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"None of the above" set for landslide victory

According to latest polls, the "None of the above" party are going to steal a march on the major political parties in the council elections this week., A poll of polls indicates that nearly half the...

NewBiscuit 29.04.13 3:09pm
Milliband Deliberately Gives Hopeless Interviews To Lull Tories Into Complacency 0
Titus 29.04.13 3:08pm
Extraterrestrials highly critical of new Universal credit payment system. 0
sredni vashta 29.04.13 2:10pm
sredni vashta
Gazza psychiatrist says teeth are 'all in his head' 0
McKenzie 29.04.13 1:42pm
Clowns hit back angrily at comparison to UKIP.

A spokesman for clowns said, " It should be noted that clowns have recently celebrated several successes in politics, notably in Italy and the election of Boris as Mayor of London." He continued,...

Ian Searle 29.04.13 1:27pm
Ian Searle
Nick Clegg's promises could be converted into biofuel, claim scientists 0
sydalg 29.04.13 1:25pm
Scandal as Amish man admits his buggy has power steering 0
sydalg 29.04.13 1:24pm
Sleepy English villages to be placed on back-to-work programme. 0
sredni vashta 29.04.13 1:02pm
sredni vashta
UK ‘thrown into confusion’ as elections approach

The UK was today thrown into a confused slanging match today as local elections loomed. ‘Top’, old, saggy jawed, politicians appeared on tv and used words like ‘clowns’, ‘fruitcakes’,...

Reg Herring 29.04.13 12:36pm
Reg Herring
Over 140 sheep come forward in Welsh valleys sex abuse scandal. More soon 1
JoeBradley 29.04.13 12:36pm
‘Embarrassing Bodies – Greek Mythology Special’ a huge success, says Channel 4

Channel 4 has declared the fifth series of ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ a ratings triumph. This focused entirely on Greek mythology and has entranced viewers with heart-warming true legends that viewers...

Oxbridge 29.04.13 12:21pm
Paddy Berzinski
Ashton-under-Lyne citizens subjected to universal Income Decimating System probe

A massive shake-up in benefit systems has been launched in Greater Manchester, with the first claims being made for a new universal credit payment known as IDS or the Income Decimating System. Over...

Dick Everyman 29.04.13 12:04pm
Paddy Berzinski
Future Children's TV Presenters To Be Vetted. Suitable Vet Already Hired. 0
Titus 29.04.13 11:22am
New financial institution founded to lend to tramps - the Vagabundesbank 0
sydalg 29.04.13 11:00am
Ian Duncan Smith gives back benefits given back by rich pensioners

"Everybody's got the wrong end of the stick," Work and Pensioners Secretary Ian Duncan Smith told reporters this morning. "On the subject of sticks, for example, if you can afford your own stick and...

nickb 29.04.13 10:41am
Iain Duncan Smith defends the consolidation of names for benefit claimants

Today marks the start of the government’s scheme to consolidate the benefits of double barrelled names into a universal single barrelled name for those on benefits. Initially affecting new...

Not Amused 29.04.13 10:18am
Not Amused
Pensioners Urged To Hand Over Their Heating Allowance Direct To RBS Bosses

"Cut out the middle-man", rather than take Ian Duncan-Smith's advice just to hand it back to the government...

Titus 29.04.13 10:01am

Way to similar to the one just below it that had been there longer...

Ian Searle 29.04.13 8:29am
Ian Searle
Plastic Surgeons - "Our Lips Are Sealed"

The Association of British Plastic Surgeons remained tight-lipped today over the new 'wonder treatment' that's the talk of the celebrity world. A spokesman declined to comment on the new procedure...

Pigeon of Wisdom 29.04.13 8:16am
Pigeon of Wisdom
Paedophile Denies Having Been A Children's TV Presenter

"I may be an admitted child molester" said convicted paedophile Arthur Blenkinsop "But I emphatically deny ever having sunk to the level of presenting children's television shows - I do have...

Titus 29.04.13 8:01am
Labour Party To Stop Describing Far-Right Opponents As "Swivel-Eyed Loons"

"Can't imagine why" says Ed Milliband...

Titus 29.04.13 7:52am
Manufacturer of cooking sherry finally admits it's really aimed at tramp market 0
sydalg 29.04.13 7:33am
Down-and-out ex-wife of FA star admits to being wagabond 1
sydalg 29.04.13 7:24am
Richard III's head to replace Marvin on JLS' farewell tour 0
victimms 29.04.13 7:14am
Ken Clarke to judge UKIP fruitcake competition 0
nickb 29.04.13 7:03am
Pubic hair dye to be marketed as Vagablonde

(gets coat)...

Smart Alex 29.04.13 7:01am
Smart Alex
BBC to continue sponsorship of Emeli Sande

Block booked for all ceremonies...

virtuallywill 29.04.13 6:16am
Vacancies coming up in comedy for the over 65s, predicts Yewtree officer 0
sydalg 29.04.13 12:41am
Failed Bank To Issue Vagabonds

Senior staff to be re-deployed...

Titus 28.04.13 11:36pm
Homeless Spy Movie Franchise 'Rebooted' with Latest Vagabond Film

The Hobo-centric movie studio VanVision Tramp have announced that they are 'rebooting' their successful Vagabond franchise., "We're really existed about this new chapter" Mumbled studio head honcho...

thisisall1word 28.04.13 11:29pm