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Search for Google shares info turn up zilch

custard cream 18.10.12 6:54pm
custard cream
Scouting movement admits to being unprepared for atheist members. 0
Zen 18.10.12 6:42pm
BBC tells Mike Harding to Folk off. 0
Zen 18.10.12 6:39pm
Closed roof at England game fails to protect fans from shower of shit

The re-arranged World Cup qualifier between England and Poland was played out with the roof closed on Wednesday, but even that failed to stop those in attendance being hit by a huge shower of shit....

Vertically Challenged Giant 18.10.12 6:28pm
Turkish penis an insult to Islam 0
Psycadelic Squirrel 18.10.12 6:25pm
Psycadelic Squirrel
Metalworker’s Union sets up file-sharing website. 0
sigmund 18.10.12 4:58pm
New patent row resolved as Apple & Samsung settle for $1,000,000,000,000,000,000

Bell Telecom in the US has moved to stop Apple and Samsung from using the push button keypad arrangement they say they invented in the 1950’s and rolled out to AT & T customers from 1963., A...

grottymonty 18.10.12 4:35pm
Kevin Pietersen celebrates his England recall with closest friends...

pinxit 18.10.12 3:55pm
Royal love triangle - Prince Charles wanted Hydrangea as Foreign Secretary

Buckingham Palace confirmed today “with great reluctance” that in January 1997 Prince Charles lobbied Prime Minister John Major to sack Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind and replace him with a...

18.10.12 3:34pm
Samaritans criticised for cold calling campaign

Following a huge number of complaints to Ofcom, the national charity Samaritans has been criticized for embarking upon a cold calling campaign across the UK. Enraged customers have complained of...

Dick Everyman 18.10.12 2:27pm
Emmerdale live episode hailed as "less wooden and almost lifelike" 0
simonjmr 18.10.12 1:58pm
File sharing paedophiles receive torrent of abuse 9
charlies_hat 18.10.12 1:50pm
Dick Everyman
Mounting concerns that pop star ‘could be ageing’

Recent photographs of a pop star have alarmed former fans, which hint at an artiste struggling to resist the inevitability of ageing. Online commentator ‘Pop Bitch’ has drawn attention to...

Runestone Cowboy 18.10.12 1:38pm
Milburn/Mitchell joint statement: 'More plebs should have access to university' 0
dammit 18.10.12 1:17pm
Pick-Pocketing Crime Up....

.Top pockets only?...

Jesse Bigg 18.10.12 1:14pm
Jesse Bigg
Aquafresh battle swearing with it's new 'soap and water' mouthwash

Aquafresh have today announced the latest addition to their range, the new 'soap and water' mouthwash. Targeted at parents with 'sweary' children, it ensures they can carry out their disciplinary...

Perks 18.10.12 1:10pm
Tazered blind man "offered little resistance" 7
seymour totti 18.10.12 12:42pm
Holly Willoughby has egg over face at sperm hoax. We hope its egg say ITV.

MADJEZ 18.10.12 12:42pm
Las Vegas Hotel to promote gambling in lobby via new Check-in and Chips service

Check-in in a basket. US machismo society annual conference ends in brawl after delegate told "he's to check-in" More soon...

simonjmr 18.10.12 10:06am
Man sues Dwarf company

Lonely Bolton man sues Dwarfs Are Us after buying a 28 year old male dwarf as a friend and companion.I thought hed be a perfect companion and someone I could talk to said Jeramiah Katang,when he...

Mr Molester 18.10.12 10:04am
Mr Molester
Tesco's Middle East expansion sees fall in prophets 0
Dick Everyman 18.10.12 9:43am
Dick Everyman
"We were only preventing bedsores" claim Lancashire Police More soon...

simonjmr 18.10.12 9:32am
Man's sight DOSE'NT improve after Taser treatment. 6
Ian Searle 18.10.12 9:17am
Prague man impaled on wooden fence upright. 0
sigmund 18.10.12 9:09am
Leeds man hopes to deter trick or treaters

after purchasing outrageous glasses, blonde wig, nylon tracksuit, and cigar...

Smart Alex 18.10.12 8:28am
Ryan air announces plans to weigh passengers and charge for excess fattage 0
gregle 18.10.12 7:38am
"Blind Zapper" Cop had form

The 'blind rage' Officer faces 'tea no biscuits' meeting with red faced Superintendents after latest in a string of similar incidents results in blind man getting tazered in a case of weapon...

Newsquelch 18.10.12 7:16am
Rock on Mars

NASA experts think they’ve found a 25cm rock in a crater on the surface of Mars, but they can’t be sure as Mars is 300 million km from Earth., ‘It could just be a dead bug on the Mars...

Mafaking Carwongo 18.10.12 12:25am
Mafaking Carwongo
Hole in Bucket Enquiry

Police arrest Dear Liza...

Mafaking Carwongo 18.10.12 12:24am
Mafaking Carwongo
Teresa May Apologises

Teresa May says sorry for the sad ‘vegetarian party’ quip she made during her conference speech last week, inferring that veggies were soft on law and order., The Home Secretary went on to say...

Mafaking Carwongo 17.10.12 11:45pm
Mafaking Carwongo