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NASA scientist regrets inability to get it up 0
nilbymouse 3 years

"That's never happened to me before"...

Bill Clinton seeks Doctorate - as he quite fancies doing intern-als 0
simonjmr 3 years
Protesters shut down central Heaven in continued stand-off with God 3
bonjonelson 3 years

Violence has one again returned to the streets of Heaven, where over one million souls are continuing their protests against the God regime. Although many forces of light have switched their...

Bans for British athletes who take performance enhancing drugs... and lose... 0
Doylem 3 years

“It’s pathetic”, said Lord Coe, addressing a roomful of young sporting hopefuls. “British athletes can’t even take drugs properly. Performance enhancing drugs are meant to give athletes an...

Gadaffi quits Libya to take up lucrative part in Celebrity Big Brother 2012 0
brownpaperreporter 3 years

Like so many headliners who find that their hold on audiences is no longer what it used to be, the former Libyan leader slipped unnoticed from his homeland to take up Channel 4’s offer “Its a...

Scottish vampires protest about 'Double summer time' 5
riesler 3 years

A spokesman said "We're just not morning people. Let's face it, it's hard enough for us to find any virgins up here as it is."...

“A glass of wine is good for you, this week”, reveals researcher... 0
Doylem 3 years

Paul Seagrave, Jade Goody visiting fellow for 2011 at the University of East Angular, has come up with the totally unexpected news that a glass of red wine is good for you this week. “This is by no...

Leaked : Fergies 1986 CV for Man Utd job provided 2 bogus referees 0
charlies_hat 3 years
Gay Community Admits The Whole Thing Was A Joke - 2 48
Textbook 3 years

For years, conservatives, right-wingers and evoluntionary theorists alike have been skeptical about the stance taken by many homosexuals that homosexuality is involuntary and is a naturally occurring...

Newsreaders threaten strikes over too many mentions of JE-RE-MY H-U-NT 0
Ian Searle 3 years
Mariah Carey: “There were a million reasons why I performed for Gaddafi family”. 0
Doylem 3 years
Zion to sue London Olympic authority over logo copyright breach 0
ronseal 3 years
Army to re-use overpriced bayonet bulbs on the end of rifles 0
charlies_hat 3 years
LibDems trounced in Barnsley by-election... 0
Doylem 3 years

The voters of Barnsley took their revenge on the beleaguered Liberal Democrat party, as their candidate, Dominic Carman, was soundly beaten by Labour, the Tories, Ukip, the BNP, an independent...

'Bottom up' NHS reform good news for haemorrhoid sufferers 7
Scroat 3 years

Or something...

Phil Collins announces end to his music career before it had begun 0
Duncan Biscuit 3 years
Gaddafi rethinks plan to defect to the Lib Dems 0
Duncan Biscuit 3 years
Liam Fox claims £22 on expenses for a light bulb moment 0
Duncan Biscuit 3 years
Libyan protestors "disgusted" at poor turn out for Barnsley Central by-election 0
simonjmr 3 years

"We're dying out here to get such a democratic right, and frankly we're disgusted that only 36% of the eligible electorate in Barnsley Central turned out to vote." said a Libyan protestor. More soon...

Egyptian unions hail 'Zionist conspiracy agreement' 0
NewSuburbanDad 3 years

The interim Egyptian government confirmed yesterday that it will recognise existing laws allowing lateness, unauthorised absence or general drops in productivity amongst the workforce to be blamed on...

Footballer fails drugs test - can't tell heroin from cocaine 0
John Wiltshire 3 years

A Manchester City footballer has been suspended for failing a drugs test., Kevin Brains, 24, who runs around the pitch in a fairly random manner, was at a night club when the incident occurred., A...

Coalition dealt crushing defeat in one of Labour's safest seats 0
simonjmr 3 years

As though anything else was expected in Barnsley. More soon...

Love rat gets injunction preventing revelation that he is a banker 0
simonjmr 3 years
Google Confident Their Tablet PC Will Beat Ipad2 Because It's Better 0
Textbook 3 years

Eric Schmidt, one of Google's top men, sat down with us to talk about their forthcoming tablet PC the Honeycomb and why he thinks it's going to find a place in the market currently dominated by the...

Protests after Police Force, forced to police Police protest.... 2
Jammydodgers 3 years

against Forced Police Force cuts is cut...

Blood thicker than water: the medical variation of rock, paper, scissors... 2
Doylem 3 years
World's smallest microscope reveals State pension increase from 1st April 3
Laughingstock 3 years

Scientists find bleak discovery from the world's smallest microscope at their laboratories in the UK...

Ex-pats stage mutiny on HMS Cumberland, forcing them to dock at Jersey 0
Ironduke 3 years
Christians Condemn The Teaching Of Gravity 10
mortal_wombat 3 years

The Christian pressure group Christ’s Crusaders are calling on people to join them in their campaign to stop the teaching of gravity. Launched today the campaign will see protests outside...

Porton Down Denies Development of Insect-Borne Pathogens 2
3 years

As 1950's documents recently released make mention of the " Hepatitis Bee "...