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Makers of Camp Coffee accused of heterophobia 0
custard cream 17.10.13 7:46pm
custard cream
Art world heralds X factor ‘Brilliant post-modern self-satire’

Critics in the art world this week have heralded Simon Cowell a ‘visionary’ and claimed his long running series ‘The X factor’ is amongst the most inspired and daring pieces of art in the...

TobiasBV 17.10.13 6:15pm
No 10: China ‘will not be permitted to invest in UK military defence programme’

“There will be no chinks in our armour” assured a spokesperson, who was immediately attacked on Twitter for being politically incorrect by Roy ‘feed the monkey’ Hodgson, Luis Suarez and Ron...

farmer giles 17.10.13 6:00pm
farmer giles
Independent think tank calls for re-nationalisation of British government 0
TerribleTim 17.10.13 4:59pm
Hodgson labelled racist and sexist by tabloid crossword correspondent

Roy Hodgson was today embroiled in further controversy following off-guard comments that have incensed apologists for race and gender equality groups. When asked to comment on England’s 2-0 win...

TerribleTim 17.10.13 4:49pm
Oedipus told to "please sit down" before being told DNA test result 1
sydalg 17.10.13 4:36pm
Hodgson Racism Accusation Backfires on Tabloid Press

The entire UK media were accused by themselves today of exacerbating racism and may be forced to resign from their positions leaving the country without a media network. The claims come after...

joefall 17.10.13 4:29pm
Hiring Eric Clapton to pen new Colombian national anthem "sends wrong message" 0
sydalg 17.10.13 4:25pm
Yeti hair 'genetically identical to Brian Blessed', finds professor 0
cinquecento 17.10.13 4:06pm
Robert Pesto to launch his own brand of Peston

BBC Economics Correspondent Robert Pesto is to launch his own brand pasta products. “I don’t know what gave me the idea for Peston,” Pesto told the BBC Food Programme. “I certainly enjoy...

nickb 17.10.13 3:51pm
England through to World Cup Finals thanks to two blokes with Irish names. 0
FOAD 17.10.13 3:49pm
Woman’s Hour “might be a bit late, but only sometimes” says Radio 4

Woman’s Hour “may not always be ready” to start on time every morning, warned the BBC at a delayed press conference with its new Editor Lucy Jones. Listeners to BBC Radio 4’s flagship...

CulchaVulcha 17.10.13 3:42pm
Mavis and Gladys to have say on snooping laws

The Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC), which is normally quite secretive has said it will invite opinions on the matter of the UK "snooping laws" from Mavis Hill, 73 and Gladys Rammsbottom,...

hardev 17.10.13 3:36pm
New biography reveals Scientology founder "wouldn't give mum enough to feed dog" 0
sydalg 17.10.13 1:29pm
Virgin Mary rushed to hospital with immaculate contractions

Inspired by Smart Alex...

sydalg 17.10.13 1:21pm
British Gas ‘winning’ energy price increase race with 9.2% rise

British Gas surged into a comfortable lead in the race to raise energy prices by as much as possible after announcing a 9.2% increase today. This easily beat the early pace-setters SSE, who last week...

Spartacus 17.10.13 1:06pm
BMW launch the new 2014 Mini at London Fashion week

BMW's own take on the iconic sixties mini skirt was unveiled at the London Fashion Week show in Kensington last night. In metallic black and grey it was 5 feet long with a 42 inch waist. A...

blacklesbianandproudofit 17.10.13 12:37pm
‘Like’ is now ‘like the most commonly used like word’ claims teenager

Like it or not, the word ‘like’ has become the most frequently used word in a young person’s vocabulary according to a new study led by teenage etymologist Victoria Cunningham. Overtaking the...

Midfield Diamond 17.10.13 11:26am
Daily Mail and Guardian to merge

In a move that has surprised media experts, the Daily Mail and the Guardian are to join forces to create the Guardian Mail, a new paper that combines both moral outrage AND hummus recipes. In their...

Ludicity 17.10.13 11:25am
Teachers leave ‘homework’ on the 18th green

Members of the NUT and NASUWT unions have been forced to re-evaluate their lives and take a break from inspection regimes, dwindling pay and coffee breath. In what was meant to be a day of national...

Wrenfoe 17.10.13 11:22am
Parents finally tell 22 year old son he is a dwarf

Family secrets are an age old source of sordid drama, and this has proved the case for the Parker family this week as they finally decided it was time to tell their 22 year old son:, “You’re a...

TobiasBV 17.10.13 9:49am
Resusci Anne herpes diagnosis prompts nationwide panic 0
pere floza 17.10.13 8:43am
pere floza
Gardeners hit back at Pay Day Loam companies for excessive compost interest rate 0
Ian Searle 17.10.13 5:48am
Ian Searle
Parents finally tell 22 year old son he is a dwarf

Family secrets are an age old source of sordid drama, and this has proved the case for the Parker family this week as they finally decided it was time to tell their 22 year old son:, “You’re a...

TobiasBV 17.10.13 1:02am
"Virgin Mary had immaculate contraption", claims church 0
Smart Alex 17.10.13 12:03am
Smart Alex
Obama latest "we will not negotiate with Tearrorists". Morons soon. 1
Al OPecia 16.10.13 11:41pm
Daily Express Goes Bankrupt As Duke Of Edinburgh Admits "OK I KIlled Diana". 0
Titus 16.10.13 11:18pm
Living alone now the preferred choice of people no one else can stand

Solo living is the preferred life-style of people no one else would contemplate living with for a moment, according to a Social Trends report which also says that one third of people in the UK live...

roybland 16.10.13 11:02pm
Met police issue long awaited apology to Phil Mitchell. More soon. 0
deskpilot3 16.10.13 10:09pm
School crossing man sacked for displaying giant lollipop

School crossing man Bert Robinson, 67, thought he was just being friendly when school kids crossed the road by brandishing a giant brightly coloured plastic lollipop at them. 'I thought, well, kids...

roybland 16.10.13 10:06pm