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BBC apologise after listings typo offers a new series of "Homs Under The Hammer"

More soon. Although there may be more than one joke possible here...

MikeA4 10.02.12 11:37am
Son of Barnabas
Tanned tabloid journalist accused of lying in The Sun

Surely must have done before but an admittedly very quick Internet search seems to say not...

Smart Alex 13.02.12 12:36pm
Major Clanger
Obama condemns Livingstone's onslaught on Homs 0
cinquecento 10.02.12 8:26am
Tension at School of Astrology as students await predicted results....

More soon!...

grumblechops 10.02.12 8:21am
Government tells elderly to go back to work and downsize their homes

'Fuck off' replies Prince Philip...

Ironduke 10.02.12 12:51am
Redknapp wants England Job for Euros...

Yen, Dollars or Bhat; used notes preferred guvnor...

Ironduke 10.02.12 7:57am
Cameron to send dodgy foreigner back to Jordan: Peter Andre "..not so keen."

I'm so, so sorry...

dvo4fun 10.02.12 4:20pm
Royal nutter's diary discovered after 200 years ?

Royal Archivist Sir Richard Possett has reported an unusual discovery in the stack of the Palace Archive to the Guild of Fusted & Dusty Librarians in London yesterday. "I was cataloguing the...

FlashArry 09.02.12 10:45pm
Diet craze encouraging people to 'exercise & eat less shit' sweeps UK

A new diet fad encouraging people to raise their heart rates slightly above average and to eat vaguely healthy meals is sweeping the nation. The radical new plan urges people to not finish their day...

Shandy 10.02.12 12:21am
Wristwatch accuses '10 O' Clock Show' of plagiarism 0
09.02.12 9:25pm
‘Hooters’ restaurant to close.

“There’s no market for owl-based comestibles’, said manager...

John Ffitch-Rucker 09.02.12 5:32pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
FA launch 'England’s Got Unrealistic Expectations' TV show to find new manager

The Football Association, in conjunction with Simon Cowell, have announced that the next England manager will be decided by a public vote over the course of 12 weeks in a new TV talent show....

Qoxiivi 09.02.12 2:39pm
Catholic Church Overhauls Rite of Ordination with multiple choice exam

In an unforeseen move the Catholic Church has today announced plans to streamline the ordination process. In what many see as an effort to increase numbers in the priesthood after a steady decline...

button 10.02.12 4:34pm
Government extend flood defences for 45,000 registered voters

more later...

virtuallywill 09.02.12 1:55pm
Prince Harry defeats Taliban, shags Pippa and is home before breakfast 8
cinquecento 10.02.12 1:38pm
England Euro 2012 single to be sung acapello

"sung" in the loosest of terms...

virtuallywill 09.02.12 1:51pm
New Banksy artwork found painted onto David Beckham's arse

Art experts are said to be ‘hugely excited’ after new adverts for clothing chain H&M revealed a new work by the reclusive artist Banksy, sprayed onto David Beckham’s arse. The adverts,...

The Paper Ostrich 10.02.12 11:48am
Fantasy Football managers to get opportunity to manage England

The Football Association have announced that after the resignation yesterday of Fabio Capello, that the new England manager will be selected from a shortlist of the top 100 Fantasy Football Managers...

simonjmr 09.02.12 10:58pm
All Other News To Stop While FA Search For England Manager

Following the resignation of Fabio Capello all other news will take a hiatus according to experts. The wars in the middle east will take a break, President Obama has canceled all public appearances...

Hooch 09.02.12 12:52pm
Labour Party chiefs enlist FA to engineer Miliband’s resignation 0
Midfield Diamond 09.02.12 12:33pm
Midfield Diamond
Liverpool dad threatens son with, "Do you want some smack? Erm I mean 'a smack'" 0
Smart Alex 09.02.12 11:46am
Smart Alex
Wanted – Experienced football manager for untenable position

Are you a football manager with extensive experience at the highest level? Are you looking for a part time job paying millions? Will you happily accept being undermined by your employer while keeping...

Vertically Challenged Giant 10.02.12 8:24am
Surge in Underwear Sales on EBay

Popular unwanted tat auction site EBay today reported an unprecedented surge in items of ladies lingerie for sale this week. Thousands of unwanted basques, teddies and exotic corsetry are going...

LizzyG 13.02.12 1:25pm
Major Clanger
New opening for manager to be filled using bung

as opposed to the gap in defence being filled by a stopper...

Midfield Diamond 09.02.12 11:23am
Midfield Diamond
Abu Qatada to improve public image with ‘I’m A Celebrity…’ appearance

Soon-to-be-released terrorist suspect Abu Qatada has been advised by his new PR agent Max Clifford to start appearing on as many celebrity shows as he can in an attempt to improve his poor public...

ianslat 10.02.12 8:25am
Gay Labour MP Chris Bryant compliments Ken Livingstone on being a useless cunt 3
Sinnick 10.02.12 12:47pm
Alan Hansen shocked by 'Not Guilty' verdict: "Redknapp's defence was appalling.&


Al McHogan 09.02.12 10:58am
Midfield Diamond
Redknapp to be offered England job "Provided he takes English lessons", says FA. 2
Al McHogan 09.02.12 11:02am
Midfield Diamond
Pianist With No Hands Astonishes Audience At Debut Performance

Reg Rutters was a simple sheet metal cutter from Kent with no grand aspirations, simply content to earn his pay and enjoy his leisure time. But after a tragic accident left him with no hands,...

Textbook 09.02.12 5:34pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
NHS could offer new treatment to fight obesity

Prominent surgeon, Charles Hyphen-Smythe, has come up with a cheaper, faster, and less invasive alternative to stomach stapling. This new procedure, known as mouth stapling, can be performed in just...

Smart Alex 10.02.12 11:45am