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'Swapping Points for Prison' - The Chris Huhne prison diary.

Following his conviction for perverting the course of justice, Chris Huhne has decided to keep a diary of his stay at Her Majesty's pleasure. Please be warned the following contains scenes of naivety...

Perks 15.03.13 11:30am
Not Amused
Algerian Carpenter Realises He Only Has Fine Sandpaper Left ...

searches casbar for the coarse...

Titus 15.03.13 11:28am
Huhne settling in nicely as he knits pullover for cellmate 0
sydalg 15.03.13 11:25am
BBC4 series Østenders "not swedish" -new claim

Another scandal shook the BBC today, when it was claimed that the latest mustn't-miss foreign language drama on BBC4, Østenders, was in fact not Swedish. Media sociologist, Gilbert Hitherington...

steve_l 15.03.13 11:09am
Suspicious cement mixer death. Police seek concrete evidence. 0
weematt 15.03.13 10:56am
Salmon starter served, small but it was parr for the course. 0
weematt 15.03.13 10:50am
Budget latest: Chancellor to splurge £2 on new growth initiatives

Chancellor George Osborne is expected to announce dramatic new action to kick start the economy and support business growth. An excited Osborne has found an additional £2 to add to the cause. The...

deskpilot3 15.03.13 10:36am
‘Mild disappointment’ to be expected after new phone purchase...

A feeling of mild disappointment and unease is now standard, after buying the latest smartphone, suggests a new report out yesterday. Michael Sellack, from the Institute of Self-Evident Findings, a...

Tripod 15.03.13 10:27am
Falkirk costituents ashamed their MP can't hold his drink. Insult to all Scots. 2
MADJEZ 15.03.13 9:55am
Bid For Minimum Booze Price - But Only In Westmnister Bars

MPs fear that Palace of Westminster may lose its alcohol licence.

Titus 15.03.13 9:47am
Pope Frank'n'first holds first Vatican 'Timewarp' 2
simonjmr 15.03.13 9:29am
Press rumours grow over the Queen's prolonged sickness

pinxit 15.03.13 9:26am
Ban on Elephant, Rhino & Tiger Slaughter "Prejudice Against Alternative Medicine 0
Titus 15.03.13 8:58am
HS2 Protesters Claim Project Will Spread Plague

Titus 15.03.13 8:52am
Obama to Tour Israel and Jordan, Identify Site for "ZionDisney" 0
Kurt Degerstrom 15.03.13 1:46am
Kurt Degerstrom
Don't cry for me I'm the pope now

To the tune of "Don't cry for me Argentina" It wasn't easy, It was quite strange, When they gave me the nod. Now I feel, That I’m going to love, All the things I can do., I am infallible,...

Not Amused 15.03.13 12:36am
Not Amused
New Pope, "sexiest yet!" 1
Hooch 14.03.13 11:14pm
Cardinals upset by Francis I claiming papal infallibility during Scrabble game

Members of the college of cardinals were up in arms after losing a game of Scrabble to Pope Francis I yesterday. "It was at the end of the game and His Holiness was left with several high scoring...

Smart Alex 14.03.13 11:09pm
Irish Government sells Saint Patrick to reduce national debt

Saint Patrick's Day celebrations around the world are facing an uncertain future following today's announcement by the Irish Government that it has sold the popular saint, and his associated festival...

jamsieoconnor 14.03.13 11:06pm
Paddy Berzinski
Pope DNA found in pony, admits feeling a little hoarse. 2
olddoc 14.03.13 11:04pm
Vatican apologises for 'Francis the Fist' typo 0
Terry 14.03.13 11:03pm
Cheltenham Handicap Stakes

Small meaty pieces for your vegatables...

Nosey 14.03.13 10:13pm
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One U-turn too many, Cameron lost in own colon. 1
olddoc 14.03.13 10:10pm
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UK is "Pothole Central" and thats' official.

But a bold new plan by the Ministry of Roads and Taxes might save the day. "It would take years and billions" said a spokesman "to fix all of them the usual way by dolloping in some lukewarm tar. But...

Flash! Aa-aaaa! 14.03.13 10:07pm
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Vatican Industries unveils all new iPope

Fans of Vatican products gathered from all over the world in St Peter's Square, to be the one of the first to see the eagerly anticipated new model of Pope, unveiled by Vatican Industries. Despite...

Rizla 14.03.13 9:36pm
Small shop franchise to offer cut price female hygiene products

From now on it's SPAR for the curse. Oh dear, Oh dearOh dear...

A.A.Arkwright 14.03.13 9:11pm
Isle of Wight "too untidy to be left like that"

Say the Government.Plans are afoot to move it nearer the mainland to make the area look "neater and more British" A trusted Whitehall source said "Look, we can't go on with that awful untidy gap...

Flash! Aa-aaaa! 14.03.13 9:11pm
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Cameron and "that report" by Lord Leveson

We spoke to Prime Minister Cameron's office today, the line was bad and we didn't get all of what they said but an aide did confirm that they all think he is "a anchor". They also denied being...

Flash! Aa-aaaa! 14.03.13 8:54pm
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Pope Francis - the first 24 hours.

Our reporter caught up with His Holiness as he and many Cardinals celebrated with a few pints down the "Choirboy and Priest" in downtown Rome. He raised his head from the table and blessed the entire...

Flash! Aa-aaaa! 14.03.13 8:43pm
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Woman Speak Explained No 27

If you are out together and she says "I need a Rimmel Counter" you might expect to have to buy her some strange device that er counts rimmels - but no. She only wants some lipstick!!...

Flash! Aa-aaaa! 14.03.13 8:32pm
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