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Nick Griffin " I am fascist and racist, but I cannot condone Sunderland"

More later...

Scronnyglonkle 01.04.13 8:28pm
After losing three games in a row, Di Canio found swinging from lamp-post... 1
Tripod 01.04.13 8:06pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Sunderland change sponsor to Invest in Abasynia

Did I spell it right...

Scronnyglonkle 01.04.13 8:04pm
Man with huge nose and guilty conscience unable to look himself in the eye

..come on chaps I'm trying to get a little late bank holiday action going, even if it is just of the 'you can't post more than twice a day variety'...

blacklesbianandproudofit 01.04.13 7:38pm
France Soir: Kim Jong Un of PRK revealed as Kim Jong Quatre of Scotland

See yuuz Kimmy! Plus Kim Jongs bientôt...

BewsNiscuit 01.04.13 7:34pm
Gov't promises extra 'car wash-by-hand' facilities to house Bulgarian immigrants 1
Nowherefast 01.04.13 7:26pm
Scientists at CERN find gluons, muons and hadrons, but unable to get hard-ons 0
blacklesbianandproudofit 01.04.13 7:23pm
Suicide bomber foiled by first class health and safety risk assessment. 1
Al OPecia 01.04.13 7:23pm
Two Rent-Free Familes Discovered In Downing Street, With Spare Rooms Ago-go!

"How the hell did we miss those?," said a Westminster Council spokesperson...

Jesse Bigg 01.04.13 7:20pm
Sunderland fans snap up new replica black shirts 1
charlies_hat 01.04.13 6:39pm
Midfield Diamond
Muslim shoplifter found innocent on appeal unable 2 point finger at real culprit 0
blacklesbianandproudofit 01.04.13 6:36pm
Groundswell of Support For "Toss A Tory" Campaign... the next election., Thinks. 'And it all started at the Highland Games.'...

Jesse Bigg 01.04.13 6:30pm
Jesse Bigg
Shock Announcement: North Korea Agrees To Link Up With Disneyland.....

..For safety's sake...

Jesse Bigg 01.04.13 5:29pm
Jesse Bigg
Ex-Pope Benedict finds image of P45 on piece of toast. More soon.

Late, I know...

Al OPecia 01.04.13 5:19pm
Met Office Admits April 1st Was Actually A Lovely Warm, Bright Day

- "we lied in our forecasts to keep people indoors"...

Titus 01.04.13 4:01pm
Benefits Changes. 2 million people to evade paying Council tax for first time 0
brownpaperreporter 01.04.13 3:31pm
"That Joke" kept on hold for another day... 8
The All New Jeni B 01.04.13 1:43pm
New Who song: Hope I Die Before I Get Arrested In Operation Yewtree 2
sydalg 01.04.13 1:42pm
North Korea threatens "merciless reviews of off-Broadway shows". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 01.04.13 12:32pm
Al OPecia
North Korea threatens "very strong smelly wind breaking" at Demilitarized Zone. 0
Al OPecia 01.04.13 12:31pm
Al OPecia
Michael Gove 'is a 12-year-old schoolboy' sensation

The man who for over two years has been known as the Secretary of State for Education is in real life a 12-year-old schoolboy it has been revealed in one of the most sensational cases of identity...

roybland 01.04.13 12:28pm
Al OPecia
Liz and Charles in new series of Game of Thrones

Sky1 Thursday 9 pm., Liz has a dicky tummy again, but this time she is blindfolded and has to find the royal commodes among the 345 rooms of Buckingham Palace. Guess right and there will be a royal...

blacklesbianandproudofit 01.04.13 11:28am
Channel 5 issues apology after fat, sweaty bird reads the news 1
blacklesbianandproudofit 01.04.13 11:23am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Lord McAlpine To Scan Your Brain For Paedo Suspicions

Well-known non-paedophile, Lord McAlpine, is to check inside the brain of all UK residents for any thoughts that he’s a kiddy-fiddler, and then financially ruin them, his solicitor Andrew Reid...

Matt T 01.04.13 10:44am
WPC Kelly Jones warned by Police bosses to Kerb her insuranceism 0
happi 01.04.13 9:50am
British Summertime calls 'April Fools' 0
Squudge 01.04.13 9:23am
Police in Yewtree investigation to leave one stone unturned 0
happi 01.04.13 9:21am
Buster Unhooked- Tony Hale's Armed for the new 'Arrested' Season

When it comes to his prostatic hand, Tony Hale has publicly said he made a huge mistake. For about half of the Arrested Development original run, Hale's character Buster Bluth has been walking around...

orenmendez 01.04.13 8:28am
Police Stop Employing Daleks "Because They Can't Cope With Steps" 0
Titus 01.04.13 8:27am
Kim Jong Il reveals April 1st joke took some preparation 0
Sinnick 01.04.13 8:07am