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BBC to conduct sexual harassment review by couch interview 0
Yikes 27.10.12 10:54pm
Tech support person reprimanded for understanding user's issue 0
Dumbnews 27.10.12 10:45pm
Freddie Starr wishes he were as popular as a paedophile. 0
MADJEZ 27.10.12 10:05pm
Cab driver denies being busy or just starting shift 0
Dick Everyman 27.10.12 9:46pm
Dick Everyman
Porn star accused of "spooneristic witchcraft" after turning all the cocks black 7
grumblechops 27.10.12 9:44pm
Dick Everyman
Savile stripped of Vatican knighthood for only molesting girls

More soon (Yeah, I know, in the same vein as my last one, but how could I resist?)...

Oxbridge 27.10.12 7:48pm
Wiltshire couple delay putting clocks back till Monday

Chippenham estate-agent David Westacott and his partner, Ian Sheen, decided to leave their clocks 'just how they are' on Sunday, and make the change on Monday morning instead., 'To be honest, we'd...

Mr Target 27.10.12 7:17pm
Pope to replace Savile's papal knighthood with award for services to children 2
Sinnick 27.10.12 7:16pm
James Bonds Skyfall less impressive after Felix Baumgartners space jump 0
Hooch 27.10.12 6:15pm
Cameron admits using the 'performance reducing drug' LBDM

In an announcement that has shocked Westminster, David Cameron has requested the last 2 and a half years of government be wiped from the record books claiming he and many of his conservative...

Perks 27.10.12 5:02pm
Government to introduce putting clocks back 24 hours

The government has proposed the introduction of 24 hour daylight saving. "1 hour is good, 2 hours would be better and 24 hours is the logical extension.", explained Jeremy Hunt...

apepper 27.10.12 4:26pm
Republicans remind American voters to turn the clock back ‘80 years’

Republicans today asked American voters if they wouldn't mind turning their clocks back "an extra 80 years" the morning of November 4 in preparation for election day the following Tuesday....

wwwiz 27.10.12 3:17pm
Import ban of ash trays not incompetent error, insist Gov. minister 0
Lucy4 27.10.12 3:10pm
Savile enquiry reveals Lord Charles indecently assaulted a coat rack. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 27.10.12 2:41pm
More animals come forward following zoo abuse allegations

Following the suspension of 3 keepers at Twycross Zoo last week more than 100 different animals have come forward claiming they were victims of abuse at the hands of staff at the midlands attraction....

JonnyJP 27.10.12 2:31pm
More allegations of abuse by Santa Claus

Yet more allegations have been flooding in which suggest renowned children's charity worker Santa Claus was in fact at the heart of a sickening global paedophile ring, possibly spanning many decades....

grumblechops 27.10.12 2:29pm
Isle of Wight to put clocks forward fifty years. 0
godly1966 27.10.12 1:25pm
Newsnight editor 'steps aside' over alleged Conservative sympathies.

Newsnight editor Peter Rippon has resigned over allegations that he pulled the plug on a report which exposed Conservative sympathies, which have been covertly rampant among the BBC's employees since...

wallster 27.10.12 1:21pm
BBC "auditioned" young girls to accompany suspected sex offender

The BBC was last night facing fresh allegations of covering up sexual abuse after it has emerged that a suspected sex offender may have been operating at a high level in the Corporation for almost...

jamsieoconnor 27.10.12 12:02pm
Celebrities dreading appearance on Spindler's list 0
weematt 27.10.12 11:37am
Catholic Church strip Savile's honour, claim he copied their grooming methods. 0
MADJEZ 27.10.12 10:29am
Sebastian Vettel wins Indian GP in Red Bull tuk tuk

more sports news soon...

custard cream 27.10.12 9:30am
custard cream
Environmental protests as UK homes switch to GM Time 2
charlies_hat 26.10.12 11:34pm
Stoke Mandeville nurse now understands Jimmy Savilles remark about Quadriplegics

being just as good as dead...

burnmybridges 26.10.12 11:23pm
Scotland Yard closing in on massive celebrity paedo ring

A top secret, 500 strong team of crack Scotland Yard detectives, is closing in fast on one of the vilest and most prolific paedo rings to have ever penetrated the highest echelons of London society....

26.10.12 10:17pm
Timepiece purchasers urged to keep receipts for "when the clocks go back". 0
butagirl 26.10.12 9:48pm
Isle of Wight Bridge Club meeting disrupted by ferry company.

There was embarrassment at Ryde Community Centre after placard-waving representatives from the Red Funnel Ferry company stormed into a peaceful meeting of card players. I don't think I need to...

Boutros 26.10.12 9:18pm
Channel 4 denies "ageism" but admits "twatism". More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 26.10.12 9:16pm
Breaking Bad enjoyment marred by breaking wind

Father and son Murray and Raymond McDonald of Aberdeen are big Breaking Bad fans. Or were. “It really brought us together,” said Murray, 50, who likes his counterpart Walt Skyler is a...

nickb 26.10.12 8:19pm
Henry Kelly gives back stolen bronze and concedes he was going for gold. 0
dominic_mcg 26.10.12 6:48pm