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It's now cheaper to burn money than pay bills, concedes British Gas. More soon. 2
dominic_mcg 01.12.13 9:45pm
Boris Johnson’s IQ distances itself from his mouth

The Mayor of London’s intellect has has become the first of a senior Tory to put distance between itself and its owner’s mouth. The comments follow claims made by Johnson’s face last week that...

nedge 01.12.13 9:44pm
New environmentally sound Popemobile fitted with Catholic convertor. 1
sredni vashta 01.12.13 8:26pm
Wendi Deng denies Tony Blair has 'weapon of mass destruction' 0
custard cream 01.12.13 8:16pm
custard cream
Osborne pledges to cut energy bills by £50 by turning the gas supply off. 0
Al OPecia 01.12.13 6:47pm
Al OPecia
Brooks case judge tells court to “ramp it up” as Nigella case goes to No 1.

The Judge in the Coulson Brooks trial is “furious” at being knocked from the number one court case spot by the trial in which Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi are witnesses. He’s asked...

CulchaVulcha 01.12.13 6:18pm
Non-Celeb killed in Dakota car crash. Less soon. 0
Ref Minor 01.12.13 6:18pm
Ref Minor
Professor Green in the Capital with the car. 4
Ref Minor 01.12.13 4:47pm
Al OPecia
Commons vote on horsemeat - Nay-sayers celebrate victory 2
Sinnick 01.12.13 4:47pm
Al OPecia
Independent Scotland to keep England's money.

More soon., 10, 9, 8...

FOAD 01.12.13 4:43pm
Al OPecia
All 'Ison' Forsyth as hopes for 'dead' comic remain

Star gazers around the world have been studying footage of the fading body of Bruce Forsyth and believe he may still be alive, despite previous reports to the contrary. Forsyth has been observed for...

James Pluside 01.12.13 4:41pm
Al OPecia
[closed] Aircraft Crashes Onto Packed Pub - Not Many Dead

Scores of customers in a crowded pub were shocked but completely unharmed when it was struck by an aircaft which failed either to explode or to catch fire. Despite killing 8 and injured around 30,...

Titus 01.12.13 4:24pm
Lens Cap
Keith Vaz clears his diary and heads for Glasgow 0
medici2471 01.12.13 10:36am
2 Fast 2 Furious inquest hears.

Sadly no more soon...

MADJEZ 01.12.13 10:06am
Missing Victoria Plumb found safe and well on sink estate 0
Dick Everyman 01.12.13 8:43am
Dick Everyman
Entirety of English language to be replaced with the word ‘Talbot’

Talbot talbot talbot talbot, talbot talbot talbot talbot talbot talbot.Talbot talbot - talbot talbot talbot talbot, talbot talbot talbot talbot. Talbot talbot (talbot, talbot) talbot talbot:...

Idiot 01.12.13 12:48am
Yeo: Heave-Ho!

no more soon (promise)...

Mike Turbine-Hamilton 30.11.13 8:44pm
Santa may not deliver presents to an independent Scotland - reports say

The SNP have reacted angrily to reports in the media that Father Christmas may not automatically deliver presents to children in a newly-independent Scotland. "We've looked into this and we have...

bonjonelson 30.11.13 7:32pm
Suffolk Tories beat Parliamentary Commissioner in standards challenge. 1
Ref Minor 30.11.13 7:28pm
Romania, we're not second-rate ! Third or fourth at best.

The Romanian Prime Minister has hit out at racial discrimination and stereotyping of his people by the British. He said they had a perfect right under EU law to live and work where they liked and he...

MADJEZ 30.11.13 2:51pm
Aussie announcer dropped for announcing England team in comedy Afrikaans accent. 0
Ref Minor 30.11.13 2:50pm
Ref Minor
Comet ICARUS unexpectedly vanishes near the sun

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab Spaceflight Center in Backwater Iowa reported earlier that the keenly awaited supercomet Icarus, seems to have disappeared after getting too close to our sun. Randy...

Beer Sampler 30.11.13 2:22pm
Beer Sampler
Scottish Parliament takes anti-drinking measures to new extremes. 0
deskpilot3 30.11.13 2:06pm
Fort for the day.

Al OPecia 30.11.13 12:56pm
Al OPecia
Large people complain of being singled out for harassment as police hunt Mr Big

Leaders of The Gravitationally Different Community (TGDC) have accused Scotland Yard of heavy handed tactics in their search for a 'Mr Big'...

ronseal 30.11.13 12:38pm
Mass suicide of Radio 5 live football presenters

Listeners to Radio 5 live tonight were shocked to hear, live on air, the mass suicide of the station's football presenters and pundits. In a joint statement he read out, shortly before they all shot...

blacklesbianandproudofit 30.11.13 12:17pm
Bob Dylan discovers the answer wasn't Blowing in the Wind after all.

During a sensational interview the "freewheeling poet" of yesteryear admitted he supported solar panels rather than wind turbines as the solution to everyone having lights that work. "You just gotta...

vulture1 30.11.13 11:29am
Millions suffocate as Government privatises the oxygen industry. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 30.11.13 11:00am
‘The BBC has learned’ most annoying phrase say Sky sources

According to a new Sky News viewer poll, ‘The BBC has learned’ is the all-time most irritating and pompous phrase uttered by newsreaders on tv news channels. “It makes my blood boil”...

farmer giles 30.11.13 9:58am
farmer giles
Horse wins 'music critic of the year' award.

[url=]More soon.[/url]...

FOAD 30.11.13 8:29am