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Peer admits to being a paedophile but denies being a Conservative 0
custard cream 09.11.12 11:14am
custard cream
Romney comes to UK to join 'gay witch hunt'

Mitt Romney has vowed to leave the USA and restart his political career in the UK after hearing David Cameron talk of a gay witch hunt. "If there is one thing that pisses me off more than gay...

Perks 09.11.12 11:04am
Leaked FBI files reveal conspiracy theorists in the pay of the US government

The Youtube community was thrown into disarray today when leaked files from the FBI revealed that leading conspiracy theorists have been funded by the US government since as early as the 1960s....

gregle 09.11.12 10:54am
ITV to screen ‘I’m a celibate Tory … get me out of here!’

The lure of 4 weeks away in the Australian jungle plus the chance of winning the grand prize of an Australian passport and a new identity has seen Tories suspected of sexual misbehaviour clamour to...

Yikes 09.11.12 10:41am
Government thought dieback was a Welsh rugby player admits Environment Minister

Moron soon...

Gerontius 09.11.12 10:31am
Isle of Wight joins the 'cyberspace race'

Officials on the Isle of Wight have today announced they are going to attempt to send their first citizen into cyberspace. The plans come exactly 1 year after a previous attempt failed when local...

Perks 09.11.12 9:58am
Romney admits he is an alcohol dependent transvestite

Following his defeat in the US election, Mitt Romney has admitted that he was 'Living a lie' and is in-fact an alcoholic transvestite 'Who never desreved the chance to run for president.' 'I gave...

antharrison 09.11.12 9:44am
Clegg calls for inclusion of fallen parking wardens on Remembrance Sunday

In a bid to improve his popularity, Nick Clegg has requested that the nation uses Remembrance Sunday to honour the memory of UK parking wardens who have died or been injured in the line of duty....

antharrison 09.11.12 9:27am
This month's Gay Which Report: Closets and Coming-out parties 0
weematt 09.11.12 9:26am
Schofield Presented With List Of Exits 0
Mike Turbine-Hamilton 09.11.12 9:15am
Mike Turbine-Hamilton
Patient too late for amputation operation. Misses cut-off. 0
weematt 09.11.12 9:03am
Leslie Ash Named as Root of Dieback Disease

More tree based namechecks as they come in...

victimms 09.11.12 8:54am
Welsh forestry commission reports first case of Ash Dai bach. 1
wallster 09.11.12 8:51am
Jeremy Hunt
David Cameron handed list of 30 MPs believed not involved in any sex scandal 0
simonjmr 09.11.12 8:50am
Driver who knocked Wiggins off bike 'definitely gay' claims Twitter

More uncorroborated hate-fuelled speculation soon...

Gerontius 09.11.12 8:42am
'Chase me' squeals gay witch. 1
DustyBinLaden 09.11.12 8:28am
Painting holiday a 'whitewash' claims disgruntled tourist 1
custard cream 09.11.12 7:58am
Philip Schofield found circulating on the internet 0
PeterB 09.11.12 6:57am
Pedophile Ring Exploited, Schofield Has Clegg

The Conservative Party child molestation accusation, often called the least surprising sex scandal in history, look at the stuff they got up to the 90s if you don't believe me, has this week been...

Hooch 09.11.12 3:22am
Cameron warns against gay witch hunt "but it's ok to hunt gay wizards." 0
Boutros 09.11.12 1:42am
In light of recent events, John Craven to present new political show "Paedofile"

If it was in the Thatcher era, I guess he'd still be doing John Craven's Abuse-round...

Gary Baldy 09.11.12 1:41am
Man in yellow dungarees barred from 18th Communist Party Congress

Chinese politician Yao Xiang, from Shanxi Province, caused controversy today by turning up at the 18th Communist Party Congress in yellow dungarees and red and white striped shirt in stark contrast...

Dick Everyman 08.11.12 11:54pm
Britain gets its first freelance Archbishop of Canterbury

Justin Welby will be the first Archbishop of Canterbury to be hired on a freelance basis, leaving him at liberty to perform “Archbishop of Canterbury services” for other world state-run...

nickb 08.11.12 11:53pm
Whu Am I chosen as new Chinese General Secretary 0
custard cream 08.11.12 10:47pm
custard cream
Lance Armstrong denies knocking Wiggins off bike 0
custard cream 08.11.12 10:40pm
custard cream
Doctors warn as sperm develop resistance to spermicide

Leading medical experts have warned that increased use of spermicide treated condoms in non vital instances is leading to a resistance to the chemicals in human spermatozoa. Analysis suggests the...

kga6 08.11.12 10:36pm
Quantitive Easing ruined by cost of inkjet cartridges to print new banknotes

The Bank of England has admitted that the decision to print £375 billion of new money was thwarted by the extortionate cost of the inkjet cartridges used by the the Royal Mint to print the new...

antharrison 08.11.12 10:35pm
Van damaged following collision with panto star.

A van in collision with panto veteran Christopher Biggins has been described as ‘a complete write-off’ by an AA mechanic attending the scene of the incident. Biggins was on his way to rehearsals...

The Bogs 08.11.12 10:32pm
Breaking: Police swoop on fake birdseed gang 2
DorsetBoy 08.11.12 10:32pm
Republicans ask why rape pregnancy is God’s will but winning election isn’t

Less than a day after Mitt Romney was defeated by Barack Obama, Republicans have already started the campaign post-mortem. After agreeing that the candidate, policies, and campaign strategy were...

Yikes 08.11.12 10:29pm