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Probe into man abducted by aliens 0
Immunis 09.01.12 5:47pm
Worrall-Thompson releases recipe for Sticky Finger Pudding. More soon.

And shows how to bake a cake containing a metal file...

Al OPecia 09.01.12 5:21pm
Al OPecia
Worrall-Thompson named as villain in Bond remake "You only lift rice". More soon

..and "For your pies only", "Sieve and let sieve".all together now...

Al OPecia 11.01.12 12:06pm
Worrell-Thompson's New Cookery Show.....

.Ready, Steady, Took...

Jesse Bigg 10.01.12 9:59am
John Ffitch-Rucker
New crocodile treats 'Bungee Snaps' are instant hit in Zimbabwe 0
Screenie 09.01.12 4:06pm
Unexpected Idiot in Bagging Area 0
bonjonelson 09.01.12 4:00pm
A W T Cooking the books, more when we return

Latest Anthony Worrall Thompson recipe, take two eggs, pinch the pastry...

waggy 09.01.12 3:39pm
Tesco: " it was 8 items or less - as you'd take to the programme"

adpoting the policy of Ready Steady Cook contestants...

Laughingstock 09.01.12 3:32pm
Mary Portas found guilty of shopfitting 0
nickb 09.01.12 3:29pm
Scout group's alien encounter

“On the first night of our annual scout camp, we saw lights in the sky, but I reassured the boys that they were just Chinese lanterns,” reported scout leader Duncan Roberts of the 43rd Todmorden...

Major Clanger 12.01.12 2:10pm
Major Clanger
Ferry company Sea-France "goes under". 7
seymour totti 09.01.12 7:49pm
Gardener Loses Plot. - 2

Or, if you prefer, Solicitor Loses Will...

sredni vashta 11.01.12 7:57pm
Worrall Thompson produces seven course banquet for £5 on Ready Steady Cook

A special edition of Ready Steady Cook has wowed viewers as Antony Worrall Thompson managed to make a full 7 course banquet for 8 people, without exceeding the £5 limit. ‘I have no idea how he...

Vertically Challenged Giant 11.01.12 3:56pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
England, Wales & N. Ireland to hold referendum on Independence

Get in first., We all knew this would happen when the Scots got Evolution!...

tedweasel 09.01.12 2:10pm
Leveson Inquiry hails Kelvin Mackenzie as the blueprint for 'ethical press' 0
irregular apple 09.01.12 1:48pm
irregular apple
Divide and Rule latest: Diane Abbott's pet rabbits named sooty and snowy 0
button 09.01.12 1:46pm
Worrall Thompson adds concealed file to favourite cake recipie 0
irregular apple 09.01.12 1:44pm
irregular apple
Bahrain GP to be held in Scarborough

Due to continued protests not to hold the Bahrain GP, Ecclestone and all but one of the teams have agreed to hold the race in Scarborough, UK. A series of arcade machines linked together will provide...

gwalker2805 09.01.12 1:27pm
New recipe for stollen cake from Anthony Worrall Thompson 7
Scroat 11.01.12 1:08pm
Westminster's downer: "It's two alcohol-free days, not two free-alcohol days" 0
dvo4fun 09.01.12 1:10pm
Worrall Thompson: "I really need to take something for my condition." 1
Scroat 09.01.12 2:16pm
Major Clanger
Hadrian's Wall plaque to be removed by flossing 0
medici2471 09.01.12 12:49pm
Anwar Ibrahim verdict splits those closest to him

sore moon....

cinquecento 09.01.12 12:45pm
Drinks industry to re-position weekly alcohol unit limits as ‘Your 3-a-day’

Responding to a recent MPs' report calling for a re-think of alcohol guidelines in the UK the Portman Group, a body representing the alcoholic drinks industry, has proposed "re-imagining" current...

Re Pete 09.01.12 11:57am
Re Pete
League Managers’ Association Vacancy: Director of Referee-Slagging

Following the departure of manager Neil Warnock from Premiership Club Queens Park Rangers, the League Managers’ Association (LMA) are seeking a new Director of Referee-Slagging. The successful...

Midfield Diamond 09.01.12 11:55am
Midfield Diamond
Geordies disappointed at 'wor horse' premier.

'Nay, lad, it's no' about where us lives'...

John Ffitch-Rucker 09.01.12 10:33pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Worrall Thompson denies taking the bus to Sainsburys 1
medici2471 09.01.12 12:41pm
Coe left reeling as Ovett pips him to chairmanship on final bend.

Steve Ovett has overtaken Seb Coe to become Chairman of the London Organising Committee on the final lap of the 2012 Olympic preparations. Ovett timed his surprise manoeuvre perfectly at the first...

Boutros 09.01.12 11:33pm
Dyson vacuum quality questioned as husband’s Christmas gift “breaks again”

Hi-tech home appliance company Dyson were today inundated with criticism as a woman announced that the DC22 Multi-floor cleaner she bought her husband for Christmas has mysteriously broken for the...

kimllfixit 09.01.12 3:31pm
seymour totti
Half a grapefruit, cocktail sticks and pineapple chunks still missing

As Anthony Worrall-thomson celebrated his release from custody by throwing a celebratory party at his home, the manager of the branch of Tesco which caught him shoplifitng has revealed that half a...

allmyownstunts 09.01.12 11:54am
Vertically Challenged Giant