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LAPD honour guard to beat Rodney King's coffin with sticks at funeral.

Before firing a volley of teargas over the crowd., More soon...

MADJEZ 01.07.12 10:47am
Platini changes for Euro 2020.

Uefa president Michel Platini has indicated there may be changes in the holding of the European Championships after 2020 . First the tournament could be held in thirteen locations in different...

mrlemoncurry 01.07.12 12:22am
No free NHS help for victims of rogue crystal healers

Most NHS Trusts in England and Wales have confirmed today they will not be providing free medical treatment for conditions caused by rogue crystal healers. Pixie Moonbeam, from Nottinghamshire, is...

bonjonelson 30.06.12 10:38pm
Everyone who ‘backed the bid’ picked for Team GB

Following criticism that David Beckham should have been included in the GB Olympic football team for all his hard work in helping to win the Games for London, the British Olympic Association (BOA)...

ianslat 30.06.12 10:34pm
Dyslexics celebrate 'Formed Arses Day' with a march past. 2
MADJEZ 30.06.12 5:31pm
Haywood Manley
Britain's banks downgraded to 'bastards'

Britain’s banks are under fire once again, after rating agency Moody’s downgraded them to ‘a shower of bastards’. While investors at HSBC are still regarded by many observers as...

Nunnion Splendacular 30.06.12 4:38pm
Katy Holmes cites religious differences. She's a Christian he's a whack-job. 3
MADJEZ 30.06.12 4:36pm
London 2012: East London residents march over missiles

The UK government plans to deploy the weapons on six sites in London East London residents opposed to plans to site surface-to-air missiles on roofs for security during the Olympics, are marching...

Timerman 30.06.12 4:32pm
Pub where all the jokes happened closes down

JD Wetherspoon has announced the closure of the King's Arms, a historic Victorian hostelry close to Lingfield Park racecourse in Sussex. According to regional director Trevor Lawrence, a series of...

Oxbridge 30.06.12 2:35pm
‘Bostin’, best day of my life’ says Birmingham man

A Birmingham man who spent nearly 29 hours on a concrete ledge overlooking the inner ring road at Paradise Circus has said it was the best time he had ever known on a day out in Birmingham town...

Nobby Holder 30.06.12 2:11pm
Border patrol put on red alert as east coast mainline reopens. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 30.06.12 12:21pm
Thatcher "unlikely to be called" in Banking Enquiry. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 30.06.12 10:37am
Al OPecia
Murray asks for voodoo doll refund as Federer scrapes through. 1
JETFAB 30.06.12 10:36am
Islamist Egyptian President sworn in

"What the fuck have we done" say Egyptians...

rustytruss 30.06.12 10:29am
June is forecast to be wettest for 100 years. Handsome elderly neighbor to blame

June is forecast to be wettest for 100 years. Handsome elderly neighbor to blame...

simonhansen 30.06.12 9:57am
Olympic training success in Nottingham as Brits catch up with Ethiopian runner 0
button 30.06.12 9:13am
Old Spice Girls to perform 'Carmina Burana' 11
V Riddoch 30.06.12 6:54am
V Riddoch
Satan appointed head of new regulator to clean up banking.

More later...

Ian 30.06.12 6:45am
McGuinness accepts his playful 'going for gun' gesture showed poor judgment 8
cinquecento 29.06.12 11:03pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Nat West systems working again after emergency hamster replacement... 0
deskpilot3 29.06.12 10:15pm
Murdoch blames entire world for him not being rich enough

Rupert Murdoch has bitterly attacked the world for him not being rich. "If they had the tiniest intelligence, they'd see I deserve plenty more money. For Chrissake, Larry Ellison just bought an...

apepper 29.06.12 10:04pm
Franz Ferdinand Final Gig in Sarajevo

Scottish band Franz Ferdinand have announced they will bow out with a final concert in Sarajevo. Speaking from the Latin Bridge in the former Serbian city, lead vocalist Alex Kapranos, confirmed the...

custard cream 29.06.12 9:13pm
custard cream
Worker ants decline as more young ants move into service industries 2
bonjonelson 29.06.12 8:56pm
Barclays makes £1bn in 2 days after short-selling Barclays shares 0
grumblechops 29.06.12 8:54pm
Chinese astronauts return to Earth to find a planet where intelligent talking ap

Chinese astronauts return to Earth to find a planet where intelligent talking apes are the dominant species, and humans are oppressed and enslaved. China's first female astronaut, 33-year-old Liu...

simonhansen 29.06.12 8:29pm
Traffic police tipped off to odd driver with both hands on steering wheel 0
Dumbnews 29.06.12 8:23pm
Neil Diamond 'hurt and bewildered' by sudden hate campaign

Legendary American singer-songwriter Neil Diamond is 'at a loss' to understand why he is suddenly at the centre of an intense and targeted hate campaign, he told journalists at a Las Vegas press...

V Riddoch 29.06.12 7:27pm
Argentine church scandal: Vatican accuses press of bishop bashing. 0
weematt 29.06.12 7:22pm
Murderer captured, Katy Holmes escapes

In a strange twist escaped murderer, John Massey, has been recaptured. Meanwhile the escape of Katie Holmes has been announced...

apepper 29.06.12 7:10pm
Unsuccessful Olympic fencing hopeful blames 'sword's law' 0
Haywood Manley 29.06.12 7:10pm
Haywood Manley