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Study shows Isle of Sodor railway service "really crap" not "really useful" 0
clarksn 16.09.13 9:12am
Applying homeopathic techniques to homeopathic medicine surprisingly effective

A new study from The University of Penge has shown that over-the-counter homeopathic medicines are proving surprisingly effective at treating pain relief when diluted to homeopathic levels using...

bonjonelson 16.09.13 8:49am
DPP: Big difference between 'benefit fraudsters' and 'fraudsters who benefit'

The Director of Public Prosecutions today emphasised that there is a vast, unscalable gulf between 'benefit fraudsters' and 'fraudsters who benefit'. At a news conference today, he said that he...

John Wiltshire 16.09.13 8:26am
John Wiltshire
Nick Clegg to give plastic bags the vote

Britain's 4.3 million plastic bags could vote in the 2015 election under a plan launched by Nick Clegg at the Lib Dem annual conference. Clegg told party activists: "The very bags in which you have...

nickb 16.09.13 8:02am
John Wiltshire
Vince Cable explains his huff to Huffington Post 0
nickb 16.09.13 7:39am
Shock as Tooth Fairy arrested under Operation Yewtree

In a dramatic new twist under Operation Yewtree last night, police arrested 'perhaps the most prolific offender of all time'. At a press conference this morning a spokesman for the investigation...

Squudge 16.09.13 6:46am
Octogenarian lemming tells of 'daily threats and abuse' 0
pere floza 16.09.13 6:18am
pere floza
Benefits fraudsters to be deterred by 10 years free board and lodging 0
pere floza 16.09.13 5:53am
pere floza
Hat tip to Titus 0
Arthur 16.09.13 3:14am
Duchy of Cornwall to become Kingdom of Cornwall on Charles's accession 0
Arthur 15.09.13 11:49pm
Clegg reveals he is gonna buy a dinghy and call her 'dignity' 1
Squudge 15.09.13 10:24pm
Tension as family's discussion on what to watch on telly "down to the wire" 0
quango 15.09.13 9:17pm
Assad's contributions to world peace applauded by Mugabe and Kim Jong-il 0
Sinnick 15.09.13 8:54pm
Bookies predict dodgy haircuts to win X-Factor 0
simonjmr 15.09.13 7:56pm
Taliban hackers claim responsibility for hacking into the postal service

A crack team of hackers has managed to breach security in Britain's postal service and send several letters with bogus pre-paid envelopes, according to a gloating Youtube video posted by the Taliban....

ronseal 15.09.13 7:26pm
Labour pledge 2-4p for plastic shopping bags

The Con-Lib coalition was left stunned and floundering today as Labour announced supermarket plastic shopping bags would only cost between 2p to 4p were it voted in at the next election. The...

farmer giles 15.09.13 6:45pm
New hyper-strength bio-degradable shopping bags to be 1 molecule thick

Hailed as a great success by Ed Miliband: “I really dyou believe this amazing scientific breakthrough would not have been possible had we not been in opposition.”...

farmer giles 15.09.13 5:33pm
farmer giles
Concern as FedEx agree to deliver Royal Mail strike ballots 1
custard cream 15.09.13 5:13pm
Michelmore defeated in World Cliff Diving Championships

Former BBC presenter Cliff Michelmore, 93, announced his retirement after failing to defend his title in this year’s competition held at Abereiddy in Pembrokeshire. Competitors have spent all...

cinnahmon 15.09.13 5:09pm
Labour make election promise! Nope, false alarm.

Labour party denies election promise made by Labour party spokesperson stating "It's not what we do now, our election strategy is based on doing & saying absolutely nothing so there's no reason...

miked10270 15.09.13 5:08pm
Dude caught red-handed browsing easy listening CDs

When cool dude Zac Jones (20) visited his local HMV store's easy listening section he didn't know he was being observed by cool guy Jeb Jobs (19). 'Zac's a mate,’ said Jeb, ’and I thought I knew...

roybland 15.09.13 5:08pm
Liberals Told 'To Go home and Prepare For Government - By Some Other Party'. 1
Titus 15.09.13 5:05pm
‘Vacancy filled immediately’, following death of world’s oldest man... 0
Tripod 15.09.13 4:59pm
Sunni and Shia agree Sonny and Cher best pop duo of all time

‘Bang Bang’ favourite tune. Qatar to invade Germany as World Cup hopes fade Nick Parc revealed to be most powerful man in Britain...

farmer giles 15.09.13 4:50pm
farmer giles
5p levy on junk food wrappers 'would pay for HS2 in a fortnight,' say economists 12
Arthur 15.09.13 4:19pm
Completion Of 2016BC Olympic Venue At Stonehenge Is 'Behind Schedule'. 0
Titus 15.09.13 4:02pm
Cameron reaches out to Putin for advice on charm

David Cameron was today reeling following the publication of a survey which found that women voters consider him to be the most “out of touch” party leader. A whopping 46% of women have come to...

Coco 15.09.13 3:28pm
Doubts Over British Army Plan To Replace Full-Time MPs with Part-Time Reservists 0
Titus 15.09.13 12:30pm
Frustration As Biggest Topic Discussed At Green Party Conference Is ... UKIP 0
Titus 15.09.13 12:22pm
Dusting is "pointless", scientists prove 0
Sfox 15.09.13 11:54am