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Man with immense home-improvement skills described as "complete tool". 0
sredni vashta 10.04.13 11:43am
sredni vashta
Simon Cowell to record Thatcher tribute

Conservative Think Tank “Pecuniam pro vetus funis” have teamed up with Simon Cowell to record a money making single to cash in on the death of Margaret Thatcher. In an interview with faux...

Baldiebaldo 10.04.13 11:05am
Durham miners offer abandoned mine shaft for Iron Lady's internment 0
Dick Everyman 10.04.13 10:57am
Dick Everyman
Traces of Bute found in Argyll

More the noo...

virtuallywill 10.04.13 10:46am
Sir Geoffrey Howe to give funeral oration but asked to avoid cricket metaphors.. 0
10.04.13 10:25am
South UK Ignores Threat By Ai-Lix Sal-Mon To Dispatch Warships & Nukes To South

(In acknowledgement to a brilliant NB lead story today!)...

Titus 10.04.13 9:52am
Two-minute silence for Thatcher vetoed by Noise Abatement Society... 0
Tripod 10.04.13 9:47am
Planking supernanomaterials 'a threat to our livelihood' says Daily Mail

The Daily Mail has warned its readers of the potential threat to humanity posed by a new wave of supernanomaterials released into the public domain by scientists this week. Purportedly the lightest...

kga6 10.04.13 9:21am
I've Seen The Future And It's A Jerk! - Tory Masterplan....

Unemployed to be sent south to wait at Tory tables...

Jesse Bigg 10.04.13 9:11am
Jesse Bigg
Geologists Warn UK Government That Any More Big Bonuses To Bankers.......

will result in a more permanent North-South divide. Fracking heck!...

Jesse Bigg 10.04.13 8:56am
Jesse Bigg
Honours committee to investigate Batman's use of Dark Knight title 0
simonjmr 10.04.13 8:42am
Outrage As MPs Decline To Hold 1 Minute Silence To Commemorate George Best 0
Titus 10.04.13 8:41am
New Badge Of Honour....

No, I have n't seen that Meryl Streep film!...

Jesse Bigg 10.04.13 8:36am
Jesse Bigg
Banker gives up knighthood before its awarded to him 0
simonjmr 10.04.13 8:35am
Asda prepares for Bute recall

More shopping news later!...

victimms 10.04.13 8:19am
Jaundiced Reporters Resort To Yellow Journalism 0
sredni vashta 10.04.13 2:21am
sredni vashta
Men tired of women not accepting they have equal rights

Men have told feminists to shut up and listen to them on gender equality. Men have decided that women now have full equality and asking for any more concessions is, basically, sexist. An...

Hooch 09.04.13 11:32pm
A minutes violence to be held in memory of Margaret Thatcher. More Soon 2
JoeBradley 09.04.13 10:58pm
Police warn of travel chaos as Mark Thatcher chosen to lead funeral cortege

More soon[list=1]...

Scronnyglonkle 09.04.13 10:44pm
Advocates of Thatcher statue reminded that many ex-miners also train pigeons 1
Nowherefast 09.04.13 10:22pm
Devil resigns; cites constructive dismissal after two days of workplace bullying 1
antharrison 09.04.13 10:01pm
Thatcher plot faces Marx: But the lady's not for turning

Funeral directors confirmed that Thatcher's funeral plot faces towards the grave stone of Karl Marx...

Alfred Noakes 09.04.13 8:49pm
Alfred Noakes
James Crosby to fall on his sword, then give it back. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 09.04.13 8:41pm
Al OPecia
Manchester Utd Criticised For Burying Bad Result News with Thatcher Passing

The FA and several opposing club supporters trusts have criticised Manchester United Football Club for releasing news of their loss to rivals Manchester City on the day of ex Prime Minister Margaret...

thisisall1word 09.04.13 8:22pm
BREAKING NEWS: Orgreave Colliery Brass Band to Headline Thatcherbury Festival

BREAKING NEWS: Orgreave Colliery Brass Band to Headline at Next Weeks Thatcherbury Festival...

JC 09.04.13 8:20pm
Shamed banker returns 30% of £580,000 pension as he finally comes clean 1
custard cream 09.04.13 8:12pm
Smart Alex
Crosby Knighthood Turns Up On Ebay 0
Mike Turbine-Hamilton 09.04.13 8:11pm
Mike Turbine-Hamilton
Cabinet members "too nervous" to tell Thatcher she's dead

Coalition cabinet members have privately admitted that no-one has told Mrs Thatcher that she's died. "I don't think she'll take it very well." It's understood that someone has slipped a note into her...

apepper 09.04.13 7:51pm
Child Support Agency chasing God for 'several million pounds including interest' 0
blacklesbianandproudofit 09.04.13 6:47pm
Thatcher PM - Geoffrey Howe's knife found in back 0
Terry 09.04.13 6:45pm