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Celebrity pulls wool over our eyes and develops injunctionitis. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 3 years
Ultra-injunction collapses into privacy singularity, sucks in Assange 1
pere floza 3 years
Premiership footballer embarassed he has no superinjunction. 4
John Wiltshire 3 years

A premiership footballer, who does not wish to be named but is in fact Mark Swindlehurst of Blackburn Rovers, has admitted to being totally embarassed at not having a superinjunction., 'All the...

Obama relieved as Harold Camping pledges to clear congestion charge 0
button 3 years

no more soon...

Netanyahu suggests Obama should attempt to re-instate 1967 Vietnam borders first 1
charlies_hat 3 years
Financial Serivces Authority mooted to 'something' at some stage 3
ronseal 3 years

Insiders say Britain's financial regulator is planning to 'do something', possibly as early as next year. Details of the action are unclear, but the Financial Services Authority, which is employed...

Lydon"rotten Rantzen" 0
pumpernickle 3 years

John Lydon has lashed out at Esther Rantzen for selling out."She used to have serious journalistic credit in the past.Who can forget consumer show Thats Life with its weekly round up of strangely...

Paralysed man can stand again thanks to i-spine iphone app 0
Screenie 3 years

'The app stimulates his spine with electrical pulses, sent via the headphone jack, which allow him to stand up', explained the app's creator, i-m Geoff Coleman, 'when the app is coupled with Spotify...

QVC to start selling real jewellery 2
pumpernickle 3 years

QVC has announced that they are to phase out their current line of diamonique and african rubellite tat and start selling real jewellery...

Cut-price super-saver injunctions flood the market for poorer celebrities 5
OllieP 3 years

After a recent spate of super-injunctions being served on the media by wealthy celebrities keen to conceal their indiscretions, their C-list cousins have found themsleves priced out of the market....

Fundamentalist Christianity ended by Rapture 2
Andrew 3 years

The Rapture, the bodily ascension of all truly God-fearing Christians into heaven before the final battle of Armageddon, was credited today with ridding the world of Christian extremism. The...

Queen reunited with Princess Anne’s real father at Irish horse-breeding farm 1
Qoxiivi 3 years
Final of The Apprentice to return to traditional wind ups 13
Vertically Challenged Giant 3 years

In a departure from the normal format popular BBC TV show The Apprentice is set to test contestants who reach this year’s final in a very different way. Instead of the usual competition to see who...

Moves towards deunification cause fear for mass stranding of wales 0
Screenie 3 years
Harold Camping: 'There is no Plan B.' Plan B: "Err, here I am. 27 on iTunes'. 0
Mr Payne 3 years
Carpet thief to retire from competitive rug taking. 0
be reasonable 3 years

Hat-tip to Mr. Wiltshire...

Evangelical preacher books in for hernia operation: End of rupture 21 May 2011 0
simonjmr 3 years
Union describes biscuit factory closure as 'crackers'. 0
be reasonable 3 years
Queen Pays Tribute To Irish Fallen. - 23 65
The All New Jeni B 3 years

Prince Philip sniggers at those who just tripped...

Lance Armstrong to retire from competitive drug taking 5
John Wiltshire 3 years
Lance Armstrong denies peddling claim 0
charlies_hat 3 years
Amazon delivery dept. 'lacks concept of time' 0
charlies_hat 3 years
Dignitas to offer free Parker pen "just for enquiring" 0
Deacon 3 years
Meek to revise their pension plan due to plummeting value of the earth. 2
Mr Payne 3 years
Members of Amazon tribe which lacks concept of time all work as solicitors 0
Duncan Biscuit 3 years
. 0
Gary Stanton 3 years
Super-injunction report to be kept secret as super-injunction is put on it 0
Basil_B 3 years

A top judge who has been compiling a report over the recent super-injunctions taken out by top celebrities and business people has enforced a media black out on his findings because he has taken out...

Man who admits having sex with 1000 cars proclaims... 2
be reasonable 3 years

'super, in junction.', any resemblance to J. Clarkson is purely coincidental...

House of Lords to publish own tabloid newspaper 2
3 years

The newsagent shelves will be slightly more crowded from Monday, when the House of Lords new tabloid newspaper is launched. Bullishly advertised as 'The only paper that can bring you ALL the news',...

Two foot six inch homeless man claims title of Littlest Hobo 0
JayGee 3 years