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Foreign nurses in Cambridge unexpectedly given Christmas off 0
Perks 24.12.11 8:30am
Recovering George Michael leaves cottaging hospital. 0
MADJEZ 24.12.11 8:27am
Prince Philip has breast implant removed

Cover story slips...

apepper 24.12.11 8:26am
Man with stocking fetish arrested for trespassing 0
charlies_hat 24.12.11 7:44am
Alphaghetti pulled from shelves after found to contain MRSA and TB

Lab still checking for BSE...

Smart Alex 24.12.11 7:43am
A Puppy is not just for Christmas. Jamie Olver makes his last till New Years Day 1
Username 24.12.11 9:46am
Major Clanger
Plato cannot believe it's not butter. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 24.12.11 12:53am
Al OPecia
Cheeselets in surprise resurgance. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 24.12.11 12:50am
Al OPecia
Incomplete Headlines Strike Agai 3
Immunis 24.12.11 9:06am
John Ffitch-Rucker
Dog particle found on sofa 0
nickb 23.12.11 11:19pm
Arne Duncan Axes Mississippi and Louisiana: Fourth Grade Reading Levels Soar

A provision in the much maligned No Child Left Behind Act has helped Arne Duncan, United States Secretary of Education, succeed where Jesus Christ failed. What is particularly remarkable is that...

bobo lutz 23.12.11 11:09pm
bobo lutz
God Particle: Pope to celebrate Mass for Higgs Boson. 2
Iscariot 29.12.11 12:06am
Kim Jong-Il to play self in film biopic

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, who died earlier this week, is to play himself in a film biopic of his life, state media has announced. The late Great Leader, who was well-known for his...

dogwheels 23.12.11 10:17pm
Sainsburys deep mince pies ponder their own existence 12
26.12.11 11:08am
Inventor of electric seafood flexes his muscles

More to follow...

apepper 23.12.11 11:49pm
Administrators warn La Senza is at risk from asset strippers 0
bonjonelson 23.12.11 9:03pm
Quality Street hit by xmas riots, The street synonymous with family values, community celebration and low cost dental caries...

nickb 24.12.11 9:44am
Major Clanger
Scots MP Begbie in trouble again

Scots MP Lex Begbie is in the headlines once again after Network Rail Police were called to escort him from a London/Glasgow train late on Tuesday night. It would appear that Mr Begbie, returning to...

Drylaw 23.12.11 8:44pm
Viewers outraged as ‘babestation’ girl manages to look sexy.

There were thousands of complaints to Ofcom yesterday after a ‘babestation’ girl shocked and dismayed viewers by actually looking vaguely alluring. One viewer, Wayne Kerr, 37, from Nottingham...

John Ffitch-Rucker 23.12.11 7:54pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
George Micheal Christmas re-release "Careless Whisperer". More soon. 1
Al OPecia 23.12.11 8:26pm
George Michael was 'touch & go' - not for the first time... 0
charlies_hat 23.12.11 7:10pm
Christmas party gets 100 'donkey record books' for dessert after order typo 1
kga6 23.12.11 8:13pm
Metal sculpture thieves win "Keep Britain Tidy" Award. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 23.12.11 3:42pm
Al OPecia
French to Replace Breast Implants With Larger Ones

<Deleted> - well I can't find a "delete button" but on reflection was not funny so gone...

Deimos 23.12.11 3:17pm
Curry's "white goods sale" contravenes race relations act. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 23.12.11 2:48pm
"It's the 21st century, why do we not have spray-on wrapping paper?" ask men 3
bonjonelson 23.12.11 3:26pm
Wild Red-Haired Scottish Homeless being displaced by Gray Haired Accordianists

[Wikipedia]This population decrease is often ascribed to the introduction of the Gray Haired Accordianists from Eastern Europe but the shuttering of its native habitat, removal of bins at train...

gaijintendo 23.12.11 4:04pm
Airline fury as government force them to think of new way to rip-off people

Airlines, theatres and local government have reacted with fury at the reduction of charges for using credit or debit cards. "Our whole business model is based on charging £6 for things that cost us...

apepper 24.12.11 2:37pm
World Leaders Unite for Flag Burning Celebrations

They will form a circle, and pass flags to the left...

gaijintendo 23.12.11 12:31pm
Innocent, law-ignoring scrap metal dealers targeted by ruthless sculptor gang

Police have declared war on a ruthless gang of sculptors who are targeting scrap metal dealers in the South East, after a replaceable heap of metal junk was stolen overnight from a yard in Billericay...

Clarky 24.12.11 9:33am