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Ian "H" Watkins "targeted at vulnerable children." 0
Ref Minor 21.12.13 12:07pm
Ref Minor
Calls for Sky coverage of England’s World Cup humiliation to be made exclusive

Having been saved from much of England’s pitiful performance in the Ashes Tests due to Sky having the exclusive rights, millions of armchair sports fans are calling for similar arrangements for the...

Midfield Diamond 21.12.13 11:50am
Des Custard
All Ian 'H' Watkins photos online to be branded with 'Not a Paedophile'

Ex Steps singer, Ian 'H' Watkins, who is absolutely not a paedophile, but has been mistaken for one due to sloppy image search algorithms online and equally sloppy journalism, has taken steps, ahem,...

bonjonelson 21.12.13 11:49am
Fowl play suspected at apollo 8
Backup Brian 21.12.13 11:15am
Secret-Santa holds little mystery in two person office. 2
MADJEZ 21.12.13 10:30am
Lam Kok off the Christmas menu in Bordeaux. 0
MADJEZ 21.12.13 10:04am
Government criticize food banks for not lending enough. 0
MADJEZ 21.12.13 10:02am
UN in emergency session as North Korea perfect fax technology. 0
MADJEZ 21.12.13 9:52am
Pandemonium at G-A-Y club after poof collapse 0
Smart Alex 21.12.13 8:25am
Smart Alex
North Korea apologise to South for 'hotel reservation' fax

Kim Jong-un has apologised to his South Korean neighbours after sending a fax in error that has been interpreted as a threat of military action against his neighbours. The North Korean leader sent...

James Pluside 21.12.13 6:16am
James Pluside
Theatreland 'shocked' by West End tragedy

Theatre goers attending an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical have received messages of sympathy from people across theatreland after parts of the ceiling at The Aldwych refused to budge at any time during...

Gerontius 21.12.13 2:43am
Health warning: Nigella's cookie crumbles when placed under the Grillo 0
irreverendJ 20.12.13 11:52pm
Rik Mayal & Ade Edmundson to star in N.Korea remake of BBC comedy classic

The Jung Uns...

Gerontius 20.12.13 7:41pm
God and Santa agree to job-share...

After months of tense negotiations, God and Santa Claus have agreed to job-share. At a hastily convened press-call, yesterday, both men outlined their plans for working less and relaxing more....

Tripod 20.12.13 7:28pm
Nigella Lawson to Rush Release Cover of ‘White Christmas’

TV cook Nigella Lawson, claiming that court costs in the fraud case involving former employees of herself and ex-husband Charles Saatchi have left her “paying through the nose”, is this weekend...

Iggy Pop-Barker 20.12.13 6:26pm
Iggy Pop-Barker
Grillo sisters to present on QVC Shopping Channel

Francesca Grillo and sister Elisabetta are to present on QVC's Shopping Channel. The move follows their acquittal at Isleworth Crown Court on charges of fraud, brought against them by TV cook,...

Dick Everyman 20.12.13 5:04pm
Dick Everyman
Christmas comes early for those that forgot to put their clocks back in October

*for use on Christmas eve at 11pm*...

D 20.12.13 4:58pm
Luis Suarez Bites Bullet And Signs Long-term Liverpool Contract

Liverpool FC chairman Mr Eric Bullet was later released from Liverpool Infirmary after a series of rabies shots...

pinxit 20.12.13 4:55pm
They bringing down the house at the Apollo - but are the critics happy? Oh no... 0
ronseal 20.12.13 2:44pm
UKIP to use HS2 to rapidly transport Romanians to Scotland

Disposable trains will fall off cliffs into the sea at John O’Groats under a new plan developed with a Tory right wing think tank ahead of a possible coalition at the next election. Those who...

farmer giles 20.12.13 1:28pm
farmer giles
Tulisa pleads 'not guilty' to dealing 'shit music'

Tulisa Contostavlos has appeared in court today and pleaded 'not guilty' to being a part of N-Dubz. The alleged singer was arrested back in June following an undercover sting that caught her on tape...

James Pluside 20.12.13 12:32pm
Midfield Diamond
Theatre staging Chicken Licken panto closed for structural checks 0
Idiot 20.12.13 12:21pm
Investigative feature: Theatre ceiling collapsed and it was awful

An extensive investigative journalism report has revealed that the ceiling of a threatre has collapsed. Following significant and substantial investigative work, an exclusive interview with a...

jamsieoconnor 20.12.13 11:21am
King Herod unveils radical plan to avoid bedroom tax... 0
Tripod 20.12.13 10:44am
Stoke allotments shortlisted as viable option for new Heathrow runway.

Heathrow's third runway could potentially be sited on an allotment in Stoke on Trent, Airport executives today confirmed. At the time of writing, top level talks are being held between Senior...

blokefromstoke 20.12.13 10:00am
Players would like a return to sitting say PFA

Players from the Premiership’s top flight clubs say they would like seats installed on the pitch during Premiership matches., A survey carried out by the PFA found most leading players would like...

Gerontius 20.12.13 9:55am
West End performance brings the house down.

No encore soon, and no dead so I think it's ok...

James Pluside 20.12.13 9:49am
Iain Duncan Smith to ban food banks – could be next Tottenham boss

The Chingford Slaphead smirked: “What’s all the fuss about? I enjoy wastage, incompetence and inflicting pain and misery upon poor and vulnerable people.” It was pointed out to him...

farmer giles 20.12.13 9:14am
farmer giles
Man adds 'H' to his name In a bid to avoid confusion, abuse and exploitation

A man has inserted the initial 'H' between his first and last names and received a public apology after his photo was erroneously splashed all over websites and magazines during the last few weeks. ...

pinxit 20.12.13 9:14am
The word 'fat' is fatist, claims wobblebottom 4
Squudge 20.12.13 8:54am