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Feminists fund anti Lads Mag prosecutions selling nude calendars in Newsagents 0
thackaray 28.05.13 11:52am
Wikileeks now available in Welsh. 5
sredni vashta 28.05.13 11:12am
Lindy Moone
If you ask me, they're all as bad as each other, caller tells radio phone in 0
ronseal 28.05.13 11:10am
Consultant cardiologist called in after concerns about NewsBiscuit ticker. 1
weematt 28.05.13 10:29am
'Block hate-fuelled websites' says Daily Mail, apparently not ironically 7
Oxbridge 28.05.13 10:11am
Mexican fashion designer unveils HSBC employees' latest uniform range

Eduardo Lucero, favourite fashion designer to Hollywood starlets such as Eva Longaria, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez has unveiled his latest collection, commissioned by HSBC Bank at Durango Fashion...

Dick Everyman 28.05.13 10:06am
Dick Everyman
Angelina Jolie sends condolences to Olive Oil. 3
Maverick 28.05.13 10:03am
Dick Everyman
Meals on wheels worker sacked for 'smiley face dinners'

It was an attempt to bring some cheer to lonely dinner times but for Mavis Bacon her plan backfired. Bosses at the Women's Royal Voluntary Service (WRVS) dismissed Mavis after conducting an internal...

Sheepback 28.05.13 9:59am
Dick Everyman
Cheese roll demands double Gloucester Police say

more soon....

Bertrand Twisted 28.05.13 8:08am
Bertrand Twisted
Everyone else sunbathing in park actually dead, realises man 0
Peter749400 28.05.13 12:30am
Legal loophole means Google boss can be banned from all tax funded areas

Greedy Google boss Eric Schmidt was stunned yesterday, after discovering a legal loophole means he can be banned from all areas of life funded by tax payers. As parks, schools, hospitals, roads and...

ronseal 27.05.13 10:20pm
Sir Lupus
Terse shop assistant branded a counter terrorist. 1
Maverick 27.05.13 10:18pm
Met introduces '3-for-2' to save money.

Officers who have made two arrests will be encouraged to pop another suspect into their cars as part of the Met's new '3-for-2' initiative. "The modern squad car has plenty of room for three on the...

Boutros 27.05.13 10:14pm
Google search fails to find tax return. 0
Maverick 27.05.13 10:05pm
Hairstyle most accurate predictor of age, claims scientists 1
Dumbnews 27.05.13 8:14pm
k.d. klanger sets up lesbian colony on Moon

Hat tip to sredni vashta...

Dick Everyman 27.05.13 7:34pm
Dick Everyman
Simon Pegg makes political horror: Spawn of Nick Clegg 0
irreverendJ 27.05.13 7:05pm
Simon Pegg makes film about early garden storage buildings: Dawn Of The Shed 3
Smart Alex 27.05.13 6:42pm
custard cream
Simon Pegg stars in rodent teen comedy - Fun Ratboy Fun

more soon, This follows from the earlier Simon Pegg sub. Got any others?...

custard cream 27.05.13 6:40pm
custard cream
Philip's overjoyed at Palace promotion. Liz not amused.

Tax payer to foot the bill no doubt...

irreverendJ 27.05.13 5:48pm
'Please top killing each other in my name, I don't exist," clarifies God

Following the brutal murder of an off duty soldier in Woolwich yesterday God has spoken out for the first time in pretty much two thousand years in an effort to distance himself from the truly...

Idiot 27.05.13 4:28pm
Popeye to assist MI5 in counter terrorist operations

In the latest move to uncover radical extremists Popeye has been recruited by MI5 to help deal with the growing terrorist threat to the UK. The popular former Sailor Man was chosen for his uncanny...

Dick Everyman 27.05.13 4:12pm
Dick Everyman
Air Warden Hodges' lights finally go out. More soon. 1
Al OPecia 27.05.13 2:56pm
Chinese teenager defaces Egyptian temple texts with "in YOUR opinion". 1
Al OPecia 27.05.13 2:35pm
Lindy Moone
Parents astonished by sons' secret reading habits.

Thousands of parents across the UK are making startling discoveries about their teenage sons due to an unexpected side effect of the rise of internet pornography. Storing treasured top shelf...

sredni vashta 27.05.13 2:28pm
Lindy Moone
BBC Man claims he “was abused” by BBC “although it wasn’t that abusive, really"

A man who used to work for the BBC and is now an expert on abusive crime, said the way he was dealt with by the BBC was “tantamount to abuse, almost, but not quite as bad.” The row started after...

nickb 27.05.13 1:18pm
Cameron To Promote His Very Own Tanning Lotion....

."Skiver Tan." Even useful when hanging around Brussels...

Jesse Bigg 27.05.13 1:06pm
Nicholls: "All I said l was - I could really murder a Ruby right now" 0
Bertrand Twisted 27.05.13 10:01am
Bertrand Twisted
Introducing the K-Tel Bar-B-Q-Matic

Do sudden bouts of clement weather catch you on the hop? That’s no longer a problem with this new gadget – instead of having to plan ahead before Bank Holiday weekends, inviting friends and...

BillyBitzer 27.05.13 9:48am
Vettel in spat with main sponsor, God

In the aftermath of yesterday's Monaco Grand Prix, there is news this morning of a major dispute emerging between F1 World Champion, Sebastian Vettel, and God, who has been the German racing driver's...

Bertrand Twisted 27.05.13 9:06am
Bertrand Twisted