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Germaine Greer Hails Saudi Arabia "World Women's Capital" 1
apepper 3 years

Academic and Feminist Germaine Greer has named Saudi Arabia as the most woman friendly country in the world following the retraction of punishment by lashing of a female driver. "Obviously, woman...

Dirty whistle found - working hypothesis flawed 1
Jimbo 3 years

Play on clean as a whistle, article also include bright as a button etc...

Entomologist arrested in restaurant for fly tipping 0
JohnA 3 years
House/Big Issue prices to be linked says Osborne 0
tedweasel 3 years

Chancellor George Osborne today announced plans to regulate the Big Issue price fixing policy which currently exploits thousands of vulnerable homeowners throughout the country. "House prices have...

Worried parents sue Adobe for allowing PDF Files online 6
Perks 3 years

To tenuous??...

NHS Hospital admits “nothing went wrong” 0
3 years

Embarrassed hospital chiefs were today forced to admit that “nothing went tragically wrong” with the care of an elderly Birmingham woman. Her family were said to be “shocked” and are...

UK house prices treading water 0
witless 3 years

buoys up plumbers income...

Metal thieves 'bane of society' claims time traveller 1
Screenie 3 years
Hatchet manufacturer to axe workforce 0
Iamthestig 3 years
Kodak film Labs reports negative growth 0
witless 3 years


Whip manufacturer announces cut backs 18
Screenie 3 years

Does that work? I got too confused and panicked. Note:, Title was originally:, Reduction in cut backs at Cat o' nine tails testing plant as rope prices sour but changed to current through...

Saudi insurers won't payout on female whiplash claims 4
roybland 3 years
No Policy Change on Use of Date Systems BC and AD claims BBCE 2
medici2471 3 years


PM bans supermarket plastic bags – knit your own 2
witless 3 years

Britain’s biggest supermarkets and their customers are today given an ultimatum by the Prime Minister, stop using plastic carrier bags and start knitting your own. “During the war years, the...

Brain damaged Judge has right to live 0
witless 3 years

Landmark ruling, Judges in a persistent vegetative state are "common or garden"...

"He's Bad!...He's Bad!" Transcript released from Jackson doc's frantic call 1
spoole2112 3 years

More later...

Scientists discover "anti-policy" particles by smashing Milibands together 13
Al OPecia 3 years

Scientists at CERN's research centre have made a startling discovery, after getting bored and messing about with their Large Hadron Collider. "We've not had much luck lately", explained Dr Heinz...

Saudi King Decree: Take the whip crack away 0
Gary Baldy 3 years
Thurrock FC in bid for Tevez 0
Sinnick 3 years
Tramp Looks Set for Spell on the Sidelines After Refusing to Come Off Bench 3
kga6 3 years

in Villa Park...

Bambell told, "You dirty old man". More soon. 2
dominic_mcg 3 years
Plans for New IKEA Shelved by Locals Supporting Village DIY Shop 0
kga6 3 years

Residents of a village earmarked as the location to build a new IKEA complex have put the project to bed today with "rigorous campaigning". They flocked to the local do-it-yourself shop to show their...

Pope "a little pious" claims man who met him in Germany last week 0
simonjmr 3 years

"Frankly he was all holier than thou, which was a bit off putting. He should act a bit meeker. More people would like him then" More soon...

yuri_nahl 3 years

The Pope was on a roll, and continued, "This is a similar concept to the lunatic Paul Wolfowitz, (Yes, THAT Paul Wolfowitz), scheme for harvesting bull elephant semen to use as a life-giving elixir...

Hold Carlos close and talk quietly and calmly to him 1
Plockton Assbeard 3 years

Man City chiefs send Mancini on tantrum management course...

Amazon Zero Power Kindle 0
apepper 3 years

In a series of product announcements, Amazon have introduced a new range of Kindle devices including what may be the most revolutionary Zero Power Kindle. "This is a game changer.", claimed Jeff...

Iron curtain targetted by metal thieves 0
brd888 3 years

Meanwhile Somali pirates make off with Oil Rig...

Metal thieves raid scrap yard 0
brd888 3 years

Scrapyard owner, Fred Goodwin, yesterday pleaded for information from the public following a massive raid on his scrap metal yard yesterday. "They made off with dozens of manhole covers, three bronze...

yuri_nahl 3 years

Many people, including those scholars who focus on recent British history, do, not know that Winston Churchill, who was normally never at a loss for, words, had a veritable desert in his mind after...

Amazon Kindle Fire "inflammable and may catch light at any moment" 0
JohnA 3 years

Obvious jokes here...