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Crossword setter dies of cancer. Everyone hopeful for a solution tomorrow. 2
Boutros 27.11.13 9:23am
Anonymous Man Held Captive As Slave In Brewers' Green House

A man who has not been named has been reported as being enslaved in a London house. His brother managed to escape some time ago and has taken refuge overseas. The house is apparently under the...

Titus 27.11.13 9:17am
Sports Personality of the Year. Nine runners up to Andy Murray announced. 2
MADJEZ 27.11.13 8:59am
HS2 - Tory Ploy To Bring Back The Nostalgia Of…..

"Them and Us."...

Jesse Bigg 27.11.13 8:58am
Jesse Bigg
Diplomatic bag was securely locked. Spanish suspected it contained an MI6 agent 3
Not Amused 27.11.13 8:11am
Christmas Makes Everything Wonderful

[i]The impending festive season will transform life into a universal utopia, it has emerged.[/i] Everything bad in the world is due to vanish like a capable magician with the onslaught of Christmas...

Pixie 27.11.13 7:32am
Disappointment after shocking story turns out not to be a hoax 0
Dumbnews 27.11.13 12:05am
Local woman complains dating site full of creepy single men 4
Dumbnews 26.11.13 11:37pm
Britain 'really very cross' with Spain for the 14th time this month.

The Foreign Office has issued a statement today following the opening of the diplomatic bag by Spanish Police at the Gibraltar border. It read.., We are most annoyed that Spain, has again, been...

city123 26.11.13 11:08pm
Woman rescued from house after 20 years of 'being taken for granted'

Police and charity workers have liberated a 47-year-old woman from a terraced house in the suburbs of London after being alerted to claims that she had been living there for over 20 years during...

Oxbridge 26.11.13 10:56pm
George Bush raises his disappearance fee 1
Dumbnews 26.11.13 10:43pm
British men despair as Nigella said to be "off her tits" 2
Ref Minor 26.11.13 10:31pm
Scottish Referendum White Paper: 670 Pages To Say 'Er, Dunno How It Will Work'. 0
Titus 26.11.13 10:22pm
Scots argue over the division of "Idiots"

The Scottish Independence debate has be thrown into confusion over the sudden realization that not every natural resource is a desirable one. Previously, Scottish Nationalists had argued that it was...

Wrenfoe 26.11.13 9:59pm
High court hears reason why Nigella is so good making meals with leftovers

I always wondered how she did it...

AReader 26.11.13 9:10pm
New Nigella cookbook starts with recipe for getting baked before making a meal 0
AReader 26.11.13 8:58pm
Article on getting ahead at work says not to read articles at work 0
Dumbnews 26.11.13 7:57pm
Churchill ‘snorted forty lines a day’

[i]Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was constantly blazed off his face, historians discover.[/i] Discovery of new records has revealed that celebrated wartime Prime Minister Winston...

Pixie 26.11.13 7:55pm
Salmond Admits 'We Don't Really Want Independence - We Want To Keep British £'. 15
Titus 26.11.13 7:05pm
Brits more adventurous in the sex they aren't having, says survey. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 26.11.13 6:28pm
Scots May Have To Give Up £ For The "Jock"?…..

…If weak, could become the "Jock Strap."?...

Jesse Bigg 26.11.13 6:05pm
Jesse Bigg
British Police search Spanish economy, find nothing. 0
FOAD 26.11.13 6:02pm
Foster's Best Newcomer Award goes to Alex Salmond:Scotland's Future 0
medici2471 26.11.13 5:34pm
Colchester Zoo: Escaped wolf was "wearing shawl and nightdress" 2
LittleSpender 26.11.13 4:42pm
Al OPecia
Spanish Authorities Open Diplomatic Bag, remove Ferrero Rocher

Tensions between the United Kingdom and Spain reached ever higher levels as a member of the Gibraltarian parliament was stopped at the Spanish Border and subjected to the ignominy of having his...

james_doc 26.11.13 4:21pm
Al OPecia
Recruitment feature: Humiliation Victim required for TV series in Australia

An opportunity has arisen for an enterprising individual to be paid lots of money in return for being ritually humiliated on live television. This lucrative position involves an all-expenses paid...

Midfield Diamond 26.11.13 3:14pm
Smart Alex
Alexander Armstrong goes teetotal - does several rounds of pintless 2
Smart Alex 26.11.13 1:38pm
Al OPecia
Alex Salmond promises 'sexy time'

Scotland's First Minister has made a 'firm but fruity' guarantee to the electorate that, in the event of Scottish Independence, copulation north of the border will increase 'tenfold'. While the...

Wrenfoe 26.11.13 1:26pm
Al OPecia
Disgraced banker paid woman to "worry about money for him, on Facebook". 0
Al OPecia 26.11.13 1:24pm
Al OPecia
People who write 'nom nom' on Facebook to be sectioned for own safety.

Not a joke, just a wish...

FOAD 26.11.13 1:14pm