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Government to make it easier to switch from one rip-off provider to another

Under exciting new proposals outlined by Energy Minister Ed Davey today, it will in future take only 24 hours for customers to move from one extortionate fuel supplier to another one. Mr Davey said:...

John Wiltshire 31.10.13 2:22pm

Global wine shortagemore soon.

theinvisiblecitychannels 31.10.13 1:55pm
Halloween: Man experiences severe chills on opening his energy bill 0
custard cream 31.10.13 1:29pm
custard cream
Government backs second hand electricity market. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 31.10.13 1:12pm
Convicted hacker goes to Prism 2
medici2471 31.10.13 12:01pm
Al OPecia
Webb joins RAC after Brand claims breakdown services all the same. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 31.10.13 11:58am
Press To Be Regulated By Satan

In a bid to improve the moral standards of British newspapers, regulatory control is to be handed to Satan. This is something of a 'poacher turned gamekeeper' role for the Horned One, who cut his...

deceangli 31.10.13 10:56am
Joy as convict hate-cleric Abu Hamza is cured and renamed Abu Ham. 0
allmyownstunts 31.10.13 10:36am
Government welcomes new daily newspaper, ‘The Leveson Enquirer’

After years of planning and research the launch of the world’s most ethically-cleansed national newspaper, The Leveson Enquirer, will take place early next year. In a long and painstaking...

Dick Everyman 31.10.13 10:02am
Dick Everyman
Saddam Hussein's chemical weapons now destroyed claims Syria 2
medici2471 31.10.13 9:53am
David Beckham does something, announces plans for something else as well...

The media scrum converged on some place in America this morning, to report that David Beckham was doing something, and that, after consultations with his ‘people’, he would soon be doing...

Tripod 31.10.13 8:28am
Paul Hollywood regrets affair: 'Ratings were down and I was losing money' 0
John Wiltshire 31.10.13 8:28am
John Wiltshire
Sir Alex to follow My Autobiography with Someone Else's Autobiography 0
John Wiltshire 31.10.13 8:27am
John Wiltshire
Gas companies “to compete on smell”

Eon’s experimenting with Fresh Coffee. British Gas is going for Lemon Zest. And Npower invites you to a Field of Lilacs. In the ever competitive world of energy pricing, gas companies are...

nickb 30.10.13 10:40pm
Dick Everyman
man stabbed to death on 14th-from-last pizza delivery

A tip of hat to Man Bites Dog...

Otto Jespersen 30.10.13 10:30pm
Otto Jespersen
Late pizza boy got free topping 0
Otto Jespersen 30.10.13 10:09pm
Otto Jespersen
Thermometer fails to win Mercury prize due to lukewarm reaction

tips to Sfox...

irreverendJ 30.10.13 9:41pm
Barometer wins mercury prize 8
Sfox 30.10.13 9:41pm
Camp Medium Blamed For Rise In Necromincing 1
Flugelbinder 30.10.13 9:38pm
Nervous 'phone hackers' cause global wine shortage

As eight more News Corp employees go on trial for conspiracy to 'intercept communications', demand for a 'stiff drink' has started to outstrip supply. Unfortunately nothing soothes a guilty...

Wrenfoe 30.10.13 9:29pm
Concordia captain msinterpreted girlfriend's offer to "go down"

- variation of deceangli's idea...

Sinnick 30.10.13 9:18pm
National day of mourning as crane strike on Whitehall fails to kill any MPs 8
deceangli 30.10.13 9:06pm
Al OPecia
Austrailian bush fire out; Kylie uses thrush cream 2
Lens Cap 30.10.13 9:05pm
Al OPecia
All Lovecraft's work now available on easy repayment terms. 1
Al OPecia 30.10.13 8:10pm
Film '9 1/2 weeks' inspires swingers to try brown sauce perversions.

Cunt-0., Hat-tip to Dick. That's not something I say everyday...

FOAD 30.10.13 6:50pm
Sir Alex Ferguson turned clock back '1 hour and 9 minutes' to switch to GMT 0
custard cream 30.10.13 6:47pm
custard cream
Red Face Day launched to raise funds for Coalition-in-Need

Un-funnyman Lenny Henry is tipped to be the lead presenter for this year's Red Face day for undeserving causes. During an interview today, Henry gurned and capered at the camera while a spokesman for...

Squudge 30.10.13 6:44pm
Anne Summers launches new saucy dildo - the H P Lovecraft 6
Dick Everyman 30.10.13 6:39pm
U.N. launches "International talk like a chav" day, innit. 0
Maverick 30.10.13 5:59pm
Butterfly killed by Nectar point, rules coroner

A "loose" Nectar point worth 0.000023p caused the death of a Red Admiral Butterfly near Uxbridge, a coroner has ruled. How the butterfly ingested the tiny Nectar point is not known, and staff at a...

nickb 30.10.13 5:04pm