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New Channel 5 show: Justin Lee Collins is Jimmy Savile

In the first of his comeback projects, Justin Lee Collins will attempt to regain his nice guy persona by playing beloved children’s television presenter Sir Jimmy Savile. The biography will air on...

Hooch 02.10.12 5:47pm
Former BR executive admits 'It's not the age of the train we had to worry about' 1
medici2471 02.10.12 4:12pm
Half the Great Barrier Reef found to be missing. Scouser tour group quizzed 0
dvo4fun 02.10.12 4:00pm
Survey findings: Turns out that "parents' worst nightmares" not all the same. 0
dvo4fun 02.10.12 3:58pm
Hobby Bobby in murder attempt

Special Constable Peter Morris has been accused of attempting to murder the Chief Constables wife. "I was only following orders, we were at a charity function, I was takling to the Chief's wife when...

simonjmr 02.10.12 3:53pm
Lewis Hamilton claims Mercedes move ‘centred on cup holders’

F1 maestro Lewis Hamilton claims he has ‘finally matured’, and looks for more in a car these days, such as adequate cup holders. After spending several weeks looking through brochures, he’s...

02.10.12 3:51pm
Welcome to the Jungle

ITV bosses have hinted that Terry Weight will be amongst the contestants on the next series of "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here"...

busterjelly 02.10.12 3:39pm
Liam Neeson reports to be "KNACKERED" after hunt for Stammer. It has been reported this morning that the filming of Taken 2, has taken its toll on actor Liam Neeson. In a recent...

therealjoeowen 02.10.12 3:25pm
Bounty for anti-muslim film maker increases...

A second bounty has been offered to anyone who kills the film maker who angered the Muslim world., This news report can exclusively disclose that Jedward were behind the film, don't worry about the...

philthefunk 02.10.12 2:46pm
Bexhill residents outraged.

Bexhill-On-Sea, which has the highest concentration of centenarians in the country, has had it's resident's outraged and angered by the opening of a new NEXT in the town centre., It's not a clothes...

philthefunk 02.10.12 2:44pm
From Calculus to Cunnelingus

Megan Stammers tells her steamy story exclusively in this week's Sun. Or something...

Scroat 02.10.12 2:04pm
Charles Anyone confirms he's never been hit by Justin Lee Collins

TV presenter Justin Lee Collins (JLC) has told a court he has "never hit Anyone" in his life. A claim that was also confirmed by Charles Anyone who giving evidence on behalf of the alleged Bristolian...

simonjmr 02.10.12 1:31pm
Ricky Hatton marks comeback with bout against Jedward...'s not news, merely a wish...

philthefunk 02.10.12 1:21pm
Jeremy Forrest to be fined for taking child on holiday during term-time 0
Idiot 02.10.12 1:08pm
Dragons' Den Star Bannatyne tells hospital, "I'm out" 0
Ian Searle 02.10.12 1:02pm
Ian Searle
Jeremy Forrest wants ‘time and a half’ for taking on ‘out of school’ activities. 0
Tripod 02.10.12 1:01pm
“Permission granted”, say planners, “for dance hall on Jimmy Savile’s grave"... 0
Tripod 02.10.12 12:52pm
Dictionary corner: Savile, abbrev. e.g. "Jimmy’s a vile paedophile scumbag". 0
sigmund 02.10.12 12:50pm
Bounty raised (pt2!)

Police have confirmed that the reward for Gary Baldy, the country's most notorious cake thief, has risen to 'hundreds and thousands'...

philthefunk 02.10.12 12:49pm
Tom Jones puts Jimmy Savile into perspective - “It's not unusual” 0
02.10.12 12:47pm
World's infamous bigamist dies...

Chuck Confetti, the World's most infamous bigamist has died aged 61. He leaves 12 wives and 23 children...

philthefunk 02.10.12 12:46pm
Sex abuse victim

fingers the late Jimmy Saville,police have now incased his coffin in concrete after Savilles alleged victim says she was only getting her own back...

Dave Grigger 02.10.12 12:43pm
Dave Grigger
'Jim flixed it for me' 0
medici2471 02.10.12 12:42pm
Adele's new Skyfall song title revealed: 'Diet Another Day'

get the spelllling right this time...

custard cream 02.10.12 12:36pm
custard cream
Adele's new Skyfall song title realised: 'Diet Another Day'

More soon....

custard cream 02.10.12 12:32pm
custard cream
England Twenty20 Team lost in order to win Sports Personality of the Year Award

Speaking after England’s early exit from the World Twenty 20 tournament at the hands of the host nation, captain Stuart Broad revealed his true motivation in Sri Lanka:, “Twenty 20 is nothing. ...

Call Me Adam 02.10.12 12:18pm
Call Me Adam
X Factor denies dumbing down...

.as they were aiming at the stupid and easily led in the first place...

philthefunk 02.10.12 12:17pm
BBC admit spelling mistake, It should have been..."Jim'l Fuck it" 1
Rowly 02.10.12 12:12pm
One ‘l’ in ‘Savile’, one ‘f’ in ‘cover-up’... 0
Tripod 02.10.12 12:06pm
Megan Stammers - well, she does now her Dad's got hold of her. 0
Nick Parry 02.10.12 12:06pm
Nick Parry