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North Korean lack of retaliation due to Vince Cable 'going nuclear' says Kim 4
pinxit 3 years
Meek to inherit Earth 3
riesler 3 years

Timothy Meek, 32, of Tunbridge Wells is to become divine ruler of the Earth according to a celestial apparition who claimed to be fed up with the way the others had cocked it up of late. Mrs Meek,...

Fear me, I'm Vince Cable 1
MC One R 3 years

"I'm a powerful man, me" he said, "don't push me". "I could bring down this government - I am that powerful. Fear the might of the Liberal Democrats, buwahahaha."...

Bradford: so short of tourist attractions that it promotes cannibal recipes... 0
Doylem 3 years
Sony launch 'disappointing present' game for PS3. 2
the coarse whisperer 3 years

Software division of Sony today announced the release of their much anticipated 'disappointing christmas present' game for the PS3 games console in time for the xmas market. The game promises to be...

Snow declared a terrorist organisation after a month-long campaign in the UK 0
petebrown 3 years
Cameron brands Vince a not so diplomatic cable 0
petebrown 3 years
Vince Cable retracts views on royalty, muslims, catholics, jews and the irish 0
antharrison 3 years

Until he qualifies as a London taxi driver...

Crossbow Cannibal: “We only eat our own”... 0
Doylem 3 years
The Bradford biathlon: crossbows and cannibalism... 0
Doylem 3 years
Digital TV 0
callaway 3 years

Cable no longer prefared over Satellite...

'Who do you think you are?' Christmas episode... 0
victory V 3 years

The Christmas day episode of 'who do you think you are?' follows the efforts of an illegitimate carpenter from Bethlehem to trace his ancestry back to obscure figures named 'Abraham' and 'Adam'. His...

Nativity Updated: Wise Men bring Quality Street tin, Amazon Gift Voucher & Socks 1
bonjonelson 3 years

[more soon]...

Cameron: “Forget foreign travel, play a game of Risk instead”... 0
Doylem 3 years
Cable, trounced by Murdoch, suggests “best of three”... 0
Doylem 3 years
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Cable launches 'Make Him Stop' 0
IABP 3 years
Cable v Murdoch: bout stopped to “prevent Cable taking any more punishment”... 0
Doylem 3 years
Vince Cable now thinks he is Jesus and the 25 December is Cable Day. 0
MC One R 3 years

Taxi for Mr Cable?...

Vince Cable now thinks he's bigger than Rupert Murdoch 0
MC One R 3 years

I think there will be lots more soon...

Heathrow gets upgrade from airport to country... 0
Doylem 3 years

“Travellers used to come to Heathrow just to catch a plane. After a quick tour of the duty-free shop, and an over-priced drink at the bar, they’d be ‘up, up and away’. But the arctic weather...

Vince Cable: “I could leap tall buildings in a single bound”... 0
Doylem 3 years
"Walking in the Air" cancelled this Christmas as all snowmen are grounded. 2
Ian Searle 3 years
Harry prefers Mike Tyndalls stag night plans on Facebook 0
simonjmr 3 years

"Lets face it a stag do with a load a rugger buggers is going to be awesome, lets face it we won't be able to get up to much on Williams" More soon...

Accident hotspots for the young man about town revealed 0
simonjmr 3 years

The UK Federation Of Out To Live Ones Open Sexual Expectations Men have highlighted the Top 5 Accident hotspots for Young Men. 1. Christmas Dinner with the girl friends parents, 2. Loaded questions...

Bookies now able to take reverse double bets on Royal divorces 0
brownpaperreporter 3 years
'Departure lounge’ at Heathrow renamed ‘lounge’... 1
Doylem 3 years
Mr & Mrs Tindall agree that the wedding should be "traditional" 0
MC One R 3 years

"We don't want to impose anything too modern on the occasion" they said, "we fully support the fine old tradition of the bride's family organising the whole event, and purely as another example of a...

50% of Eurostar queue unveiled as flash mob - riot ensues 2
brownpaperreporter 3 years
Vince Cable withdrawn from service to reset his Believability Filter 3
MC One R 3 years

After appearing increasingly erratic, Vince Cable has been withdrawn from service for urgent software maintenance. Experts have identified a need to reset his Believabiltiy Filter - and whilst they...

King Herod 'not that keen on babies' reveals Wikileaks. 2
Stan Laurel 3 years