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Tesco's new Bag to Bin range not just another throwaway idea 0
irreverendJ 21.10.13 3:02pm
North Korean / Iranian consortium to take over UK nuclear power contract

"It was them or the French." says Cameron...

weematt 21.10.13 3:00pm
Nuclear Power Protest: 'We Don't Want Electricity Smelling Of Noodles & Garlic'. 0
Titus 21.10.13 2:52pm
Lonely people on 'red alert' as Jeremy Hunt threatens to spend time with them

Thousands of 'chronically' lonely people have suddenly found themselves making last-minute social plans this weekend, after Conservative politician Jeremy Hunt issued a nationwide threat that he may,...

Jesus H 21.10.13 2:23pm
Jesus H
Authors to Publish Surprising Sequels

Recent news of the publication of a Hercule Poirot story not written by Agatha Christie seems to herald something of a trend for literary spin-offs not written by the original author. Tom...

Iggy Pop-Barker 21.10.13 1:53pm
Iggy Pop-Barker
U.S. Sheepdog Trial: All Convicted, One on Lam

The sensational trial of a gang of sheepdogs, convicted of interstate sheep smuggling, ended in New York today. Blackie, Shep, Lassie-Fair and ringleader Chip (alias Arturo “The Wag” Cannelloni)...

Iggy Pop-Barker 21.10.13 1:51pm
Iggy Pop-Barker
God admits Earth made in 2 day botch up, spent rest of week watching football. 0
Al OPecia 21.10.13 1:38pm
Al OPecia
MP admits what he meant to say was that the UK's energy policy is unclear 0
Smart Alex 21.10.13 1:33pm
Smart Alex
Incompetent Managed Sacked for Thinking Outside the Envelope & Pushing the Box 2
Titus 21.10.13 12:46pm
Fallon in Nuclear fallout

The Government has today announced plans for the first Nuclear Power plant in a generation to be built in the UK. Although the cost of the plant has been estimated in excess of £16bn, the...

KateWritesStuff 21.10.13 12:39pm
Man who got his Mojo working finally acknowledges AA help

A man who has repeatedly claimed to have singlehandedly got his Mojo working was criticised by the AA today. “We attended a breakdown call to a Mr Waters on Tuesday 14th October on the A453, at...

nickb 21.10.13 12:17pm
IQ and EQ tests to be replaced by OSTQ (old school tie quota) evaluations

Tradition is to be restored in the testing procedure for recruiting top judges, civil servants and policemen. OUT will go modern, trendy continental techniques for assessing a candidate's merits,...

ronseal 21.10.13 11:47am
Al OPecia
Aussie soap Neighbours set to tackle bush fires issue

Popular antipodean soap Neighbours is to tackle complex social issues such as your house burning down in an unstoppable inferno with the loss of all of your belongings, according to reports. Later...

Gary Stanton 21.10.13 11:33am
Gary Stanton
Robson Green admits : I Only Signed Up Cos I Thought It Was 'Extreme Fisting' 0
deceangli 21.10.13 11:14am
Social workers to outsource hand-wringing and lack of accountability to the NHS

At a meeting in London today, social workers agreed that, when yet another one of the children in their care is murdered by their parents, they will contract with the NHS to wheel out the use line of...

John Wiltshire 21.10.13 11:04am
John Wiltshire
Iran Offers To build UK's New Nuclear Power Stations 3
Titus 21.10.13 10:46am
Eric Pickles Loses Interest When He Realises It's Only Salad

"30,000 tons a year of Tesco food going to waste just seemed too good to miss", said Pickles. "It would have cut my grocery bills in half. But then I read the small print and realised the bastards...

deceangli 21.10.13 10:36am
Parents Stop Sending Their Children To Eton Because Of The Unqualified Teachers 0
Titus 21.10.13 10:35am
Reddit user reveals Ronald McDonald without make up looks like Colenel Saunders 0
Ian Searle 21.10.13 8:59am
Ian Searle
SPECTRE undercuts Chinese Government for UK Nuclear Contract

Dr No of the outsourcing company SPECTRE has announced a winning bid for Britain’s nuclear power stations., “Putting a nuclear reactor in the heart of Britain under the control of the Chinese...

deceangli 21.10.13 8:45am
Neat-O To Be Contracted Out To Chinese-French Consortium 0
Titus 21.10.13 8:25am
Tesco: 30,000 tonnes of salad wastage just the tip of the Iceberg. 1
Gary Stanton 21.10.13 8:08am
Aussies To Consolidate All Their fires Into One Large Economy Fire 0
Titus 21.10.13 8:06am
Government to extend 'free schools' principle to other departments

Ministers are expected to announce later today an extension of the 'free schools' template to other public services. Citizens will be allowed to set up their own GP surgeries and hospitals without...

Not Amused 21.10.13 6:22am
Two thirds of Tesco's staff found to be completely wasted on Monday morning 0
irreverendJ 21.10.13 5:40am
Pay it forward fails to catch on as most incapable of Pay it backward 0
Dumbnews 21.10.13 4:15am
Every day, a hole the size of Amazon is made in the disappearing tax ecosystem 6
ronseal 21.10.13 12:57am
Salmond stonewalls Hadrian queries

Stonemasons have begun reparation work to Hadrian's wall this week, under the guise of conserving the most popular tourist destination in the north of England. Whilst this may seem like a valid...

KateWritesStuff 20.10.13 11:23pm
Poll Says Scotland Will To Vote To Stay In UK But Rest Of UK Will Vote Them Out 2
Titus 20.10.13 10:18pm
FA Commission crisis latest - Greg Dyke begs Roland Rat to 'save me again'

Roland Rat is to re-establish his partnership with Greg Dyke in a bid to save the doomed FA Commission. Dyke and Rat are old friends having worked together at troubled broadcaster TV AM. Indeed many...

ronseal 20.10.13 10:09pm