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Help the Aged's new word: "shelfie". Self portrait with no teeth in. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 24.11.13 9:01pm
custard cream
British seagulls are revolting

A seagull has today lashed out at local governments across the country for the continued erection of 'Please do not feed the gulls' signs. Resident of Weymouth for the last 5 years, the bird who is...

KateWritesStuff 24.11.13 7:15pm
Ancient cave graffiti confirms mans obsession with drawing moustaches on things

A medieval hunting forest in rural Essex has given up its secrets to a team of archaeologists this week, after six caves, previously hidden for millenniums by tree growth and fallen rock, unveiled an...

Jesus H 24.11.13 5:41pm
Jesus H
News comments section records a record low MTTHC (mean time to Hitler comparison

The speed at which ideas, people and arguments are compared to Hitler has reached an all time high on British newspaper web sites' comments sections. The average Meantime to Hitler Comparison (MTTHC)...

ronseal 24.11.13 3:46pm
Prince Harry falls on his arse in the snow. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 24.11.13 2:53pm
Rush to Patent Rose Tyler Interface

In what is set to be one of the hottest new technology battles, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung are all in the race to patent an intelligent new Rose Tyler interface. Apple have already laid...

clarksn 24.11.13 11:57am
Amateur brushers banned from using Oral B Pro-Expert toothpaste

People with amateur teeth have been told they may not buy or use Oral B Pro-Expert toothpaste. Colgate sensitive Pro-relief will be similarly restricted to people who use their teeth professionally,...

nickb 24.11.13 11:54am
Disgraced ex minister studies for Phd, but denies it's so he can be "Dr Huhne" 0
nickb 24.11.13 11:30am
Pedant beaten to death for claiming Peter Cushing was best Doctor Who.

More whoooon...

MADJEZ 24.11.13 10:51am
Bruce to host Doctors in Christmas 'Regeneration Game' special.

No more soon. Especially no Jeremy Kyle special trying to understand the relationships...

Not Amused 24.11.13 10:42am
Not Amused
Cameron sets Scottish Independence Day as February 31st 2016

More to follow...

apepper 24.11.13 10:22am
NRA commemorate JFK 50th anniversary by shooting intruders with golden bullets 1
Yikes 24.11.13 10:22am
Power of Greyskull facing shortfall in capacity 0
pere floza 24.11.13 8:41am
pere floza
Recent Episodes Of Doctor Who Still Widely Available

Long running BBC sci-fi programme Doctor Who has had many moments over the year which its committed army of fans would like to forget, perhaps none more so than the entirety of the rebooted franchise...

Textbook 24.11.13 1:49am
Minister Offered A Consideration To Shut Up About Corruption In Some Communities 0
Titus 23.11.13 8:00pm
Hold on to your hollyhocks - after ‘Movember’, it’s ‘Dickember’!

Hot on the heels of ‘Movember’, where silly immature compliant office and factory fodder twats around the world demonstrate why they should not grow moustaches (even if it is for charidy), comes...

farmer giles 23.11.13 7:57pm
Pakistani community leaders apologise for Attorney General. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 23.11.13 7:24pm
Seventies style 'tight-bastard fathers' set to ruin their kids' Christmases

[i]Re-posted with an extra paragraph [/i] Millions of children will wake to disappointment this Christmas day if miserly middle-aged fathers have their way. According to a survey of 40 to 45...

Robopop 23.11.13 5:44pm
CBeebies hopes to cash in on success of Breaking Bad by creating Breaking Bod 0
Smart Alex 23.11.13 3:05pm
Smart Alex
New Line Cinema issue Lord of The Rings DVD Box Set Index

In what is seen as a pioneering move, New Line Cinema, producers of the Lord of The Rings (LOTR)series of movies have released a special DVD Box Set that provides an index of all the other LOTR...

custard cream 23.11.13 2:40pm
custard cream
Streets of a Wiltshire town look like swastika from aerien point of view 1
davetwojackets 23.11.13 2:24pm
Brucie ' My career is living on borrowed time' admits 97 year old presenter.

More bloomin obvious stuff soon...

MADJEZ 23.11.13 1:56pm
England's middle order drinkers collapse in Brisbane bar. 1
spoole2112 23.11.13 12:45pm
Afghan Jirga Undecided on Strictly

Afghan president Hamid Karzai has called a Loya Jirga, or grand assembly, to decide, once and for all, who to vote for on the popular BBC show Strictly Come Dancing. ‘This is a question that is...

jp1885 23.11.13 12:44pm
Historical re-enactment of JFK assassination ends in violent shoot out

The world is in shock after a 50th anniversary re-enactment of the killing of President Kennedy ended in chaos with a gun battle breaking out across Dealey Plaza in which a number of people were shot...

Ludicity 23.11.13 10:20am
New charity set up to help disturbed Roman emperors - Help for Neros 2
Smart Alex 23.11.13 10:17am
Rob Ford unable to remember shooting Kennedy

The beleaguered Toronto Mayor has been unable to deny his involvement in the JFK assassination. Despite being only six at the age of the President’s murder, Mr. Ford has become so addled by drink...

Wrenfoe 23.11.13 9:32am
Friends Of Green Earthpiece Decide To Contract Out Future Raids To Somalis

'If we're at risk of getting banged up for piracy' said FOGE spokesperson Ms Rosemary Leafpetal 'We decided we may as well contract-out our troublemaking to some proper experienced professionals who...

Titus 23.11.13 9:21am
Outrage As British Army Plays IRA At Their Own Game - And Wins 0
Titus 23.11.13 8:54am
Co-op To Promote Organic, GM-Free, Free-Range, Fair Trade Drugs Which Are ...

not tested on animals. Or perhaps 'Co-op drugs not tested on animals, only on bankers'...

Titus 23.11.13 8:52am