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Algerian Special Forces attacked "In case Andy McNab turned up to advise" 0
dvo4fun 18.01.13 9:04am
British Snow Manufacturers Deny Outsourcing and Begin Shift-Work in the UK 0
Titus 18.01.13 9:02am
Tesco introduce new range of meat burgers 0
antharrison 18.01.13 1:01am
Apple Maps to be removed from helicopters 2
One Line Only 17.01.13 11:11pm
Players celebrate Camelot's win

Lottery players are celebrating lottery operator Camelot’s major win as the cost of a ticket is set to double in price later this year. Punters throughout the UK were jumping for jackpot joy as...

Dick Everyman 17.01.13 10:32pm
Dick Everyman
Scientists list things - like customer service - that AREN'T in your DNA

The newly formed DNA Reputation Management Council has published a list of things that could never be in your DNA and has called for a ban on over use of this science metaphor. The Top Ten Things...

ronseal 17.01.13 10:26pm
. 0
Mandy Lifeboat 17.01.13 9:50pm
Mandy Lifeboat
. 0
Mandy Lifeboat 17.01.13 9:45pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Tesco apology contained 'traces of horseshit'

An apology by Tesco for muddling up animals may have contained traces of horseshit, say regulators. Inspectors recently discovered that Tesco had as little idea what was inside the products it...

17.01.13 9:39pm
No No Feckin No
Algeria claims US supplied special forces manual only went up to clusterfuck 0
Nowherefast 17.01.13 9:20pm
French "upset horse meat was tainted with beef"

Merde! Bouef! J'ai demande cheval!...

quango 17.01.13 9:16pm
Necrophiliacs give thumbs up to Tesco's new range of Hearsemeat 2
ronseal 17.01.13 7:16pm
Tesco Xmas meat products "may have contained pantomime horsemeat"

Oh no they didn't etc...

nickb 17.01.13 5:43pm
I'll have a P45 please Bob. 17
Perks 17.01.13 4:48pm
Optimistic blockbusters staff see Deloitte at the end of the tunnel. 13
sigmund 17.01.13 4:31pm
Councils prepare to be unprepared for snow 0
One Line Only 17.01.13 4:30pm
One Line Only
Helicopter crash 'only about 3 miles from where I live' says on-line dater

Eye-witness report, A young lady who was updating her on-line dating profile at the exact moment the helicopter crashed says the accident was only about 3 miles from where she lives and any single...

Gerontius 17.01.13 4:20pm
Son of Barnabas
Tour de France in Yorkshire and Paris-Dakar in South America due to Apple maps 0
gregle 17.01.13 3:58pm
Middle-class 'appalled' at being outed as burger eaters 0
One Line Only 17.01.13 3:47pm
One Line Only
Tesco horse “may have been supplied by Rebekah Brooks”

The now infamous horse, traces of which have been found in Tesco beef burgers, may be the one lent to Rebekah Brooks, former editor of the News of the World. Last year it emerged that Brooks was...

nickb 17.01.13 2:50pm
Tesco's horse radish is totally shit 0
Dick Everyman 17.01.13 2:49pm
Dick Everyman
Vauxhall crane driver to be docked 2 hours pay 0
Rootin Tootin 17.01.13 2:35pm
Rootin Tootin
Tour de France stages to start high in Yorkshire and end up shitfaced in London 0
One Line Only 17.01.13 2:28pm
One Line Only
Boeing Dreamliner 'huge success' in world's no fly zones 0
One Line Only 17.01.13 2:06pm
One Line Only
Adolf Hitler may be posthumously stripped of his Iron Cross (First Class) award. 0
bonjonelson 17.01.13 1:56pm
Google start 'real world' target based advertising

Internet search and online advertising giant Google has decided to enter into the ‘real world’ market with targeted advertising on billboards and bus shelters. The digital displays utilises...

Perks 17.01.13 1:40pm
Son of Barnabas
'A patientless NHS would save billions’ claims Health Secretary

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said patients are costing the NHS billions of pounds every year and a move away from treating them would help make considerable savings., Mr.Hunt said he would like...

Geraldine Wiley 17.01.13 1:35pm
Son of Barnabas
Roman sacks vandals

Roman Abramovich’s advisors have informed all Chelsea supporters that as of 9AM this morning, they have been fired. Interim fans from the Organisation of Russian Commuting Supporters (ORCS) will...

chrisfgerard 17.01.13 1:29pm
Son of Barnabas
World's smartest man identified after posting on Mail Online for millionth time

A private investigator today announced that he'd finally managed to identify and locate the man who apparently knows everything there is to know about anything, and insists on telling readers of the...

Paddy Berzinski 17.01.13 1:27pm
Psycadelic Squirrel
Fashion retailers fear huge increase in men lurking outside changing rooms

The loss of high street shops that men can get sent to while their partners try clothes on has led to them being forced to stand in the shop in the vicinity of the changing room. This in turn has...

Midfield Diamond 17.01.13 1:10pm