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North Korean Young Pretender begs people to "Stop Your Sobbing" 1
Drylaw 29.12.11 12:19pm
Massive increase in chat room use as civil servants return from Christmas break

Worth a full story?...

kimllfixit 30.12.11 9:16am
New Year’s Honour’s list puts the OBE in obesity

Eric Pickles, Nicholas Soames and Anne Widecombe are to be awarded with special OBE’s for services to obesity. “These OBE’s for the obese could be seen as being for services to growth,” a...

nickb 29.12.11 2:40pm
Newspaper could be planning feature on New Year's Resolutions 0
ronseal 29.12.11 11:29am
Team GB hopeful for 2012 Paralytic Games

UK Spirits has welcomed the announcement of the 2012 Paraylitic Games squad in advance of the gigantic drinking contest which will take place in London in 2012. Fans of the 400 mls are said to be...

antharrison 31.12.11 5:51pm
Kim Jong-un named as 'supreme little leader'

The tiny but perfectly formed and proportioned Kim Jong-un has been unveiled to the masses. Arriving on the celestial cloud of beautiful perfection the diminutive but smartly dressed leader was...

DiY 29.12.11 11:26am
Miss Marple stymied after alleged murderer refuses to admit responsibility

Noted amateur detective Miss Marple, from St Mary Mead, Downshire, was left somewhat embarrassed and confused after a murder suspect confronted with significant evidence of his guilt refused to...

bonjonelson 02.01.12 11:22pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Kim Jong-un denies 'improper relationship' with Adam Werritty

As preparations continue for his succession to power, Kim Jong-un has had to move to deny any wrong doing following revelations his good friend Adam Werritty has been passing himself off as his close...

Perks 29.12.11 3:04pm
Alex Salmond denies genetic link with brainless, faceless fish 0
Scroat 29.12.11 8:25am
Fashion-conscious men brace themselves for latest retro style 0
DorsetBoy 29.12.11 2:18am
Latest Facebook changes offers yet another way to say nothing 0
Dumbnews 29.12.11 2:04am
Leading German physicist to be prosecuted by the RSPCA

more/no more soon...

bonjonelson 29.12.11 1:03am
Schroedingers cats eyes may and may not be installed at box junctions.

I'm sure I've got less than a half-life remaining...

Iscariot 29.12.11 4:28pm
"no bombing" rule withdrawn from swimming pools after anti terrorist accusation

Brighton council today announced that it was removing the ' no bombing' rule from all swimming pools with immediate effect, after a complaint from Junior school deputy head Alan fairbourne that it...

Placey1 29.12.11 12:17am
Politicians Hoping for Armageddon in 2012

A poll of leading politicians reveals that their best hope for 2012 is some kind of End of the World event based on an ancient Mayan prophesy. “I’ve looked at all of the options” explained...

Quaz 29.12.11 6:30pm
Male Robin denies being "round", preferring the soubriquet "cock" 1
Iscariot 29.12.11 7:04am
Schrödinger's cat o' nine tails hurts ...and doesn't 0
Smart Alex 28.12.11 9:36pm
Smart Alex
Unseasonably warm weather blamed for man’s outbreak of face-apples

A man with a full crop of face apples has blamed ‘an unseasonably warm December’. 35 year-old Derek Grantham has never fruited before, and biologists believe it is yet more evidence that changes...

04.01.12 1:29pm
Major Clanger
Tragedy strikes filming of North Korean version of 'The Cube'.

Philip Schofield unavailable for comment.

MADJEZ 28.12.11 8:03pm
North Korean Top Gear shows off new range of roof-racks for limos.

MADJEZ 28.12.11 7:59pm
Kim Jong il funeral hot tip for Best Choreography Oscar

More to follow...

apepper 28.12.11 7:05pm
New signpost at the Church of the Nativity reads 'No Broom at the Shin'.

More biblical fisticuffs soon...

MADJEZ 29.12.11 2:43pm
‘2012 will be more of the same old shit’ predicts Mystic Meg

In a break from tradition, Mystic Meg’s prediction for 2012 was limited to just a few lines. ‘With a cock in Westminster, fat fuckers mooning over North America and no sign of money rising in the...

Immunis 29.12.11 11:17am
Government propose One Chav per Family Law

In an attempt to reduce the number of feckless unemployable youths roaming Britain, the coalition government have proposed limiting the number of registered chavs to one per household. The Minister...

Immunis 29.12.11 10:41am
Al OPecia
Daily Mail TV critic spontaneously combusts while reviewing Xmas Eastenders plot

The storyline involved an Asian setting fire to a house owned by some black people while gays attended a party on the premises. Luckily the Square’s resident Estate Agent wasn’t at the party and...

Ian Searle 28.12.11 4:13pm
Ian Searle
Brian Cox's head officially designated a planet

The head of celebrity physicists Brian Cox has been officially designated as a new planet. The announcement was made after a meeting of the International Federation of Space Scientists in Geneva....

dogwheels 28.12.11 3:40pm
Rap community mourns as North Korea holds funeral for Lil' Kim 0
irregular apple 28.12.11 2:50pm
irregular apple
Amazon announces new Kindle 3D

Amazon has announced the latest in its popular range of Kindle e-book readers, and the first e-book reader to offer not just a colour e-ink screen, but a three dimensional display. By viewing the...

bonjonelson 28.12.11 1:34pm
Only three more sleeps until...

the Insomniac Society's Spring Ball...

riesler 29.12.11 11:28am
Scientists discover second Eiffel Tower in depths of Pacific Ocean

In what has been described as a "historic and game-changing" discovery, a team of scientists have found a second Eiffel Tower at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The team of boffins from the...

dogwheels 28.12.11 11:47am