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Mr Harris, Is That Really An Extra Leg? 0
deceangli 19.04.13 2:57pm
Rolf Harris to release "Two Little Boys"

[I may need legal advice on this ]...

Sinnick 19.04.13 2:49pm
The Nage
"I'm more than qualified to screw up our education system" claims Gove

Following the National Union of Teacher's unanimous vote that Michael Gove is a complete arse, with about as much relevant experience to be Secretary of State for Education as Kerry Katona has to be...

Mr_Johno 19.04.13 2:44pm
Rolf warned if found guilty he could transported to Australia. 0
MADJEZ 19.04.13 2:19pm
Price of flammable Chechen flags rockets in the US.

More xenophobic outrage soon...

MADJEZ 19.04.13 1:39pm
Teachers propose longer working day for MPs and shorter holidays

The changes would see their current eighty two days summer break, or nearly 12 weeks, reduced by almost half to match the time off most workers are entitled to during an entire year. If the changes...

Ian Searle 19.04.13 1:38pm
New One Direction single urged as consumer spending falls

Chancellor George Osborne has blamed the UK's top boy band, One Direction, for disappointing retail figures for the last quarter. He said: "If the economy is to pick up, we need our wealth creators,...

monkeyrepublic 19.04.13 1:15pm
Jake The Peg Accused Of "Inappropriate Behaviour" 1
Titus 19.04.13 1:07pm
Son of Barnabas
Paul Gascoigne boards plane for Boston with a fishing rod and some chicken 0
Backup Brian 19.04.13 12:52pm
Backup Brian
Clairvoyant Decides Future in Business

A clairvoyant has finally decided to give up on his career. He feels that there is no future in the business...

GillsImp 19.04.13 12:41pm
Clairvoyant and Psychic Club Summer 2013 Mystery Tour Bookings Now Being Taken 1
SJM 19.04.13 12:38pm
Woman says Harris put didgeridoo where it didgerishouldn't have been 0
Drylaw 19.04.13 12:37pm
Storm Thorgerson to be buried in a prism

More news from the Darkside later...

victimms 19.04.13 12:24pm
Straight People Complain That The Phrase 'Not Gay' Is Heterophobic 1
Titus 19.04.13 10:58am
custard cream
Ding`s Dong-Bell Ding-Dong

Chinese Snooker ace Ding Junhua has sparked controversy in his homeland by admitting that he regularly attaches small weights, sometimes called Dong-bells to his manhood in an attempt to boost the...

Nimrod 19.04.13 10:57am
custard cream
Victims describe one-armed conman as incomplete bastard. 0
sredni vashta 19.04.13 10:52am
sredni vashta
Report finds link no between eating mature cheese and sensible behaviour 0
custard cream 19.04.13 10:48am
custard cream
Mid Staffs NHS Trust announce new sponsorship deal with Dignitas 0
custard cream 19.04.13 10:47am
custard cream
What english people don't know - secret guide to speaking the welsh language

In welsh it is perfectly acceptable to use english words whenever you don't know or can't be bothered to think of the correct welsh word. For beginners therefore welsh is the easiest language of all...

blacklesbianandproudofit 19.04.13 10:45am
Britons 'won't let terrorists stop them from ignoring London Marathon'

'I refuse to be intimated by extremists,' said 46-year-old Martin Deane. 'I fully intend to forget even that the marathon is this weekend, like I do every year.'...

Bravenewmalden 19.04.13 10:07am
Dictionary corner: Rolfing (vb). Deep and painful 'massage' technique. 0
sigmund 19.04.13 10:04am
"Jump in the car and I'll show you my didgeridoo" 0
Phil the Greek 19.04.13 9:45am
Phil the Greek
South Korea Tells North Korean Leader "Not Now, Cato!" 0
Titus 19.04.13 8:27am
Impulsive dermatologist made rash diagnosis, court finds. 2
sigmund 19.04.13 8:24am
Kim Jong Un and Michael McIntyre...never seen in the same room...uhm? 0
irreverendJ 19.04.13 8:17am
RSPCA to interview Rolf about alleged kangeroo abuse 0
irreverendJ 19.04.13 8:14am
Tie Me Teeny-Bop Down, Sport

Straight in at the Number One and Number Two slots...

Landfill 19.04.13 8:11am
Kim Jong-Un Only Stroppy 'Because He Was Not Invited To Thatcher Funeral' 0
Titus 19.04.13 8:07am
Latest Yewtree Arrest: Can You Guess Who It Is Yet? 2
Titus 19.04.13 7:48am
seymour totti
Rolf Harris asks Police, "Can you tell what I did yet"?

More soon - allegedly...

seymour totti 19.04.13 7:47am
seymour totti