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Post Office’s ISP guarantees next day delivery of emails. 7
Stan 3 years

In a bold move, which merges technology with tradition, the Post Office has launched its new Internet service with the firm promise that all emails will be delivered the day after sending. 'In...

Researchers report an 18% increase in pointless statistics 0
Mr_Johno 3 years
Worst performing GCSE teacher claims he was “misunderstood’ 0
Stan 3 years
Sky criticised over failure to send Kay Burley to Libya. 2
SingingHinny 3 years

I fucking hate that woman...

Airport alert as man answers security questions truthfully 2
Des Custard 3 years

A new ‘chat down’ procedure which identifies terrorists by the way they respond to routine security questions almost had its first success today when a man was detained at Stansted Airport after...

Apple's Existentialist Crisis 0
ionb 3 years

After Lord Jobs' retirement, thousands of apple fans have existentialist crisis and realise that their iPhones do the same as a 7 year old Nokia phone but costs twice the price...

Jobs resigns from Apple after failure to conquer final Angry Birds level 0
Nick McCarr 3 years

. Oh the humiliation!...

Defecating X-Factor reject stands to make a fortune claims PR Guru Max Clifford 0
Ronson 3 years

An X-Factor reject could be on there way to stardom claims All-round bastard and celebrity ambulance chaser [i]Max Clifford[/i]. And many agree with him, citing that this isn't the first time that...

Unshaven "madman" al-Fayed arrested over Ghadaffi mistaken identity 0
thackaray 3 years
Colonel Gadaffi has not paid income tax since end of July 2011 0
similce1 3 years

While holding his regular mid morning "Phone in with your problems to Muammar" in the underground bunker, Colonel Gadaffi was surprised by junior clerk ,Ibrahim-al-Ibrahimis question on his current...

Crack squad of South Wales busy body's sent to Libya to find Gadaffi 0
simonjmr 3 years

The £1 million pound reward is what did it, NATO expects a result in hours More soon...

Rioters counting days to Christmas shopping season 0
roybland 3 years

'Just a hundred days to Christmas shopping,' says Tottenham rioter Zac (14). 'I can't wait to get my hands on stuff, especially all that lovely Christmas free stuff.' Zac already has his Rioters'...

Research shows that blood pressure tests make hearts go 0
yussle 3 years


Man who flashed 144 women charged with gross indecency. 1
wallster 3 years
Snail rapist charged with asexual assault 0
wallster 3 years
Joey Barton on The Road To Wigan Pier with QPR 0
rebel not taken 3 years

QPR have been given permission by Newcastle to 'have a word' with Joey Barton. The deep thinking Barton has recently converted to Existentialism and his constant soul searching has given bewildered...

Inmates receive blue movies in exchange for a spot of painting 0
spoole2112 3 years

The air was blue when the husband of Jacqui Smith returned home to find the ex Home Secretary had given away his entire collection of pornographic DVD's in payment for the decorating services of two...

"Poor" 5.8 Richter score evidence of Obama's underperfomance, claims Tea Party 0
dvo4fun 3 years

More ranting soon...

'Hague should stop issuing delusional statements and get real'-Gaddafi 1
writinginbsl 3 years

Does anyone care what william hague thinks..?...

Late deal bonanza at Rixos Hotel, Tripoli... 0
allmyownstunts 3 years
David Hume to feature in new docu-soap: The only way is ethics 0
beau-jolly 3 years

Coat on - heading for door...

Rebels pushing to seize Tripoli before news fatigue sets in 0
simonjmr 3 years

Or a bigger domestic story overshadows events in Libya. More soon...

FDA approves new miracle drug, Placeberol 0
Dumbnews 3 years
IPCC: "Police justified in killing a man to prevent him stabbing himself." 0
dvo4fun 3 years
But Amy told us it was legal, says Mitch Winehouse in apology. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 3 years
Gaddafi found hiding in Big Brother House 2
Mr_Johno 3 years

Colonel Gaddafi was discovered in the early hours of this morning living in the channel 5 Big Brother house. It has been suggested that he may have been living there undetected for up to a week...

Gaddafi asks Strauss-Khan for his lawyer's phone number. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 3 years
Winslet to be added to Insurance Companies Force Majeur clauses 0
simonjmr 3 years
Arab League In Pre-season Turmoil 0
Mike Turbine-Hamilton 3 years

Muammar Gaddaffi is the latest Arab League manager to come under intense pressure ahead of next month's big kick-off. Following the demise of long-term Egypt manager Hosni Mubarak and Zine El Abidine...

98.7% of people use 96.9% of information downloaded to their smartphones: Survey 0
Griffin 3 years