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Emergency services at Calvary took three days to respond

There has been angry reaction to the case of a crucified man who waited three days for paramedics to arrive last weekend. However, Golgotha Health Trust has denied any wrongdoing. "We were under...

sydalg 31.03.13 9:40am
Al OPecia
Easter Coming Up....

And we're already crucified, thanks to the Tories...

Jesse Bigg 31.03.13 8:08am
Politico says it sounds unbelievable I was raised by monkeys but its true

happi 31.03.13 8:01am
Lord Carey accuses government of getting rid of Easter "one hour at a time"

The former archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, has accused the government of trying to remove Easter from the calendar "one hour at a time" under the guise of British Summer Time. "This is another...

bigyeti 31.03.13 1:11am
Rising from dead only way to avoid posthumous allegations of abuse, says Jesus 0
sydalg 31.03.13 12:56am
North Korea entering "a state of Waugh". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 31.03.13 12:48am
Al OPecia
Feminists rename hot cross buns "menopausal buns". More soon. 2
dominic_mcg 31.03.13 12:41am
Jesus decides it's safer not to come back till Operation Yewtree is over 1
sydalg 31.03.13 12:38am
Al OPecia
Team of Premier League translators to replace QPR next year

In a shock move, the Football Association have sanctioned the introduction of a team of translators straight to the Premier League. Pablo Suarez, formerly of Spurs is their spokesperson. “The FA...

brownpaperreporter 30.03.13 11:11pm
New Pope, New Poop

As is now well know the new pope is an Argie who openly opposes the 'colonisation' of the Falklands. What is less well known is that he is named after St Francis of Assisi, which is Italian for 'St...

Thewoodenleg 30.03.13 10:27pm
Big Ben
"If I were a Rich Man" ends run suddenly in Nicosia. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 30.03.13 10:17pm
Al OPecia
Miliband reveals real resignation reason

Harry Potter lookalike David Miliband today exclusively revealed the real reason why he came out of obscurity as the MP for South Shields to take up an even more obscure, yet much more highly paid,...

Reg Herring 30.03.13 8:45pm
Reg Herring
Confusion as Welsh sex shop takes delivery of 1000 Rampant Rarebits

[url=http://]Just figured it out, I think[/url]...

sydalg 30.03.13 8:04pm
Leeds Hospital surgeons bypass cardiac operation data. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 30.03.13 7:41pm
Al OPecia
International Rescue gets 'wrong Miliband' "We asked for the wooden puppet one"

more soon. sorry, I see I'm not the first on this theme but couldn't restrain myself...

dvo4fun 30.03.13 7:30pm
custard cream
As post office counter staff strike, we ask "How will we be able to tell?" 0
dominic_mcg 30.03.13 6:36pm
Government Traffic Congestion Remedy

Three years in the making and the government today finally unveiled its plan to unclog the roads., In a two pronged attack road crews will tirelessly scour the nation’s road network deepening and...

Dee71 30.03.13 6:28pm
Poor 'the new cool' as government launches 'Poor Britannia'

Being poor is the new cool in Coalition Britain says a government initiative. 'Bankers - scum; millionaires - scum; the squeezed middle - scum; hard-working families - scum; scum - scum; but being...

roybland 30.03.13 5:32pm
Man with massive brain trauma finally got that annoying tune out of his head 0
sydalg 30.03.13 4:25pm
Kleenex shares down as World Wide Web comes under attack 0
sydalg 30.03.13 4:21pm
'I know just how you feel,' Cameron tells Carey. 0
roybland 30.03.13 3:53pm
Boy says he walked up and and down celebritys back,but did not like Rolfing

..mas o menos...

happi 30.03.13 2:54pm
One-liner writer retires - because he's crap.

More in a minute...

Paddy Berzinski 30.03.13 2:42pm
Backup Brian
Chaotic Cavalry Cause Calgary Carvery Calamity 3
irreverendJ 30.03.13 2:15pm
Rolf Harris helping police with Yewtree enquiry concerning Two little boys 0
happi 30.03.13 1:57pm
Plague of rabbits blamed for rise in women’s dental problems.

sorry, I am so sorry...

godly1966 30.03.13 1:14pm
North Korea poses David Beckham hairstyle threat

Reports that North Korea is enhancing its stockpile of hair cuts by launching its own David Beckham hairstyle has sent shock waves through hairdressing salons right across the Western world. The...

roybland 30.03.13 12:56pm
Vatican on edge as investigation into foot fetishists erupts

What had been in the closet for centuries has suddenly emerged front and center with the dazed new Pontiff forgetting that he was on stage now. Luckily few in the crowd took much notice of the gleam...

kurtzs 30.03.13 11:39am
Korea’s North-South Divide “Almost As Bad As Britain’s”

Lunatic North Briton dictator Alex Salmond said today that North Britain (or “Scotland”, as he insists on referring to it) is in a state of war with South Britain. Korean leader Kim Jong Un has...

deceangli 30.03.13 11:32am
No charge for Joyce but reports he tabled a motion whilst drunk are investigated 0
topfotogmw 30.03.13 11:21am