view of stereotypical Muslim protest sparks stereotypical Muslim protest

Muslims across the Middle East were in uproar yesterday, after a leaked BBC documentary revealed 90% of the Uk population strongly agree with the statement "Muslims are coming across as a bit...

SuburbanDad 21.09.12 2:28pm
One Direction switch to Pampers to avoid future leaks. 0
Queen of Tarts 21.09.12 1:58pm
Queen of Tarts
MoD confirms Camp Bastion baby birth result of 'blue on blue' attack 12
pinxit 21.09.12 1:34pm
Theresa May tells Muslims that anti-Islam video recorded in Equadorian embassy 2
Sinnick 21.09.12 1:31pm
Fanatics hesitant as image of Muhammad drawn on Quran 0
medici2471 21.09.12 1:24pm
Apple denies major construction projects linked to Maps inaccuracies

Apple are facing fresh criticism over their controversial new Maps application on iOS 6 after mounting evidence that they appear to be carrying out major construction and landscaping work in an...

jamsieoconnor 21.09.12 1:16pm
Alien Life form found in Department for Education

The Ebacca as it has become known is a completely new organism, allegedly dangerous to schoolchildren if not controlled...

Bismarck 21.09.12 12:17pm
Woody Allen apologises for "Everything" 0
Bismarck 21.09.12 12:14pm
Ed Balls apologises for stupid name... 0
Bismarck 21.09.12 12:12pm
Ed Ball apologises for stupid name... 0
Bismarck 21.09.12 12:12pm
Supermarkets address issue of carrier bags

Leading supermarkets ave welcomed a poll which suggests that Britons would be happy to pay for carrier bags. certain supermarkets are staying coy about rumoured plans to sell a range of bags with...

Bismarck 21.09.12 12:09pm
Cecilia Gimenez "Monkey Jesus" artist commissioned to rework Coalition's image 0
simonjmr 21.09.12 11:58am
Drug barons express hurt and disappointment at omission from Burke's Peerage 0
cinquecento 21.09.12 11:54am
Invisable postmen

used by the post office I tell yee,Ive seen them with my own eyes,the occult it is and I have proof.How many times like me have you waited for a important letter and it never seems to come?Like the...

Rev E Coli 21.09.12 11:17am
Rev E Coli
iPhone 5 enthusiasts "devastated" to get phone without fuss

Mobile phone stores were this morning literally underwhelmed as “some” Apple fans turned up to be the first to get their paws on the new iPhone 5. “We put up queue barriers outside the door in...

kimllfixit 21.09.12 10:59am