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Derbyshire miner complains that his lunch is dirty

Neat-o.. Must shurly be in with a chance of worst...

beau-jolly 19.09.13 11:27am
Man running up motorway making voom-voom noises charged with carless driving 5
sydalg 19.09.13 11:20am
Astrologer who stared at stars too much gets conjunctionitis 0
John Wiltshire 19.09.13 10:36am
John Wiltshire
Coalition to get U-turn retrospective

The Saatchi Gallery is to stage a retrospective exhibition of the Coalition Government’s most memorable U-turns, it was announced today. In what has been described as “the most comprehensive...

Sfox 19.09.13 10:04am
"Go back to your constituencies and prepare to finish third", urges upbeat Clegg

oooh, political satire eh!...

custard cream 19.09.13 9:49am
John Wiltshire
Man attacked by flock of Grus japonensis suffers repetitive crane injury 0
Smart Alex 19.09.13 9:44am
Smart Alex
Car Manufacturer Sold NCAP Rating 0
Flugelbinder 19.09.13 9:43am
Private investigator's phone hacking shame: 'I haven't been arrested'

53 year old private investigator Phil McKenzie spoke of his deep shame and remorse about not being arrested for phone hacking. Clearly emotional, Mr McKenzie admitted that he had no idea how to hack...

John Wiltshire 19.09.13 9:32am
German politician turns liquor thief and steals Kohl's schnapps 1
DorsetBoy 19.09.13 9:07am
Smart Alex
Osteoporosis sufferer’s slip on black ice captured by uncaring photographer

Another Neat-O...

Midfield Diamond 19.09.13 8:58am
Midfield Diamond
Turbo B calls for ‘The Power’ to be applied to the central heating 0
Midfield Diamond 19.09.13 8:57am
Midfield Diamond
Government's amazing new plan for failing hospitals: give managers more money

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt today announced a radical new plan to stop people dying in hospitals instead of getting better. At a news conference today, he said:'Hey, listen to this - it's a biggie!...

John Wiltshire 19.09.13 8:21am
John Wiltshire
Assad issues correction: Syria needs one year to deploy chemical weapons 0
Sinnick 19.09.13 8:14am
Financiers oppose call for maximum wage 0
Dumbnews 19.09.13 2:14am
Mel Gibson to be crowned King of Scotland on 9/19/2014, says White House aide 0
Arthur 19.09.13 12:35am
Assad: It will take a year to destroy chemical weapons by firing them at rebels. 0
MADJEZ 18.09.13 11:47pm
Caledonia Dreamin’

To be sung out loud to this backing:, All the hills are brown, (They are always brown)., and the sky is grey., (It is always grey)., I’m...

Sinnick 18.09.13 9:45pm
Tories appoint Don Quixote as wind turbine Czar. More soon.

Sancho Panza retained as auditor...

Al OPecia 18.09.13 9:42pm
Al OPecia
Ex-Deputy Speaker signs sponsorship deal with 7up. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 18.09.13 9:38pm
Al OPecia
World's strongest man competition to be open to women

Hat tip to custard cream!...

Dumbnews 18.09.13 8:55pm
Clegg admits right hand doesn't know what far-right hand is doing. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 18.09.13 8:24pm
Al OPecia
Echoes of Diana as Prince William guard dogs put down as usefulness ends. 0
Ref Minor 18.09.13 7:53pm
Ref Minor
Selfridges suspends assistant after snub to 'Hitler's' friend

A Selfridges shop assistant is facing the sack after he refused to serve a friend of a man described as a Hitler look-a-like. Bert Rankin from Luton who admits he is often mistaken for Hitler, says...

roybland 18.09.13 7:51pm
Tetchy Eskimo blames recent outrage on cold snap 0
Scronnyglonkle 18.09.13 7:35pm
Historian claims most religion's prophets were glorified freeloaders 0
Dumbnews 18.09.13 6:41pm
Community apathy to gay marriage shocks newspaper 0
Dumbnews 18.09.13 6:20pm
Parents finally tell 22-year old son he is a dwarf

'We never really knew how to broach the subject' parents Barbra and Caleb explained, 'it just seemed like something he'd figure out for himself!' Little Jimmy did not, however, 'figure' out his...

TobiasBV 18.09.13 6:12pm
2015 Election: Lab/Con Coalition Formed To Challenge UKIP - Lib Abstains 0
Titus 18.09.13 5:52pm
Boko Haram's leader said to be a whiter shade of pale after Nigerian army raid

light fandango...

Scronnyglonkle 18.09.13 5:44pm
custard cream
Man Booker Prize now to be open to women 0
custard cream 18.09.13 5:43pm
custard cream