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Boris Johnson is a real person. Latest

Rumours that the Mayor of London is in fact the muppet-type creation of a bunch of school chums who once hoped to gain more pudding from the refectory were strenuously denied this morning. It has...

colophon 06.06.13 9:56am
Mau Mau apology in sarcastic voice with rolling eyes doesn't count, say Kenyans 0
cinquecento 06.06.13 9:30am
School of Painting by Numbers opens in London. You red it first here. 0
drtrade 06.06.13 8:38am
Cow "over the moon" at being made heroine of nursery rhyme 6
sydalg 06.06.13 8:22am
Thought-controlled helicopter 'is now a Scientologist' 0
pere floza 06.06.13 8:02am
pere floza
Thought controlled helicopter flies in and out of tunnel

or is it a chopper...

Rootin Tootin 06.06.13 7:58am
Rootin Tootin
Paul McKenna hijacks thought-controlled helicopter 0
cinquecento 06.06.13 7:38am
Dr Oetkers family anguish that he gave up medicine to make crap pizzas. 2
MADJEZ 06.06.13 7:04am
custard cream
Thought controlled helicopter crashes as pilot momentarily distracted 0
custard cream 06.06.13 7:01am
custard cream
Texas looking forward to first solar-powered execution

The sunny Lone Star State is about to enter a new era of environmentally friendly retribution, thanks to the pioneering efforts of Fred Maynard, the Governor of Ellsborough State Prison near San...

sydalg 06.06.13 6:38am
pere floza
Arson 'not representative of our peaceful ideology' says EDL community leader

More parallels soon...

pere floza 06.06.13 6:30am
pere floza
Oscar Pistorius shoots his grannie changing lightbulb

Oscar Pistorius was yesterday apologizing again, after he mistakenly shot his grandmother as he reached up to change a light-bulb in her living room. Oscar’s grannie was shot six times in her...

suki 06.06.13 5:09am
God gives Moses tablet with new Commandments app

Israel is abuzz with news of the latest gadget, which its Maker claims is programmed with a complete guide to the new moral code. “It's got the state-of-the-art decimal system of Commandments”,...

sydalg 06.06.13 4:36am
Shepherding for Dummies

Shepherding for Dummies to be published next month. You herd it here first...

drtrade 06.06.13 4:06am
Public warned about bogus lollipop men.

The police are warning the public to be on the lookout for a growing number of bogus, unqualified lollipop men operating across Britain. Their numbers have risen sharply over the past eighteen months...

sredni vashta 06.06.13 3:34am
FA launch daily England kit

In time for Friday night at the pub, the FA today launched England’s newest football kit. Modeled by John Terry in the ‘Dog and Duck’, Plaistow, the kit contained classic elements of last...

suki 06.06.13 3:12am
Breaking News: Jihadists Friday Prayer BBQ catastrophe at Muswell Hill Mosque 0
06.06.13 12:43am
Dictator's distorted vision of reality to be fixed with Google Glass 1
Dumbnews 05.06.13 11:59pm
sredni vashta
Joe Walsh fined for spending too much time in the fast lane 3
Smart Alex 05.06.13 11:53pm
Britain's toilet seat makers celebrate yet another germ comparison study triumph

Britain's toilet seat makers were cock a hoop last night after 'cleaning up' in yet another bacteria benchmark. In the last year, toilet seats have been pitched against train seats, make up bags...

ronseal 05.06.13 9:54pm
German "plus-size" economy splits feminists

A recent ad campaign to promote the EU has caused much consternation in the female community. Rather than using the gaunt, deficit-ridden image of a bronzed, southern European nation, marketing...

Wrenfoe 05.06.13 7:35pm
Rebel Tory backbenchers reveal plans to stop Ministers hogging the middle ground 1
Scronnyglonkle 05.06.13 7:26pm
Kamprad Jnr given seat on the board, if he can assemble it. 0
Maverick 05.06.13 6:35pm
17% of children "just fucking stupid"

Almost one in five children in today's schools are just plain fucking stupid, according to a new report released this morning by The Department of Education. The report was issued by the Department...

jamsieoconnor 05.06.13 6:22pm
I haven't made a decent movie since Steamboat Willie, admits Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse has given his most controversial interview ever - and he's pulling no punches as he lays into everyone from method actors to Mickey Rourke. He even puts the boot into Goofy, who he...

ronseal 05.06.13 6:09pm
Thought-guided government yet to take off. 0
Sir Lupus 05.06.13 6:09pm
Sir Lupus
Katrina and the Waves "may also be particles", claim physicists. 2
bonjonelson 05.06.13 6:08pm
Angling bait to be sold online 0
Smart Alex 05.06.13 5:39pm
Smart Alex
RSPB concerned as Toilet Duck is put on endangered species list. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 05.06.13 5:37pm
Smart Alex
Police to fine people who listen to The Middle Of The Road by The Pretenders 3
Ian Searle 05.06.13 4:52pm
Ian Searle