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Abuse Enquiry: How much did Rebekah Brooks really know about the PM & the Horse? 0
Nowherefast 04.11.12 11:57am
£20,000 cure for gullability

A British company has announced a cure for gullible people. "The price might seem a little high, but I'm sure that patients will appreciate that it's £25,000 well spent."...

apepper 04.11.12 11:35am
chris evans breakfast show

what a breath of fresh air chirs evans is to the breakfast show on radio 2., as i personally hadnt listened to his show since he took over from st terry, i thought that this week i should at least...

arthurminnit 04.11.12 10:35am
Party-going residents of Jellystone Park invited to an Abu Dhabi do... 2
Tripod 04.11.12 10:26am
The fall and rise and fall and rise and fall and rise of Reginald Perrin 7
04.11.12 10:18am
Expenses scandal hits musicians as violinist accused of fiddling 0
quango 04.11.12 8:39am
118 runner's number is up as he is diagnosed with prostate cancer

Neat-o Movember irony special...

charlies_hat 04.11.12 8:28am
Muffember Sponsored Lady Garden Sproutings Raise Hundreds 1
Ironduke 04.11.12 8:25am
Rat acknowledges smaller rodents witty repost during heated argument 1
charlies_hat 04.11.12 8:18am
Greek fascism blamed on Goldie Hawn 0
riesler 04.11.12 7:47am
Obama to lose terrorist vote

Terrorists across America have lambasted four years of broken promises from Barack Obama and have said that the President can no longer expect to carry the terror vote. 'He is just not the President...

Hooch 04.11.12 3:48am
MacShane in for a short drop

Disgraced MP Denis MacShane hit back yesterday at claims that he cynically fiddled expenses, citing several instances where his worthy claims had been 'misunderstood', and where had nobly foregone...

Squudge 04.11.12 12:02am
Curry chef impressed by girlfriend's pilau talk 4
Smart Alex 03.11.12 11:23pm
Iron Maiden treatment spearheads 'new' therapies on the NHS

In the face of rising costs, the Department of Health has unveiled new plans to augment modern therapies and equipment with those currently 'in long-term storage'. "It is a criminal waste of...

Squudge 03.11.12 10:37pm
Tom Selleck at a loss for November charity fundraising idea 0
Yikes 03.11.12 10:27pm
Denis MacShane applies for Chiltern Hundreds and Thousands 0
custard cream 03.11.12 10:22pm
custard cream

. wrong room <huff>...

Squudge 03.11.12 10:20pm
Record auction price paid for tomato at Waitrose

Waitrose, Auctioneers & Valuers of Fine Produce, have announced that a record price has been fetched for a tomato at their Marlborough showrooms yesterday afternoon. The sale of the tomato, once...

Stan 03.11.12 9:36pm
Savile Row To Be Demolished 0
Mike Turbine-Hamilton 03.11.12 9:22pm
Mike Turbine-Hamilton
Meat Loaf admits, 'Actually, I would do that' 0
Smart Alex 03.11.12 9:03pm
Smart Alex
Costa Coffee opens new 'in-your-kitchen' outlet

When Barry Hughes from Dunstable returned from holiday to his modest two bed terraced home, he didn't expect to see a Costa Coffee outlet established in his kitchen, but that is exactly what happened...

custard cream 03.11.12 7:35pm
Yogi Bear wins Yabba Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 0
custard cream 03.11.12 5:29pm
custard cream
Government warns of new threat from "Antimatter IRA"

Police and security forces in Northern Ireland have issued a stark warning about a new and potentially more deadly terrorist threat, as fears of a fresh campaign of paramilitary violence grow in the...

jamsieoconnor 03.11.12 5:24pm
Signal of recovery as rate of unemployement rate rising is going down 0
Dumbnews 03.11.12 4:54pm
Comet collapse leads to fire sale 2
custard cream 03.11.12 4:30pm
custard cream
Barack neck and neck with Mitt in silly name poll

With just a few days to go, the race to find America’s silliest name is now too close to call. ‘It is a vintage contest’ said American silly name analyst John Smith. ‘We haven’t seen the...

Yikes 03.11.12 4:27pm
Campaign to re-shout “NO PUBLIC SECTOR CUTS” underway

Shouters have joined forces to support Stuart Rodger, the man convicted and ordered to carry out 100 hours community service for shouting at PM David Cameron. The shouting community has been angered...

button 03.11.12 4:23pm
Minister decides to restart badger cull as they can fed on diseased ash fungus

"It's a double whammy," claimed DEFRA Minister Owen Patterson, "We can wipe out the badgers and restrict the spread of the diseased ash fungus."...

custard cream 03.11.12 3:52pm
custard cream
British Anartartic Survey merger abandoned as it would 'polarise science' 0
custard cream 03.11.12 3:46pm
custard cream
Years of media searching is over as witch finally blows her cover 0
charlies_hat 03.11.12 2:46pm