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Richard III tomb set not to feature toilet. 0
Scronnyglonkle 13.02.13 9:24am
Pope gives up being Pope for Lent 0
simonjmr 13.02.13 9:12am
Eastleigh Raving Loony Party candidate steps down as Labour candidate announced

'One of us is enough." says MRLP leader Howling Laud Hope...

pinxit 13.02.13 9:12am
Triple dip recession looms, hummus, guacamole and salsa unavailable to many! 0
topfotogmw 13.02.13 8:01am
Mediums work better on deadlines 0
Not Amused 13.02.13 3:33am
Not Amused
NewsBiscuit server running slowly due to a dicky ticker 1
topfotogmw 13.02.13 12:37am
John O'Farrell starts Eastleigh byelection campaign 3 points behind 0
topfotogmw 13.02.13 12:31am
Eskimo's find traces of snow in their Iceburgers 0
Rowly 13.02.13 12:30am
Ramblers object to modern hair stiles 0
Perks 13.02.13 12:09am
Blessed are the pacemakers, Vatican confirms 1
rickwestwell 12.02.13 11:54pm
Shamed giraffe molester couldn't look victims in the eye 3
cinquecento 12.02.13 10:14pm
Spanish waiter denies link with Findus scandal -"I know nothing about the horse"

He's from Barcelona...

Al McHogan 12.02.13 10:08pm
Lens Cap
Bruce Forsyth's toupée found to contain 100% horsehair

. threadbare neato...

Squudge 12.02.13 10:00pm
North Korea Carry Out Nuclear Test Inside Sir Trevor McDonald's Trousers

Western powers were on full alert last night amid fears that North Korea have conducted a nuclear test inside Sir Trevor McDonald's trousers. The ex-newsreader, now a respected documentary maker, is...

Jonny Shlep 12.02.13 9:56pm
Easter final for Pontifex Factor 0
medici2471 12.02.13 8:49pm
Special Feature - The Pope: How His Retirement Affects You

Following today's shock news of The Pope's resignation, many people around the world face an uncertain future, as they are left wondering how the resignation affects them and what reaction they...

jamsieoconnor 12.02.13 7:07pm
Al OPecia
Further horsemeat revelations prove to be can of only 30% worms! 2
topfotogmw 12.02.13 7:05pm
Al OPecia
Prince of Wales gets his groove on...

[url=]Heir Stylin' [/url] Neat-O...

Ironduke 12.02.13 7:05pm
Pope admits fallibility in forthcoming book, ‘It’s Not About the Mitre’...

It was only a matter of time before the Pope’s many indiscretions caught up with him and forced him to resign. He persuaded one of the cardinals to take his points when the Popemobile was clocked...

Tripod 12.02.13 6:31pm
Papal Resignation: Now Savile beatification in doubt. 0
reforse 12.02.13 6:29pm
Infalibility Paradox threatens as Pope admits "I made shit loads of mistakes"

Red slippers, celibacy and theism were just some of the “frankly embarrassing mistakes” which His Holiness, the outgoing Benedict XVI, announced to a shocked crowd this afternoon. Between...

bobbatron 12.02.13 6:15pm
Ablative Fabsolute
Early betting on next Pope...

Ladbrokes have issued the early betting prices, based on analysing the identity of the previous 265 incumbents. Scary-looking man with funny hat, 10/1 on. Sandi Toksvig, 1,000-1...

Tripod 12.02.13 5:35pm
Converted VW van for sale

White. One previous owner, elderly gentleman. Lots of room in the back. Bulletproof glass. Top speed 3 mph. Hotline to heavenly father. Cat(holic) converter. Would suit African dictator,...

lane-avenger 12.02.13 5:00pm
Ablative Fabsolute
Vatican upset that equality laws mean vacant post must be open to non-catholics 0
Smart Alex 12.02.13 4:03pm
Smart Alex
90 hour non paid working week 'still an option' say coalition

Coalition ministers today stood behind their recent proposal for a 90 hour, unpaid working week to be introduced for everyone across the country who didn't vote for them. Speaking from beside the...

graciesdad 12.02.13 3:51pm
BBC Starts Filming Landmark Series “The Wonders Of Brian Cox”

After a number of limited success pilot series, the BBC believe they have finally “cracked” the formula and today started filming their new documentary series “The Wonders of Brian Cox”. At...

Deimos 12.02.13 3:44pm
Dick Everyman
"Smaller, lighter device with greater explosive force" tested in North Korea

Also nuclear weapon...

Ablative Fabsolute 12.02.13 3:35pm
Ablative Fabsolute
Cameron Threatens To Veto If New Pope Is Not In The UK’s Interest

Yet again, the Prime Minister has threatened to veto the selection of the new Pope if it is not in the interests of the UK. Downing Street stated “… clearly the role of Pope is one of immense...

Deimos 12.02.13 3:23pm
The Idiot's Guide To....Electing A New Pope

In 590, Pope Gregory I described the complex procedures that would be used to elect the next successor to St. Peter, in an Apostolic Constitution called Universi Dominici Gregis (UDG). Here is a...

custard cream 12.02.13 12:51pm
Midfield Diamond
Pope quits to be the face of Cadburys Cream Easter Eggs new ad campaign

“God told me to do it” he says, adding “greed is God, after all.”...

Reg Herring 12.02.13 12:50pm
Reg Herring