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Philip left on a trolley in corridor for 4 hours 'like all A&E admissions'. 0
MT Bucket 27.12.11 12:13am
MT Bucket
Papworth dismiss claims that Prince Philip is a 'Bed Blocker'. 0
MT Bucket 27.12.11 12:09am
MT Bucket
Home builder discovers breakthrough cooling material, toilet seat covers 0
Dumbnews 26.12.11 11:40pm
Wife of Standard and Poor Employee rejects downgrading of rating to AA+

Edward Farnham, ratings manager of the Standard and Poor ratings agency, today downgraded the rating of his wife from AAA to AA+. He blamed the Christmas festivities for building up large...

steve_l 27.12.11 4:42am
Public braced for influx of Olympic Wallchart planners on Jan 1st ...

No more soon...

Kramaring 26.12.11 8:28pm
Family with 'children' in power supply drama.

A family in Berkshire was in ‘social crisis’ yesterday as the electricity supply was unexpectedly cut off for a whole day.’ It was awful’, commented mother of three, Sophie Havlard’. ‘I...

writinginbsl 27.12.11 12:37pm
Prince Philip visited in hospital by Ghosts of Christmas Gaffe.

Royal watchers have confirmed that the reason for Prince Philip’s extended hospital stay is not due to any serious health monitoring reasons but because the 90 year old Prince was, over the...

Milo Shame 27.12.11 2:26pm
Samurais' living conditions exposed as 'sordid'. 1
writinginbsl 26.12.11 6:54pm
Tense moment as Prince Philip thanks heart surgeon Dr Singh. 5
MADJEZ 28.12.11 1:28am
VW turns off Blackberry emails out of hours

Volkswagen has agreed to stop its Blackberry servers sending emails to some of its employees when they are off-shift. The carmaker confirmed it made the move earlier this year following complaints...

brian 26.12.11 7:07pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Keen gardener buys cutting edge technology 0
Sinnick 26.12.11 11:16am
Christmas spirit ruined by lack of amusingly shaped vegetables

The jollity associated with Christmas dinner has gone, so says a YouGov survey. And at the heart of the issue is the lack of rudely shaped vegetables. Not so long ago it was common place to see...

brownpaperreporter 26.12.11 2:57pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Travellers face Underground chaos as caravans get stuck in tunnels 3
Perks 26.12.11 2:54pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Queen's Christmas Message a big hit in North Korea

Crowds of North Koreans have been gathering today in Pyongyang National Square to watch The Queen's BBC Christmas Message on massive televisions. In unprecedented scenes, wave upon wave of ordinary...

Drylaw 25.12.11 11:52pm
La Senza sales "suspended". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 25.12.11 6:44pm
Al OPecia
Easyjet to buy La Senza and sell lingerie with no frills. More soon. 2
dominic_mcg 25.12.11 6:39pm
Al OPecia
Easyjet to start "No Thrills rollercoaster"

no more later...

virtuallywill 25.12.11 11:57am
Man in golden throne and robes laments "Christmas glitter"

Kiss his ring....

virtuallywill 27.12.11 8:01pm
Easy Jet to start “no frills” examination board.

Sample questions from “EasyExam”, Easyjet’s new syllabus show an emphasis on no-frills simplicity:, Geography: How long is Blackpool’s Golden Mile?, Astronomy: How many nine major planets...

nickb 25.12.11 2:32pm
Pope a hyporcrite says Gary Glitter after criticism.

More black pots and kettles soon...

MADJEZ 25.12.11 10:21am
NewsBiscuit loses readership to BBC, survey suggests

People looking for laughs on the web are increasingly attracted to factual news services, according to a report published today. "Why read contrived stories when you can visit the BBC News website...

Chuts 25.12.11 12:11pm
Republicans oppose Obama's plans for the holidays 0
Dumbnews 25.12.11 12:55am
Santa mistaken for burglar, stabbed to death by homeowner

Sorry kids...

Psycadelic Squirrel 25.12.11 12:54am
Psycadelic Squirrel
Mr Withenshaw, a retired Bosun, of Woodend Gardens Smethwick

rushed to hospital by helicopter due to slight chest pains and is immediately operated on. Not...

Al OPecia 25.12.11 12:03am
Al OPecia
Kennel Club Scientists Discover Dog Particle at LHC 9
The All New Jeni B 26.12.11 5:20pm
Santa detained by Customs on smuggling charges

so, no presents tomorrow, then, kids If I'd thought of this sooner, there's material on illegal immigration, under-age workers, positive discrimination (elves), animal rights, etc, etc. So, unless...

Sinnick 24.12.11 11:24pm
Richard Dawkins "No plans for the holidays" 0
reforse 24.12.11 9:56pm
Pope uses speech to announce 3 for2 offer on indulgences, sale starts Boxing day 3
reforse 25.12.11 2:39pm
Christmas day 2011 to be 'busiest day in history' for Internet

Retailers up and down the Internet are bracing themselves for a very busy Christmas Day as people look for another way to avoid any prolonged contact with loved ones. It is thought that in the modern...

Perks 26.12.11 11:12am
Nation weeps as 'feel good' show reunites Noel Edmonds with a career

Families across the country were deeply moved by a 'feel-good' seasonal show yesterday, that aimed to reunite long-lost acquaintances and make them cry and look really grateful. But no-one was ready...

27.12.11 1:32am