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MP "only" grooming NOT coaching

Fighting allegations that he helped private companies influence Parliament, Tim Yeo insists that it was he who seduced them not the other way around. The Conservative MP made it clear that any...

Wrenfoe 09.06.13 4:14pm
Man who ate scrabble set hopes to pass words soon. 3
weematt 09.06.13 3:46pm
UK has nothing to fear from GCHQ - Hague

"Apart from Jennifer Sutton of Common View, Cardiff - wow, that was an [i]interesting[/i] phone call."...

apepper 09.06.13 2:56pm
Young Armed Robber Threatens To Use His Pa's Sword To Obtain Money 4
Titus 09.06.13 1:37pm
Al OPecia
Satirical News Site “Definitely Not Hacked” by Beautiful and Talented GCHQ Staff

‘Absolutely no evidence’ exists that online satirical publication Newsbiscuit is being hijacked by clever and charming spies at GCHQ, said Foreign Secretary William Hague today. Mr Hague was...

Ablative Fabsolute 09.06.13 1:14pm
Ablative Fabsolute
Death kills Time in pub; Time heals all wounds.

Witnesses claim, 'It's a miracle!'...

Lindy Moone 09.06.13 12:52pm
Lindy Moone
Last single man on Death Row gets married

In the three years since being sentenced to death for killing his mother, it sometimes looked as if 37-year-old Ricky Bray was going to be left on the shelf as his fellow convicts awaiting lethal...

sydalg 09.06.13 12:44pm
Lindy Moone
Mirror Kills Boy

But more children are harmed over-exposure to the [i]Sun[/i]. And those who trespass on railway lines are endangered by the [i]Express[/i]. Even more common are reports like "Child abused by...

Titus 09.06.13 12:31pm
Mr Target
Dentist pulls own tooth, feels 'thumb pain'. 11
Lindy Moone 09.06.13 12:26pm
Lindy Moone
Anti sex education campaigners claim porn teachers will cherry pick schools 0
Not Amused 09.06.13 12:19pm
Not Amused
Mr and Mrs Glock in incredibly polite divorce.

9mm of goodwill everywhere...

Maverick 09.06.13 11:48am
Paddy Berzinski
Justice “Overrated”, Claims Justice Secretary

The Police are to be given a role in deciding whether or not a defendant receives legal aid support, under new proposals from Chris Grayling. Citing the need to cut the criminal Legal Aid budget the...

Andrew Alexander 09.06.13 10:36am
Spider Accused Of Using 'Threatening Behaviour' Towards Miss Muffet

The spider, which canot be named for legal reasons, denied threatening Miss Muffet in any way. "I did not attack her, touch her, threaten her or even speak to her" claimed the spider. "I merely sat...

Titus 09.06.13 10:14am
Labour condemns MI5 for using information gathered from internet companies 1
blacklesbianandproudofit 09.06.13 9:35am
pere floza
Labour condemns MI5 for failing to gather evidence on Lee Rigby's killers 1
blacklesbianandproudofit 09.06.13 9:34am
pere floza
Budapest's Got Talent... 1
MADJEZ 09.06.13 9:32am
pere floza
Leak from Government think tank leaves Cabinet deep in thought. 0
weematt 09.06.13 9:19am
Philip and Nelson neck-and-neck in a two-hearse race. More soon. 4
Al OPecia 09.06.13 8:32am
Ofsted angry that attacked teacher only making satisfactory progress. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 09.06.13 7:49am
Man learns result of picking fight with irate glazier can be a pane in the arse 1
Smart Alex 09.06.13 7:47am
Broke porn star inundated with sperm donations 1
sydalg 09.06.13 7:38am
Gardeners question time - before contemplating the meaning of reality.

One of those late night efforts...

sredni vashta 09.06.13 7:36am
"Badgers? We don' need no steenkin' badgers!" says Defra.

With apologies to Treasure of the Sierra Madre and Blazing Saddles...

Maverick 09.06.13 4:53am
New summer festival organized for men, "Sausage Fest" 0
Dumbnews 09.06.13 3:47am
Pussy Riot invited to Tehran to do protest song gig.

Is that the alarm? Is it time to wake up?...

Maverick 09.06.13 12:04am
Ed Balls condemns pensioners for 'binge heating' 0
bonjonelson 08.06.13 10:23pm
Prince Philip adamant "South African chappie mustn't steal my limelight". 0
Boutros 08.06.13 9:50pm
Poor Reflection On Shop Safety After Mirror Kills Boy

Titus 08.06.13 9:17pm
Mass mourning as father of the nation close to death. Nelson Mandela also ill. 0
custard cream 08.06.13 9:03pm
custard cream
Ben Elton's new musical - a tribute to Angelina Jolie 'Thanks for the mammaries' 0
blacklesbianandproudofit 08.06.13 7:13pm