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Someone endorses stranger on LinkedIN and wants nothing in return 0
ronseal 21.11.12 11:32am
Footballer dropped after only giving 100 per cent

While all his team mates were giving 110 per cent, Gary Thomas was living a lie. To his shame, Thomas was only playing to 100 per cent of his abilities, a fact that will haunt him for the rest of his...

ronseal 21.11.12 11:28am
Synod spokesman explains 'It was the wrong time of the month for women bishops' 0
weematt 21.11.12 10:58am
Relief as BMA say marketing's NOT in your DNA but creepiness may run in families 0
ronseal 21.11.12 10:50am
Justin Welby hesitant over gay weddings but wants more gay funerals. 6
weematt 21.11.12 10:48am
Arrival of Vol Au Vents persuade marketing guru to 'step up to the plate'

A marketing manager's metaphor came true yesterday, when he finally got to step up to the plate - and was rewarded with a Vol Au Vent. The incident was a coming of age for Darren Freestone,...

ronseal 21.11.12 10:44am
Irrelevant religious sect votes to stay irrelevant. 0
AReader 21.11.12 10:41am
Real life cost of Church of England decision revealed.

The true life fallout from yesterday's decision by the Church of England not to allow women bishops has begun., Dawn French is today facing life on the streets after revealing that she had invested...

Gaz 21.11.12 10:31am
EasyJet's special Christmas fare to be provided without the usual trimmings 0
Stan 21.11.12 10:21am
Elderly oceanographer finds metric instruments hard to fathom

hat, coat, bathyscope ....

Yikes 21.11.12 10:05am
“Why not build your own Tramp?” says CPRE

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) is to reintroduce the once-familiar British Tramp to the countryside, to combat litter and minor vandalism. “For much of the last century,” says...

dvo4fun 21.11.12 10:02am
Guardiola to be sacked next October, say Chelsea

Chelsea FC have announced that manager Pep Guardiola, who was appointed manager in November 2012 when Roberto di Matteo was sacked following a disappointing result in the Champions League, will be...

Oxbridge 21.11.12 10:02am
International Chess Congress votes against introduction of female bishops.

In a well predicted move the male dominated International Chess Congress voted against the introduction of female bishops at its annual meeting., Advocates of change polnted to the opportunity to...

weematt 21.11.12 9:44am
Freddy Starr Raped my Hamster

Comic put his wanger in my hamster says beauty...

Harris-Jackson69 21.11.12 9:42am
Disney buys Tim Burton

The Disney Juggernaut has continued its relentless march to world domination today, with the purchase of another Hollywood giant....

SteveHancock 21.11.12 9:21am
Kevin McCloud to build new church for 'Intelligent Grand Designs' 0
charlies_hat 21.11.12 8:17am
Dinosaurs vote for extinction... 0
Queen of Tarts 21.11.12 8:03am
Queen of Tarts
'Satire in crisis' warns CBeebies producer

Children as young as 5-6 years old are turning their back on satirical humour and going off in search of something more challenging warned Kay Benbow, Head of Control at CBeebies, Regular viewers of...

Gerontius 21.11.12 7:55am
Midfield Diamond
Sales of Bishops Finger plummet within lesbian community 0
Underconstruction 20.11.12 10:58pm
Israeli FA promise robust response after goalkeeper is hit by missile 0
Underconstruction 20.11.12 10:42pm
Mass confusion as John Bishop admits to being a woman

Comedian John Bishop inadvertently sparked a riot after letting slip that he is actually as SHE, during a charity stand-up gig in an Oxfordshire church hall. A bit more to follow...

Underconstruction 20.11.12 10:35pm
Man accused of 'pining for a good view'

quango 20.11.12 10:35pm
Dick Everyman
Scientists discover that caterpillars also have mid-life crisis... 0
deskpilot3 20.11.12 10:32pm
Asterix diagnosed with Gaul stones 0
Smart Alex 20.11.12 10:30pm
Smart Alex
Eton makeovers for State-run schools

In a welcome move by Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education, all State-run schools are to receive Eton style make-overs in a bid to highlight the Government’s pledge that “we are all in...

Dick Everyman 20.11.12 10:21pm
NATO updates phonetic alphabet

The North Atlantic Treaty Alliance (NATO) released its updated phonetic alphabet tonight to refresh the existing words that have been used for over 40 years. The updated phonetic alphabet is: A -...

custard cream 20.11.12 8:51pm
Mrs Vera Hardcastle says she'll still be buying her Ferrero Rocher for Christmas

Despite benefit cuts and caps, despite double dip recessions and a mountain of national debt; apparently indifferent to soaring unemployment, evictions and repossessions; scornful of Moody's, Iain...

roybland 20.11.12 8:46pm
Opponents of women bishops: "They'll look ridiculous in a dress"

Members of the church of England opposed to women bishops have claimed that the traditional Bishop's garb of floor length dress with a big hat will simply make women look silly. A spokesman...

apepper 20.11.12 8:11pm
Bishop's move check mates women priests 1
custard cream 20.11.12 7:57pm
Beckham retirement was 'because Posh wanted to be a bishop' claim 0
custard cream 20.11.12 7:54pm
custard cream