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London weather forecast

Bright but chilly. Highs of 6C. Cloudy with a chance of rotary, VTOL aircraft...

johnnydobbo 16.01.13 10:47am
Shock as Tesco beefburgers confirmed to contain two-thirds beef 0
exigo 16.01.13 10:37am
Harrod's report traces of George at Asda found in Louis Vuitton dress. More soon 0
Gaz 16.01.13 10:20am
'Mafioso could be behind burger threat' warn NYPD

A leading Hollywood producer has gone into hiding after waking early on Monday morning to find a pack of Tesco own brand beef-burgers defrosting in his bed., A spokesman for the NYPD say they think...

Gerontius 16.01.13 10:16am
Son of Barnabas
Tesco to rename multipack of burgers “50 slabs of neigh”…. 2
Son of Barnabas 16.01.13 10:11am
Son of Barnabas
Tesco Jumbo sausages investigated after elephant goes missing from zoo 0
Son of Barnabas 16.01.13 10:10am
Son of Barnabas
Newsbiscuit combines all Writers Room Tesco stories into one v funny front-pager

Just a thought :-)...

flyerblade 16.01.13 9:56am
Dick Everyman
Cameron prepares for key European speech on Friday

Dick Everyman 16.01.13 9:55am
Dick Everyman
French outrage at contaminated meat

French horsemeat has now been found to contain traces of British Beef, so naturally the French have banned all imports from the UK until "le weekend"...

rogerg 16.01.13 9:51am
tesco burgers gave me the trots 0
godly1966 16.01.13 9:33am
‘Saddle of beef’ in product recall for containing real saddle... 0
Tripod 16.01.13 9:19am
Gove gives go-ahead for Fagin Free School

Following a successful application to the Department of Education, the Fagin Free School, will open in the London Borough of Walthamstow next September. The school will be run by parents and...

Dick Everyman 16.01.13 9:12am
Dick Everyman
Tesco to introduce new alcoholic beverage

Red Rum Ithangyou...

Rootin Tootin 16.01.13 9:10am
Rootin Tootin
Robert Redford starts work on new film "The Burger Whisperer" 0
Son of Barnabas 16.01.13 9:07am
Son of Barnabas
Boris offers to "go sort out Mali" after hearing about problems with toe-rags. 1
bonjonelson 16.01.13 8:50am
Jesse Bigg
Tesco "gobsmacked" to find anything as palatable as horse-meat in their burgers.

Following news that horse-meat has been found in their ‘economy’ beefburgers, Richard Brawn, Tesco's Head of Customer Appeasement, expressed his surprise. “The standard inventory of ingedients,...

Tripod 16.01.13 8:50am
Norwegian Train Cleaner Steals A Whole Train.....

Why? "Cos I've just cleaned this!"...

Jesse Bigg 16.01.13 8:46am
Jesse Bigg
Horses meet at Tesco - a tragic love story

More soon I felt left out not posting something about tesco and our equine DNA stsrters...

Not Amused 16.01.13 8:21am
Not Amused
Do you want fries with that?

Neigh. I'm dead funny, me...

JonnyJP 16.01.13 8:16am
Tesco To Change It's Name To.....


Jesse Bigg 16.01.13 8:08am
Jesse Bigg
Tesco investigation moves to France as frog and snail DNA found in fish fingers 0
flyerblade 16.01.13 8:08am
Tesco guarantees new 'Finest Soylent' range burgers will be horse meat free 0
flyerblade 16.01.13 7:50am
Tesco admit selling French beef 2
Perks 16.01.13 7:36am
Tesco to investigate presence of meat in burgers 0
TerribleTim 16.01.13 7:31am
Tesco introduce Jockey Clubcard 0
medici2471 16.01.13 7:29am
No pig DNA found in Tesco pork sausages 0
medici2471 16.01.13 7:10am
Administrator Deloitte hopes to sell HMV - on eBay or Amazon, possibly Gumtree 2
antharrison 16.01.13 7:07am
"Dreamliner mishaps just an excuse to use the inflatabale chutes", says Boeing 1
Dumbnews 16.01.13 7:06am
Beef found in French horse burgers 0
Dick Everyman 16.01.13 7:03am
Dick Everyman
Tesco's 'every litter helps' plea welcomed by animal rescue centres 0
tedweasel 16.01.13 5:43am