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Comedy starved inmates ask police to arrest a funny comedian

The prospect of sharing a cell with Jim Davidson or Freddie Starr has failed to excite Britain’s prison population, who were hoping that someone funny like Michael McIntyre would be arrested....

Yikes 05.01.13 9:03am
Dick Everyman
CofE Gives Full Support for Gay Bishops Provided They Don’t Go Around Being Gay

CofE Gives Full Support for Gay Bishops As Long As They Don’t Go Around Being Homosexual, , The Church of England has given its full backing to the appointment of gay bishops, provided they...

willedwards 05.01.13 8:56am
Dick Everyman
Wave of Iranian kleptomaniacs seek asylum in the UK

UKIP Immigration spokesmen Adolf Stuart lashed out at inadequate government controls after it emerged that a planeload of Iranians with criminal records for theft have arrived at Leeds Airport and...

Yikes 05.01.13 7:42am
Eyebrows raised as BBC announce new celebrity pairing for 'Strictly Road Show'.

pinxit 04.01.13 10:52pm
Hand transplant man 'no longer has to lie on his arm'

A former pub landlord from West Yorkshire became the first recipient of a hand transplant is said to be making good progress. Using techniques pioneered in France, surgeons in Leeds attached a donor...

johnnydobbo 04.01.13 10:44pm
Tess Goes
Dead man survived by wife, two children and a Tesco ‘bag for life’... 1
Tripod 04.01.13 10:31pm
Tess Goes
UK's first knob transplant a 'let down'

"feels like I'm tugging someone else off" laments pub landlord...

Squudge 04.01.13 10:22pm
Dick Everyman
Rail companies clamp down on commuter seat hoggers

Following complaints from passengers over selfish commuters hogging table space, train companies are to introduce a ban on commuting with a range of office related items. From next April commuters...

Dick Everyman 04.01.13 10:04pm
Dick Everyman
‘Health & Safety made me ill’ claims worker

A man who suffered a mental breakdown at work has blamed the condition on his employer’s Health and Safety programme. In particular, Mr Ian Murrell argued that he had become paranoid about...

Midfield Diamond 04.01.13 10:01pm
Tess Goes
Tony Blair first patient to receive pioneering moral integrity transplant

See that? That's satire that is!...

custard cream 04.01.13 9:56pm
Tess Goes
Surgeon confirms that donor hand "had to match patient's nostril"

The surgeon responsible for the UK's first hand transplant has explained that apart from tissue type matching, the most crucial check was that the index finger would be a snug fit in the nostril...

apepper 04.01.13 9:39pm
Church of England confirms bishopric is not a term of abuse 1
custard cream 04.01.13 9:07pm
UK renounces territorial claims to the Isle of Wight

Shocked residents of the Isle of Wight were said to be disappointed last night as the British Government finally agreed that the island should be returned to Argentinian control. One local resident,...

Smart Alex 04.01.13 8:57pm
Smart Alex
X Factor Winner 2012 Pencilled In For Dancing On Ice 2016

X Factor Winner James Arthur revealed how he has mapped out his future career., The pop star who used to have a proper job that I can't be bothered to look up said "I don't want to drift aimlessly...

Sexton A Blake 04.01.13 8:47pm
Sexton A Blake
Gay-bishop basher sect allow gay bishops, if they only bash own bishops.

Choir boys are reserved....

olddoc 04.01.13 8:43pm
Hand donor named as "Luke Skywalker"

Grateful Mark Cahill has thanked Luke Skywalker for donating his hand after a "work-related" accident...

apepper 04.01.13 8:17pm
Cliff Richard’s todger, described as "like new”, used in first penis transplant. 0
Tripod 04.01.13 8:05pm
Alex Ferguson’s gum-assistant leaves after row over pre-chewing technique

Mario Baronelli, Alex Ferguson’s famously headstrong chewing gum-preparer has quit Manchester United after a disagreement over mastication strategy. Baronelli, rarely seen away from Ferguson’s...

nickb 04.01.13 8:05pm
custard cream
NHS appoints Fat Controller as Obesity Tsar 0
custard cream 04.01.13 7:39pm
custard cream
Gay community votes to admit Anglican Bishops but only if they repent

In an historic move the gay community has voted to extend membership to Anglican Bishops as long as they repent of their beliefs and take a vow of promiscuity. The move has caused controversy among...

Matt T 04.01.13 7:15pm
Promiscuous evangelicals warned about getting "happy clappy" 0
nickb 04.01.13 7:06pm
Bishopric: A seat of a bishop. Not to be sat on by anyone else.

No more recycled definitions soon...

Not Amused 04.01.13 6:33pm
Not Amused
UK's first hand transplant welcomed by nation's wankers

UK Surgeons who have given a man a pioneering hand transplant have been hailed as heroes by single men up and down the country. The new technology, which allows a donor's hand to be attached in...

Perks 04.01.13 6:14pm
Saudi arms dealer denies contract with Leeds hospital. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 04.01.13 6:14pm
Official: church dislike gay men slightly less than women

The Church of England has published it's annual "figures of hate" list and in a surprise change, gay men have moved down the chart to be below women. "Obviously, the bible gives us quite a list of...

apepper 04.01.13 5:50pm
BBC defend scheduling of 'Jim Davidson's Intergenerational Game' 11
charlies_hat 04.01.13 5:46pm
Grandad banned from singing "feeling groovy" when he wears corduroy jacket 0
nickb 04.01.13 5:31pm
Mild mannered reporter’s lack of superpowers leads to woman’s death

A local reporter from the Sheffield Telegraph is being blamed for the death of a 23-year-old woman after his lack of superpowers saw him fail to perform an heroic rescue. Paul Jenkins, a rookie...

Vertically Challenged Giant 04.01.13 4:34pm
Midfield Diamond
Friends of Leeds infirmary launch second hand shop

Coat, door etc...

beau-jolly 04.01.13 4:21pm
Ulster tipped to enter Celebrity big brother house

The Irish province of Ulster is due to reform for a one off appearance in the celebrity big brother house. Ulster consists of the parliamentary counties of Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh,...

simonjmr 04.01.13 3:09pm