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Flowers latest tweet gets him in trouble over inappropriate hashtag 0
irreverendJ 22.11.13 3:59pm
Plumbers union "under the pump". 0
Maverick 22.11.13 3:54pm
Bird-spotting labioplastic surgeon clarifies 'Thrush flaps away' tweet 3
cinquecento 22.11.13 3:20pm
Lord of the Rings ‘was autobiographical’ claims mogul

Much to the surprise of literary scholars, Fox Searchlight Studio has declared that the life of J.R.R.Tolkien will seamlessly translate into a movie blockbuster. The story will focus less on...

Wrenfoe 22.11.13 2:22pm
Pratchett 'not quite sure' where he was when he heard that Kennedy had been shot

Forgetful Discworld scribbler Ter...

spoole2112 22.11.13 2:17pm
Doctor Who 50th anniversary show cancelled over Savile storyline

The BBC was under fire today after shelving its much anticipated 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who after it emerged that it featured portrayals of controversial former stars including Jimmy...

Andrew Alexander 22.11.13 2:15pm
Andrew Alexander
Gothic spoof of TV costume drama to be called "Downton the Weird"

Neat-o, and I'm ashamed...

Sinnick 22.11.13 1:48pm
Jeff Kaye denies rumours of his death are just a conspiracy

Well I thought it was topical anyway...

irreverendJ 22.11.13 1:44pm
Race to remove electrical insulation goes down to the wire 0
Smart Alex 22.11.13 1:27pm
Smart Alex
Daily Mail columnist claims EU rules will stop domestic slavery. 0
Ref Minor 22.11.13 1:00pm
Ref Minor
Methodist conversions surge after money, drugs and sex revelations

more soon....

Dick Everyman 22.11.13 12:51pm
Dick Everyman
Royal Mail is missing its delivery targets

Apparently they were posted last Tuesday, and haven't been seen since...

NewBiscuit 22.11.13 12:37pm
Flowers in the jug 0
pere floza 22.11.13 11:59am
pere floza
'Noone should have to spend 30 years in South London" say shocked slave rescuers 1
cinquecento 22.11.13 11:33am
Chuggers claim Charity Commission. 1
bonjonelson 22.11.13 8:45am
Chinese Water Torture to become Spa Treatment

As all good things from the 50's must come to an end; Beijing officials have declared that torture, like the hula hoop and the songs of Doris Day, is no longer a reliable method for extracting...

Wrenfoe 22.11.13 4:13am
Ref Minor
Police getting down to the wire over disappearances

A spate of dangling footwear on elevated wires has given rise to fears of a vendetta against high-wire artists. Police have confirmed that there have been a growing number of reports relating to...

Dick Everyman 22.11.13 4:11am
Ref Minor
Sky announces new feature that will allow customers to record a live pause

Sky has announced that it has introduced a new feature that customers have been asking for since Sky + launched. New software will be downloaded to all Sky + customers allowing them to record a live...

city123 21.11.13 11:31pm
Editorial: Disgust as army regiment approach is rejected by dry cleaners

Editorial:Great Britain's armed heroes need more domestic support, writes [i]Rules The Waves[/i] Editor Dominic Flaps-St-Auskell. I've known Bunty since he was five. Literally. And when his Daddy...

newlandarcher 21.11.13 10:49pm
Psychopath sought after popular serial killer series DVDs found dismembered

Florida State Troopers and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation today announced a manhunt after the remains of numerous serial killer DVDs were found hidden behind a plasma television near Miami....

newlandarcher 21.11.13 9:48pm
Roy Hodgson in homophobia row after referring to German midfielders as ‘Benders’

Following on from the recent ‘space monkey’ row, England manager Roy Hodgson has found himself in further controversy after reportedly referring to two German players as ‘Benders’ during...

Vertically Challenged Giant 21.11.13 9:20pm
Mandy Lifeboat
" So, did Johnny Logan win Eurovision then ? " 0
rob box 21.11.13 7:44pm
rob box
Abandoned horse crisis turns into a mare 0
davetwojackets 21.11.13 7:06pm
Plane lands at wrong airport but luggage reaches destination on time. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 21.11.13 6:38pm
Christmas crisis looms due to increasing use of fairy lights on new cars

The strange fashion for decorative little spots of light on the front of new vehicles has led to a warning about a shortage of Christmas lights this winter. Seasonal high street retailers are...

Midfield Diamond 21.11.13 6:31pm
Midfield Diamond
Tie Rack collared by administrators 0
davetwojackets 21.11.13 6:27pm
English Independence Party claims 'we asked first'.

The EIP, at its annual conference in Leighton Buzzard, has again claimed that it asked first for independence and therefore Scotland could not be independent from England because England wanted it...

city123 21.11.13 6:14pm
John Cage heirs "owed millions in unpaid royalties by libraries" 0
sydalg 21.11.13 5:14pm
Miley Cyrus praised for her incredible twerk ethic 8
bonjonelson 21.11.13 5:12pm
John Cage fans; "Playing 4′33″ backwards reveals hidden message"

Fans of John Cage are convinced that 4′33″ contains a hidden message that's revealed when played backwards. One explained; "By playing it backwards and staring at a blank piece of paper at the...

apepper 21.11.13 5:11pm