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Secret Saving On The Rise, Says Saving Anonymous

."Some addicts can't pass a bank or building society without putting money into their account," says one expert., "Difficult these days to get addicts to squander," says another spokesperson.,...

Jesse Bigg 10.10.13 11:28am
Jesse Bigg
Daily Mail to hire Julian Assange in effort to appear less sleazy

Wikileaks firmly deny this, refuting any claims that the malevolent tabloid is sleazier than its founder., "We simply do not accept than any person or organisation is any more spiteful, vindictive,...

Flugelbinder 10.10.13 11:06am
Man still trying to dissolve his PC in water to create 'IT solution' 0
ronseal 10.10.13 10:58am
Cloud Computing Labelled "Too Nebulous" 1
Flugelbinder 10.10.13 10:57am
Non technical audience baffled by advice to take "whore lipstick" approach to IT 1
ronseal 10.10.13 10:29am
Colleague of Plague-stricken WallPaper hanger says "I said he looked pasty" 0
Flugelbinder 10.10.13 10:20am
Royal Mail letter deliveries now 'just for Christmas' 0
Lucy4 10.10.13 10:05am
Leveson Inquiry - Oral Evidence Leaves Bad Taste In Mouth

Lord Justice Leveson has been giving oral evidence to MPs in the continued inquiry in to the regulation of the press. "Frankly, from my investigations, the press not only needs to be regulated, but...

Flugelbinder 10.10.13 9:49am
SSE Complete Their Bucket-List

SSE Officials have defended a massive 8.2% rise in energy prices, claiming it is "The last thing we wanted". "The first thing we wanted was fat profits" said SSE's Will Morris, "and we achieved that...

Flugelbinder 10.10.13 9:39am
Russia agrees exchange of the Greenpeace prisoners with Aleksandr Orlov Meerkat 0
Ian Searle 10.10.13 9:21am
Ian Searle
Higgs may have lost Higgs boson, if he or it ever existed

(An attempt to splice the best of the contributions from Iggy Pop Barker, Dan Beige, ronseal and sillybugger) Dr Peter Higgs, co-discoverer of the Higgs boson particle, has told reporters that he...

Oxbridge 10.10.13 9:19am
Man who criticised Vampires "gets it in the neck". 0
seymour totti 10.10.13 9:03am
seymour totti
BBC sell ad-space ‘in case Brucie dies on air’

The BBC have come under fire today as it is revealed they have begun taking bids from various commercial companies on ad-space which would potentially be cut to in the event that Bruce Forsyth dies...

TobiasBV 10.10.13 8:39am
Passenger lands plane after pilot collapses; Ryanair charge him for seat upgrade 3
Oxbridge 10.10.13 8:36am
SSE apologise for 8% price rise - 'it should have been much higher' 0
John Wiltshire 10.10.13 8:27am
John Wiltshire
FA to investigate Government accusations of badgers moving goalposts. 6
sredni vashta 10.10.13 7:44am
Mrs Higgs regrets asking her husband "What exactly is the matter?"

hat tip Ronseal...

sillybugger 10.10.13 7:42am
Higgs Boson Particle “Lost”

An embarrassed Peter Higgs, co-discoverer of the Higgs boson particle, confessed at a news conference today that he may not feel able to accept the Nobel Prize in Physics after the particle went...

Iggy Pop-Barker 10.10.13 7:12am
Woman leaving Argos store doesn't feel as if she's really been shopping

When Doris Fee (46) emerged from her local Argos store onto the pavement outside with a new toaster, she says she suddenly felt dejected and disorientated. 'I was carrying the toaster in its box and...

roybland 10.10.13 4:26am
Prof. Dave Boson snubbed 0
Not Amused 09.10.13 11:54pm
Not Amused
Tempers rise with still no agreed date for National Spontaneity Day. 0
Boutros 09.10.13 11:28pm
When are you going to put those bloody particles away, fumes Mrs Higgs

In her column in the Daily Mail today, Janet Street-Porter tells of the living hell that her friend Mrs Higgs went through when her childish husband became obsessed with particles. "Particle...

ronseal 09.10.13 10:55pm
Scientists uncertain if Nobel Prize for Physics actually awarded

Debate has erupted in scientific circles following the awarding of the Nobel Prize to particle physics pioneers Peter Higgs and Francois Englert. Celebrations were short-lived, as quantum physicists...

Dan Beige 09.10.13 10:08pm
Dan Beige
Al-qaeda discuss evasion techniques with Somerset badgers 0
FlashArry 09.10.13 9:39pm
Wilshire backs EDL training sessions to find improved back four

More soon I am sure there's a JT joke there somewhere...

Not Amused 09.10.13 8:46pm
Not Amused
Uk police chief solves case of his own mugging in just one hour

Proof today, as if it were needed, that the UK has the best law enforcement there is. Celebrated Birmingham police chief Bertie Plump reportedly managed to deduce that he had been mugged just one...

TobiasBV 09.10.13 8:20pm
"Everyone's facebook posts are annoying", says every facebook user 0
Dumbnews 09.10.13 7:35pm
BBC Minus 1 to show programmes “a day before they are finished”

BBC have announced its new “Minus 1” service - a new channel that shows programmes up to a day before they have been completed. "This shows the BBC's commitment to be ahead of the game,"...

nickb 09.10.13 6:58pm
Badgers' leader to give exclusive interview to BBC.. 0
Boutros 09.10.13 6:38pm
Carr: "It's Taken Me Months To Perfect My Fake Laugh"

no more, please...

Mike Turbine-Hamilton 09.10.13 6:29pm
Mike Turbine-Hamilton