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Government plans multimillion pound PR campaign to promote austerity...

with our money...

deskpilot3 07.09.12 8:57pm
Robot fails to beat Pickles

A robot called Fatso has failed in its attempt to beat the world record for eating chocolate covered donuts., The neckless machine - funded by the Pentagon - was tested at a fast food restaurant in...

Gerontius 07.09.12 8:50pm
Arctic rolls melting at alarming rate, warns Kerry Katona 0
cinquecento 07.09.12 7:47pm
Deja vu as Romain Grosjean marmalade trumpet wildebeest 0
Salmon of Knowledge 07.09.12 3:43pm
Salmon of Knowledge
Deja vu as Romain Grosjean crashes the pace car at the first corner

Holy crap that guy is a maniac

JohnA 07.09.12 3:42pm
Salmon of Knowledge
Burglar commends bravery of judges

Serial offender and drug addict Jo Nutjob stunned court attendees when he praised the "courage shown by judges" in sentencing plebs on a daily basis. After receiving his fourteenth community service...

gregle 07.09.12 2:16pm
Bugs still causing trouble for Yosemite

Haywood Manley 07.09.12 2:15pm
Haywood Manley
New reality show launches called "Things you never see on TV" 0
Dumbnews 07.09.12 1:57pm
Dyslexic Yorkshireman accidentally buys a cat flap 11
Smart Alex 07.09.12 1:33pm
Prince Harry 'Can't Wait to Fuck Up the Taliban'

Fun-loving Prince Harry has started an amusing war of words with the Taleban after his deployment to Afghanistan as an Apache Chopper Pilot., Harry turned to Twitter to taunt the Taleban, promising...

daneade 07.09.12 12:03pm
Heir Hunters to be called in to find the Olympic Legacy. 0
Ian Searle 07.09.12 11:52am
Ian Searle
Con men 'a complete con' 0
Oxbridge 07.09.12 11:41am
UK's poor disability access prevents Cameroon athlete repeat in Paralympics 0
quango 07.09.12 11:16am
Deaf, dumb and blind kid wins pinball gold for GB 6
Actual Size 07.09.12 9:11am
Nick Clegg to address empty Auditorium for Lib Dem conference

The Lib Dem's today have announced that Nick Clegg will emulate his action movie hero at this years Lib Dem conference and address and empty auditorium "Apparently Clint Eastwood had an argument...

simonjmr 07.09.12 8:19am
Couples with 'boring sex' to be permitted more breaks under EU ruling

more soon. sorry but I am going to have to do something with this one:, clicky ->...

Squudge 07.09.12 8:15am
Dyslexic man's joy short lived...

When he realises what his girlfriend's note actually said was that she 'fancies Alan'...

Smart Alex 07.09.12 8:05am
Smart Alex
Cabinet reshuffle: Ken Clarke and Baroness Warsi shift to 'Kitchen Cabinet' role

Ken Clarke is stepping down as Justice Secretary and moved to become 'Minister without Portfolio but with a Trolley' by David Cameron as part of a wide-ranging reshuffle. Conservative Party co-chair...

pinxit 07.09.12 7:53am
BBC TV comedy Citizen Khan hailed as 'final proof' that time-travel is possible

more soon. Unfortunately...

dvo4fun 07.09.12 5:36am
Roman documents found show ancient dispute over 'third highway'

Archaeologists in central London have said the discovery of Roman documents near Westminster show that transport has been a hot topic since the days when Caesar was a ruler and not just a salad. The...

Perks 06.09.12 11:35pm
Cameron promises homes fit for burglars 0
BenB 06.09.12 9:35pm
Sea World sacks over-weight trainers as 'not fit for porpoise' 0
Ian Searle 06.09.12 5:43pm
Ian Searle
Tailor fires apprentice for not being a good fit 0
Dumbnews 06.09.12 5:37pm
New fashion trend emerges among adolescents of wearing pants at their waist 0
Dumbnews 06.09.12 5:34pm
Brave burglar Richard Rochford to be nominated for Pride in Britain award 0
custard cream 06.09.12 5:08pm
custard cream
Jeremy Hunt - real name revealed ?

We are all aware of the Gideon/George Osborn name transplant for the chancellor, but evidence has come to light of another member of the Cabinet having a name change to 'improve' their image and...

FlashArry 06.09.12 4:56pm
Sponsors for new bravery awards sought

TV chiefs are today searching for new sponsors for “The Burglar and Thug National Bravery Awards,” ceremony to be held in November 2012, Original sponsors, HMP Adventure Holidays and Cops Catch...

hero2zero 06.09.12 4:22pm
Nails UK
Proportion of private patients among GB Paralympic Team ‘too high’ says report

There was further criticism of the NHS last night when a study revealed that more than a third of the British Paralympic team had had their various medical conditions treated in private clinics; such...

Midfield Diamond 06.09.12 4:20pm
Millionaires' Row, Chelsea, Straight In There To Build A Second Conservatory....

.Would you believe?, "Gee, second conservatories could do wonders for Britain, don't you know."...

Jesse Bigg 06.09.12 1:52pm
Jesse Bigg
Grayling to “bring back hanging for gays and unemployed; pardon all bankers and

Grayling to “bring back hanging for gays and unemployed; pardon all bankers and phone hackers” An unemployed gay couple living in a Bed and Breakfast are to sue Justice Minister Chris Gayling...

Reg Herring 06.09.12 1:23pm
Reg Herring