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Cameron promises Land of Opportunity in the Age of Austerity

biting satire!...

custard cream 02.10.13 2:22pm
custard cream
Study shows Loch Ness monster sightings caused by underwater crop circles 0
custard cream 02.10.13 2:17pm
custard cream
Upset as problems of Iphone users turn out to be internal

There has been upset amongst gadget fans as the problems they expect buying every new piece of technology to solve have turned out to be internal. It has outraged many who says they wouldn't have...

TobiasBV 02.10.13 12:43pm
Opportunities for All Promises PM - Simply speak to your Eton House Master 0
Flugelbinder 02.10.13 11:42am
Formula 1 warping young boys' minds, claims Culture Secretary

Culture Secretary, Maria Miller, has made an impassioned plea for TV companies to regulate the availability of Formula 1 as she warned of the "pernicious effect" that the sport could have on the...

jamsieoconnor 02.10.13 10:15am
Alzheimer's Society celebrates forgotten hero 0
sydalg 02.10.13 10:14am
Al-Qaeda loosens admissions standards to two Cs in Maths and English

William Hague says he is concerned at the falling standards of international terrorism after a report claims Afghani based terrorist bombtards Al-Qaeda will be dropping their minimum entry...

theinvisiblecitychannels 02.10.13 10:14am
Traces of Qatar world cup workers found in Beef Lasagne

Beef lasagne was again off the menu today as traces of workers killed while working in Qatar for the world cup were found in several beef based products. Supermarkets in Brighton, where a lasagne...

julio bango 02.10.13 9:49am
julio bango
Teachers to strike during the school holidays

The government were rocked last night by the news that the National Organisation of Teachers (NoTeach) were planning to hold their next strike during the Whitsun half term holidays. David Cameron...

Rootin Tootin 02.10.13 9:26am
Interflora to deliver wreath lectures

That's better; unless it's already been done...

Cinders 02.10.13 9:25am
Cameron admits he is in politics for the bread

Now there's using your loaf!...

Flugelbinder 02.10.13 9:23am
Dacre orders Mail petard ban after "foisting problems" 0
nickb 02.10.13 9:15am
Being Belgian now sufficient grounds for euthanasia 1
scribbler 02.10.13 9:15am
Left-Wing Politcal Leader Regrets Ever Mentioning His Father ...

after nasty wicked fascist newspaper invents completely fictional story about his Marxist father " being a Marxist"...

Titus 02.10.13 9:12am
Man who surfs web all day at work unsure what to do after retirement 7
Dumbnews 02.10.13 9:06am
Exercise NOT better than pills say Migraine sufferers 2
Flugelbinder 02.10.13 8:37am
Peru Pair face up and away as they prepare for Six Month Probe

Now [i]that[/i] is thorough!...

Flugelbinder 02.10.13 8:27am
Ghost-like Sounds Terrify Farmer - Turns Out To Be Cow With No Lips

Mooooooore soon...

Flugelbinder 02.10.13 8:11am
Luke Skywalker completely agrees with Daily Mail article about his father 0
Smart Alex 02.10.13 8:09am
Smart Alex
Supermarkets withdraw idiot costumes after cast of Hollyoaks complaint

More to follow...

apepper 01.10.13 11:06pm
Afghan Poppy Farmer awarded BS EN ISO9001 quality certificate

Mr Ibrahim Rahini, from Helmand province, has become the first farmer in the country to achieve this for his top quality anaesthetic products. Although only a small family organisation, it took 2...

rogerg 01.10.13 11:01pm
Football manager decides on team formation while queuing for Thor II 0
Smart Alex 01.10.13 7:08pm
Smart Alex
Airlines to employ people to sit at the front - New pilot scheme announced 0
misterjingles 01.10.13 6:32pm
Staff should think I know magic but not expect me to do magic, says manager 0
Dumbnews 01.10.13 5:55pm
Chemist neutralises alkaline solution by putting some pH-one in 0
Smart Alex 01.10.13 5:46pm
Smart Alex
Supermarket slammed over Tory Minister Hallowen. costume.

In the wake of supermarkets offering 'Mental Patient' and 'Psyco' costume, the Tory Minister costume sparked fresh attacks. The costume. which comprises a dark suit, white shirt, blue tie and a tin...

miked10270 01.10.13 5:19pm
Current affairs programme broadcast from pub invites listeners to phone inn 0
Smart Alex 01.10.13 5:13pm
Smart Alex
Callers to swimming pool discussion programme 'Phone-in at the deep end' 0
Smart Alex 01.10.13 5:09pm
Smart Alex
Italian food writer has pasta way 7
Sfox 01.10.13 4:36pm
Miliband story causes quotation mark shortage at BBC.

Ed Miliband accuses Daily Mail over "lie" about father. "I'm not willing to see my father's good name be undermined in this way" after the newspaper headlined an article about him as "The man who...

Metro 01.10.13 4:20pm