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Apple tackles pirate demographic with new iPatch.

Since we're doing i-things again...

Maverick 20.09.13 11:07pm
Nigel Farage refutes claims of cynical ploy to attract feminist vote 1
Coco 20.09.13 10:16pm
Chemical Arms Not as Good as Real Arms, says disappointed Bionic Assad. 0
Ablative Fabsolute 20.09.13 8:25pm
Ablative Fabsolute
Bankers "to reveal their horns" in court 4
nickb 20.09.13 7:04pm
UKIP membership quintruples as british men learn party "is full of sluts".

Memberhip expected to top 15 million by Monday. More soon...

miked10270 20.09.13 6:42pm
Shock as man buys magazine in WH Smith

Sales Assistant Fiona McAndrew was left in a state of shock today after a man bought a magazine in the Trowbridge branch of WH Smith. Speaking to reporters, she said that the man approached her...

John Wiltshire 20.09.13 6:33pm
Crick hit latest: Bloom bats. 0
Woundedpride 20.09.13 6:14pm
Firemen's strike due to overwhelming demands of second job. 0
Ref Minor 20.09.13 5:57pm
Ref Minor
Boy goes to party scared people will talk to him, leaves feeling sad they didn't 0
TobiasBV 20.09.13 4:32pm
Lecturer admits he only uses big-words to assert power

After several months of assaulting his students with such arcane vernacular as 'weltanschauung' and 'peripeteia', an English professor at an unnamed Oxbridge college was outed by a student recently,...

TobiasBV 20.09.13 4:28pm
Ryanair to end 'Abrupt Culture' immediately 0
Flugelbinder 20.09.13 2:47pm
Tarpaulin Company found guilty of huge Cover up 0
Flugelbinder 20.09.13 2:45pm
UKIP supporters 'not racist but probably moronic', study reveals

UKIP supporters are not necessarily racist but they are almost certainly complete morons, according to a report by sociology professor Stefan Bogdanov of the University of Sofia. Professor Bogdanov...

roybland 20.09.13 2:37pm
Devil denies ever doing deals with Lawyers

"Not a chance in hell would I do a deal with a Lawyer" Said Satan, "I can't trade with someone that has no soul to offer me"...

Flugelbinder 20.09.13 2:27pm
Spin Doctor Reveals Brown Smear Campaign

You just can't make this stuff up!...

Flugelbinder 20.09.13 2:21pm
HIV+ Porn actors face shooting ban

The perfect irony ?...

Backup Brian 20.09.13 1:47pm
Backup Brian
Surveys suck, says survey

A new survey by Leuven University in Belgium has found the conclusions published in surveys bear no relationship to real people living real lives., Evidence has also emerged that the results of...

Silver 20.09.13 1:42pm
Prisoners now faced with challenge of making e-cigarettes look tough

Following a proposed plan to ban smoking inside Britain's jails, thousands of hardened prisoners are facing the seemingly impossible task of trying to make the e-cigarette, an alternative to real...

Jesus H 20.09.13 1:26pm
Jesus H
Confusion on Deli Counter as Navy deliver Red Squirrels to Tesco 0
Flugelbinder 20.09.13 1:03pm
Hundreds of highly-paid geeks produce new Google page identical to the old one 0
John Wiltshire 20.09.13 12:55pm
John Wiltshire
Ten per cent of lettuce bags fail to produce mush within 24 hours

A shock new report shows that as many as one in ten bags of lettuce remain uncooked, even after being in a sealed plastic bag for 24 hours. Some lettuce leaves even emerged in a state identified by...

ronseal 20.09.13 12:51pm
Concern Over Decrease In Lawyer Population

Conservationist groups have expressed concern over the apparent drop in the Lawyer population, calling for greater protection rules to be introduced. Dr Marvin Petroskis of the 'Satan is a Lawyer'...

Flugelbinder 20.09.13 12:27pm
Come Dine With Me World War 2 Leaders Special 'crass and insensitive'

C4 Commissioning Editor Martin Roberts expressed surprise today at the number of complaints about a special WW2 themed edition of the popular show. "This was not a history show but an entertainment...

custard cream 20.09.13 12:24pm
Millions of missing bees found in Daily Mail columnists' bonnets 8
sydalg 20.09.13 12:23pm
Midfield Diamond
Pod Of Dolphins Save Diver From Lawyer Attack 0
Flugelbinder 20.09.13 12:22pm
Choc-o-holic excommunicated for eating a Carob Bar 0
Ian Searle 20.09.13 12:09pm
Ian Searle
Brilliant scientists still writing indecipherable stuff on blackboards

The world's leading scientists still like to be seen explaining their brilliant findings with indecipherable scrawling on blackboards. 'It just makes my theories appear even more brilliant and...

roybland 20.09.13 12:03pm
Search engine company "Goggle" finally fixes typo on home page

Sorry, I had to get it out of my system...

gregle 20.09.13 11:40am
Growing public clamour for longer party conference season

Voters are increasingly dissatisfied with the current political party conference season and want to see it become an all the year round event. The Electoral Commission says that it had received...

roybland 20.09.13 11:33am
Historians discover place where John Wesley did not preach 3
Sfox 20.09.13 11:13am