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Police unable to open Tetra Pak case. More soon. 13
Al OPecia 11.07.12 9:56pm
custard cream
Character witness Cole denies racism, Cheryl only abused that one woman. 0
MADJEZ 11.07.12 9:18pm
Queen to appear in "Who Do You Think You Are?" Jubilee special

Buckingham Palace and the producers of "Who Do You Think You Are?" have announced that the Queen will appear in a special edition to mark her Diamond Jubilee. The popular genealogy TV show will take...

DorsetBoy 11.07.12 9:02pm
Posh Tory Boys "know value of Tetrapak milk container empire" 1
nickb 11.07.12 8:33pm
Hugh Bonneville hired to tackle Olympic security threat 0
nickb 11.07.12 8:22pm
Book – “Fifty Shades of Total Utter Mindless Tripe” breaks records sales.

It has today been revealed that the much loved book “Fifty Shades of Total Utter Mindless Tripe’ has become the fasted selling and best selling e-book of all time. The success of the e-book has...

cuckoowatoo 11.07.12 8:22pm
An Idiot's Guide To.......The House of Lords

With posh people on the radio and television discussing the pros and cons of it’s existence, you may find yourself asking what the House of Lords is, where it is, and what has Alan Sugar got to do...

Perks 11.07.12 8:00pm
Iceberg 'sorry' for sinking

[i]Schettino the Iceberg appears in TV interview, says he is sorry, for sinking the RMS Titanic, killing nearly 1,700 people.[/i] In an interview on Danish TV, the iceberg said he thought constantly...

mahesh 11.07.12 7:29pm
Ku Klux Klan admits members may sometimes be involved in banter. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 11.07.12 7:12pm
Top banker tried to 'fix' appointment of Mary Poppins 1
Mandy Lifeboat 11.07.12 5:09pm
Olympic rowing events to take place in Hebden Bridge. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 11.07.12 5:06pm
3 Islamic men held over terrorism incident outside Sheffield.

216 Virgins in Leeds Nick eager for sex with them. if being sent to Leeds wasn't bad enough!...

RickH 11.07.12 3:37pm
Amber Wellingtons flying off shelves in Hebden Bridge 0
Drylaw 11.07.12 2:41pm
John Terry regrets being lost in Birmingham: "Fucking Black Country" 1
Sinnick 11.07.12 10:41am
Pair of hydrogen atoms conquer Everest without oxygen

Two hydrogen atoms, collectively known as H2, have made history as the lightest climber to summit Mount Everest. H2’s feat was particularly impressive as they reached the peak without the aid of...

Yikes 11.07.12 10:36am
Saudi women demand Olympic places, all qualify for the high jump 0
medici2471 11.07.12 10:14am
Police defend cattling tactics used on dairy farm protestors

mooooooore soon...

ianslat 11.07.12 10:12am
"Top athletes do not win by eating burgers, chips & cola, or binge drinking"

Wales Chief Medical Office claim strongly refuted by Phil the Power Taylor...

simonjmr 11.07.12 9:30am
Many injured in stampede to make sure Chris Moyles actually leaves Radio 1 0
simonjmr 11.07.12 9:25am
Discovery of Jesus’ personal file reveals bereavement leave scam (edited repost)

In a stunning development, archaeologists have found Jesus’ personal file from his job as an evangelical carpentry tutor with the Jerusalem Nailers. Initial indications are that Jesus’ “Mr...

Yikes 11.07.12 9:08am
Chris Moyles quits Radio 1 breakfast show to spend more time with his ego. 0
wallster 11.07.12 8:58am
Inventor of sliced bread admits he owes it all to inventor of the breadknife. 0
weematt 11.07.12 8:20am
Bishops stand firm and get relief as CoE delays introduction of women. 0
weematt 11.07.12 8:08am
Church of England delays vote on whether or not it is indecisive

The General Synod of the Church of England has today decided to delay the final vote on whether or not it is indecisive, so that a late amendment to the legislation could be further considered. The...

harristhenerd 10.07.12 11:35pm
Andy Carroll Shock Transfer Target For… Well, Anyone

Experts were confounded last night as it emerged that managers [yes,as in plural] are looking at Andy Carroll to improve their squads.s ‘The manager gets a nice severance packaged if he’s sacked...

Hooch 10.07.12 11:17pm
Police search for fresh evidence in 'Tetrapak' mystery death

House sealed to avoid contamination of possible crime scene...

charlieworth 10.07.12 11:06pm
Time Lords Reform "could be retrospective"

MP's of all parties hit out at plans to reform Time Lords retroactively,  with new measures coming into effect as early as 1893.  But supporters said reform could prevent the second chamber ever...

nickb 10.07.12 10:53pm
The All New Jeni B
PMQs: Harman challanges PM to name all original members of Band Aid

Speaker of the House John Bercow struggled to restrain an agitated house during Prime Minister’s Question Time on Wednesday, after Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport Harriet...

woodymellor 10.07.12 9:13pm
Lance Armstrong launches range of 'Livestrong' torniquets and needles 0
10.07.12 8:19pm
Torch relay streaker witnesses fail to see his point 1
charlies_hat 10.07.12 8:15pm
Gary Baldy