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Prague man impaled on wooden fence upright. 0
sigmund 18.10.12 9:09am
Leeds man hopes to deter trick or treaters

after purchasing outrageous glasses, blonde wig, nylon tracksuit, and cigar...

Smart Alex 18.10.12 8:28am
Ryan air announces plans to weigh passengers and charge for excess fattage 0
gregle 18.10.12 7:38am
"Blind Zapper" Cop had form

The 'blind rage' Officer faces 'tea no biscuits' meeting with red faced Superintendents after latest in a string of similar incidents results in blind man getting tazered in a case of weapon...

Newsquelch 18.10.12 7:16am
Rock on Mars

NASA experts think they’ve found a 25cm rock in a crater on the surface of Mars, but they can’t be sure as Mars is 300 million km from Earth., ‘It could just be a dead bug on the Mars...

Mafaking Carwongo 18.10.12 12:25am
Mafaking Carwongo
Hole in Bucket Enquiry

Police arrest Dear Liza...

Mafaking Carwongo 18.10.12 12:24am
Mafaking Carwongo
Teresa May Apologises

Teresa May says sorry for the sad ‘vegetarian party’ quip she made during her conference speech last week, inferring that veggies were soft on law and order., The Home Secretary went on to say...

Mafaking Carwongo 17.10.12 11:45pm
Mafaking Carwongo
Toady in Parliament - the Trades Union Debate

MPs blamed the Painter & Decorators for glossing over details., 'It's all fabrication' said Textile workers. Backed by the Upholstery union's ''We have nothing to cover-up'. Plumbers tried...

Mafaking Carwongo 17.10.12 11:33pm
Mafaking Carwongo
Czech man with no heart dies,George Osbourne worried. 0
JETFAB 17.10.12 10:59pm
A plaidophile walked into a hotel... 0
The All New Jeni B 17.10.12 10:21pm
The All New Jeni B
Korean pop sensation dances 'Gingham Style' in Bethlehem hostelry 1
charlies_hat 17.10.12 10:18pm
The All New Jeni B
Police mistake wheelchair user for terrorist in armoured personel carrier

More soon....

17.10.12 10:16pm
BBC football reporter suspended for “disrespect”

The BBC today apologised to amateur football team Yokel Hamlet AFC after a BBC reporter described them as, “crap”, and, “not having a hope in hell”, in their FA cup draw with Premiership team...

PeterB 17.10.12 9:57pm
Prague airport employee lays a little egg on departures desk 1
Idiot 17.10.12 9:44pm
Starbucks release new tax-efficient menu

Soppachino: A bitter drink full of froth, served in another country for tax reasons Double mocker: One with a receipt and one without, strictly cash only Skinny Blasé: a favourite with our...

17.10.12 9:06pm
Ed Miliband admits 'squeezed middle' inspired by poor toothpaste etiquette 0
Perks 17.10.12 9:00pm
Theoretical physics professor 'may be missing'. 0
writinginbsl 17.10.12 8:42pm
Zatoichi stalks streets of Chorley - dozens dead. 0
sigmund 17.10.12 8:39pm

On second thoughts - not really funny at all. No more soon...

dvo4fun 17.10.12 8:30pm
London announces 2016 Olympics bid

London is to bid for the 2016 Olympic Games, the British Olympic Association has announced. "We need something to lift the national mood, which has been in the toliet since the Spice Girls finished...

landofdopeandtories 17.10.12 8:27pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Used battery thief released without charge

More to follow...

apepper 17.10.12 8:13pm
China Borders On Infringement Rights After Creating the United States

New York — The U.S. Trade Council has accused China of copyright infringement after it replicated the United States within its borders. Chinese leaders refuted accusations and stated that the...

17.10.12 7:52pm
Starbucks cut life's certainties by 50% 7
charlies_hat 17.10.12 7:40pm
John Terry : We were only singing 'funky gibbon' at U21 match. 0
MADJEZ 17.10.12 7:33pm
Police use Taser on cinema usherette after mistaking her torch for a lightsaber 1
Ian Searle 17.10.12 7:02pm
Saviled /saevild/ v. past participle

1. interfered with ( a person) esp. sexually, 2. removed (esp. a corpse) from the ground, 3. tr. deceived so as to cause to appear foolish, 4. over-dressed, esp. jewellery, 5. tr. acted as a...

Dick Everyman 17.10.12 6:39pm
Dick Everyman
"I thought he said Tizer" claims shocked Ulsterman 0
nickb 17.10.12 6:32pm
Police tazer blind man after confusing his white stick for a samurai sword

Lancashire Police have said that the PC who tazered the the blind man would be for the chop., 'The gentleman in question was obviously shocked as he didn't see it coming', said a Police...

philthefunk 17.10.12 5:28pm
Supermarkets make allotment potato growers an offer they can't refuse

Following this autumn's outbreak of potato blight, supermarkets have joined forces to offer amateur potato growers 'free spuds for life' in return for a promise to stay off their allotments....

17.10.12 4:39pm
Prince Charles letters win Booker Prize

A collection of letters from Prince Charles to serving Ministers has scooped this year’s Booker Prize for Fiction, winning praise from the judges for its imaginative depiction of a power-mad royal...

Long Distance Clara 17.10.12 4:16pm