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Man injured by seafood calls Clams Direct 0
Smart Alex 3 years
Fingers still the cheapest meal 0
Username 3 years
Homeopathic Groupon offers 0.00000000001% discounts on popular purchases 1
bonjonelson 3 years
Court finds rioters were not responsible for damage to Bullingdon Club HQ 0
reforse 3 years
Little Mix tipped to win Nobel Peace Prize 0
bonjonelson 3 years
Number of Da Vinci Code ripoff novels set to hit the three million mark by June 0
Quillie 3 years

Sociologists at the University of Sociology have predicted that the number of novels about academics trying to bring down ancient, clandestine groups which have influence that stretches into the...

At his cocaine possession trial Michael Barrymore admits to being 'All white'. 0
pinxit 3 years
Simon Cowell to re-release "I got you babe" as Sunni & Shere Xmas charity song 2
dvo4fun 3 years
Comedy virus escapes into the wild 3
Username 3 years

Red-nosed BBC staff may find themselves responsible for a serious outbreak of chuckles in an area of the UK previously thought to be devoid of any humour whatsoever. Moments after the start of a...

Part-time doc who 'liked to keep his hand in' struck off gynaecologist register 1
dicky37 3 years

[More soon]...

Despite seafood shortage, fish restaurant decides to keep clam and curry on. 3
wallster 3 years
Dog shelter charity start taking in abandoned pensioners 3
Perks 3 years

As the cost of retirement homes goes up and the standard of care goes down, well known dog shelter charity, the PDSA, have set up a separate sister charity for the sheltering of pensioners. ' We...

Shock Corrie spoiler - Kirk is an alien 0
Major Clanger 3 years

The Christmas episode of Coronation Street is to reveal that the character Kirk Sutherland is in fact an alien, and a spacecraft paying him a visit is to crash on the Red Rec during an open-air...

None injured as massive explosion rips through Homeopath convention. 0
reforse 3 years

A tiny little bit more soon...

0.000000000h 0
Ironduke 3 years
h 0
beau-jolly 3 years
H. 1
Perks 3 years
Homeopathy. 6
John Ffitch-Rucker 3 years
Osborne "will have to seek" pre-Budget day loan claims Balls 0
simonjmr 3 years

The Chancellor is increasingly likely to take out a high-interest loan in the next six months to last until Budget day, a group of insolvency experts and Ed Balls have claimed. More soon...

Homeopath denies body-odour allegations... 0
John Ffitch-Rucker 3 years

‘my armpits still have the memory of soap', he claims...

Nation’s grandmothers welcome advances in nanotechnology. 0
John Ffitch-Rucker 3 years
Primary schools announce Nativity 2.0 6
fernandomando 3 years

Some of the more progressive primary schools are gearing up for a modern take on the standard end of term nativity play, taking inspiration from modern technology. In the age of online census surveys...

Scientists hail "Chippy Tea" as the main differentiator between man and animals 0
simonjmr 3 years
Confusion as pictures of Manchester after an apocalypse seen as an improvement 1
simonjmr 3 years More soon...

Ms Klaveno out-raged at stories that Scientists are to probe Mariana's trench 0
hansens-scar 3 years
Homeopath irritated by memory of stain on shirt 2
beau-jolly 3 years
Barrymore complains of lack of media intrusion 0
hansens-scar 3 years
EU nations on "watch list" opt for over Ocean Finance 0
hansens-scar 3 years
President Assad pleads impersonating Burt from Sesame Street 0
hansens-scar 3 years
Lifestyle choice of reading ‘Daily Mail’ behind 40% of cancer scares 1
Duncan Biscuit 3 years