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Abu Qatada to present "Thought for the Day"

We're blessed with a free press and we have an obligation to licence-fee payers to air a voice to all political and religious persuasions, says BBC Director General ...

Arthur 10.06.13 11:43am
Scientists Find Easy Way To Remove Dog Parasites With De-ticker Tape 0
Mark66 10.06.13 11:35am
Tour d'Indonesie ends with teak etape parade 1
cinquecento 10.06.13 10:52am
Beckhams defeat Schadenfreude

Britain’s journalists have called a halt to two decades of ridicule and derision aimed at David & Victoria. Despite hurling every conceivable poisonous slur at the golden couple, the Press has...

Wrenfoe 10.06.13 10:46am
"Ticker Tape" Scandal: Incompetent GCHQ Spy Records Nothing But His Own Watch

Neat-o. But ssh - don't tell anyone...

Titus 10.06.13 10:45am
Man left broken-hearted attempts repair with ticker tape 4
Smart Alex 10.06.13 10:37am
Prism scandal; Baby left in HANDBAG at London railway station.

More from Lady Bracknell soon...

MADJEZ 10.06.13 10:34am
Gove Secretly To Introduce New G, C, H and Q Level Exams 1
Titus 10.06.13 10:11am
BGT's Attraction to form new Shadow Cabinet 1
cinquecento 10.06.13 10:10am
Dyslexic fireworks show organiser disappointed by underachieving polytechnics

(Gets coat)...

Smart Alex 10.06.13 10:09am
GCHQ Staff Lose Will To Live After Trying For Two Years To De-Code NB Posts 2
Titus 10.06.13 10:08am
MP shocked to discover he spoke to an undercover constituent

MP Michael Hughes, MP for Alder Valley, expressed his 'shock and outrage' when it was revelaed that someone he took to be an undercover journalist was actually one of his constituents. 'It's...

John Wiltshire 10.06.13 9:58am
John Wiltshire
GCHQ praised as only government department that actually listens to its voters. 5
bonjonelson 10.06.13 9:17am
Dick Everyman
£375m Euro Lottery winner chokes to death on celebration ticker tape

Neat-O following disastrous and embarrassing first attempt...

Dick Everyman 10.06.13 8:47am
Smart Alex
Fans of Australian rum gather in Watford for the Bundaberg conference 0
johnnydobbo 10.06.13 8:42am
BBC weatherman reprimanded for 'insufficient glee' when reporting bad weather. 1
FOAD 10.06.13 8:09am
Innovative NewsBiscuit double sided ticker tape claimed to be twice as funny. 0
weematt 10.06.13 7:54am
Accuweather Pro offers better weather to $15/month subscibers

The leading metrology website can now offer better weather to subscribers prepared to pay $15/month for its premium service. 'A mere $15 each month means that the gloomy prediction...

antharrison 10.06.13 7:39am
Woman who threw eggs at Cowell...

had hidden supplies of milk, flour sugar, butter and salt. Police think she planned to batter him to death...

FOAD 10.06.13 7:35am
Lindy Moone
MP Traps Journalists With 'Sting' Operation By Falsely Pretending To Be Corrupt 5
Titus 10.06.13 7:09am
Britons have nothing to fear from large floating "Death Star"

Having quelled fears about internet snooping by GCHQ, William Hague made it clear that voters should not be worried by the partially constructed space station seen in the night sky above Slough. A...

Wrenfoe 10.06.13 7:01am
Man Complains After He Hacks Into GCHQ And Finds GCHQ Has Hacked His Emails 3
Titus 09.06.13 9:59pm
Vatican pledges to cut down on sainthood emissions

The Pope has responded to demands from environmentalists to stop what they call the “runaway canonisation spree” that has characterised Vatican policy in recent years. He has promised to limit...

sydalg 09.06.13 9:48pm
Sperm bank bailout "will milk taxpayers dry", economists warn 0
sydalg 09.06.13 9:34pm
Sperm Bank Crisis Latest: Government Resolve “Holding Firm”

The continuing fall in the sperm count in the Urethrazone has in recent days led to panic withdrawals as deposits dry up. Labour Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls has taken the lead in denouncing...

Iggy Pop-Barker 09.06.13 9:27pm
Iggy Pop-Barker
Jamie Oliver develops new range of Freezers - Bish-bash Bosch 0
Smart Alex 09.06.13 9:21pm
Smart Alex
Airfix aims to crack US market with new Drone and Afghan Wedding kit 5
pere floza 09.06.13 8:12pm
Man with addiction to unnecessary amputations says it has cost an arm and a leg 0
Ian Searle 09.06.13 8:11pm
Ian Searle
Shopper detained by supermarket security for not having up to date Nectar card 0
Ian Searle 09.06.13 8:09pm
Ian Searle
Lard to be renamed L'Ard in major image makeover 0
sydalg 09.06.13 8:07pm