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Troubled razor blade manufacturer threatens to cut workforce 11
Screenie 3 years
Man thrown out of thai restaurant for not wearing one. 0
RJWinter 3 years
BAE systems admits defeat and starts producing Happy Meal toys. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 3 years
Economists hire private investigator to track down the "Rational Consumer". 0
Al OPecia 3 years

No luck so far...

Star Austrian horse farmer, Jörg Spechmaier, now has stable relationship 1
RJWinter 3 years
Miliband speech sparks slump in propofol sales 0
roybland 3 years
Idea for a television programme: 0
Rhodium3 3 years

"Fat chance with Russell Grant". Barrell-chested astrologer and general nit-wit Russell Grant investigates preposterous claims and theories which are never likely to come true; Elvis working in an...

The Miliband: the wavelengths between which policies become undetectable. 3
Al OPecia 3 years
Shipman defends his actions through medium (with a little help from a friend) 1
witless 3 years

It was a seriously wrong move that cost him his entire career, but doctor, Harold Shipman, has spoken up from the dead through a medium and said it was appropriate for him to be punished. Porky...

Heather Mills breaks down on last leg of journey 3
witless 3 years

metal fatigue blamed...

Ten Milibands make one Centiband, claim scientists. 3
SpankyMonkey 3 years

I'm here all week, try the veal., By the same token, one thousand Milibands could form one Band. But it would play shit and repetitive music and the lead singers would fall out with each other over...

Local man suffering from insomnia cured by attending a conference 0
Dumbnews 3 years
Police admit 'pen mightier than sword' as National Biro Amnesty begins 5
dicky37 3 years

People up and down the country were last night urged to hand in their pens to UK police stations as part of a nationwide Biro Amnesty, operating a no-questions-asked policy. The crackdown comes as a...

Richard Desmond lottery tickets 'help detect mental illness' 2
3 years

Daily Express owner Richard Desmond will launch a new lottery today, with strong links to mental health charities. Approximately 100% of ticket sales are expected to go to morons. Desmond has a long...

Hedge fund collapse triggers Hampton Court maze closure 0
spoole2112 3 years

More later...

Demand for skylights going through the roof 0
spoole2112 3 years

More later...

Chaos at Liverpool's Labour Conference as locals steal conference Hall. 2
ubermoomin 3 years

Ed Milliband's address to the party conference was interrupted today as the conference hall was stolen mid speech by an unruly collection of locals. 'Ed was in fine form,' Stated one conference...

Been done before. 0
John Ffitch-Rucker 3 years
Stuart Hall on operational readiness alert as Knockout Stages approach 0
simonjmr 3 years
Nodding dog captivates Labour Conference for hours 0
simonjmr 3 years
Wes Craven's new movie in financial turmoil, cast and crew slashed 0
simonjmr 3 years
Miliband's promise to "break closed circles" puts Olympic branding in turmoil 0
Perks 3 years
Tweeter - social networking for audiophiles 0
vertical 3 years
Ofcom receives complaints about rational Jeremy Vine listener 7
Mr_Johno 3 years

Ofcom has received over 200 complaints after a caller to Jeremy Vine’s radio show gave a rational and balanced point of view live on air. The popular afternoon Radio 2 show hosted by Mr Vine, was...

Political chameleon Miliband to dazzle conference by repeatedly changing colour 6
Gary Stanton 3 years

Ed Miliband will take on the mantle of political chameleon in a closing speech to the party conference later this week by adapting the colour of his skin to appeal to all shades of the electorate....

Farmer asks Rihanna to 'cover her assets' 13
Screenie 3 years

Baabadian singer, Rihanna, has been asked to 'cover up her ass' by a farmer who's field she was using to shoot one of her latest crop of videos. 'I'm not sure what would a tractor to my fields in...

Whiteboard markers to be banned due to non compliance with equal opportunities 0
Basil_B 3 years
Fencing company announces loss of 3000 posts 5
bonjonelson 3 years
Basildon Council seek to evict illegal time travellers 0
grottymonty 3 years

Worth expanding or yesterday's news?...

More jobs bad news: Sharp fall in vacancies in the hotel industry 0
grottymonty 3 years