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Thousands prepare for EE marches in N.I

Other outdated networks are available...

virtuallywill 12.07.13 7:00am
"Why don't people take me seriously?" asks Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Cleggy

So there's no bias....

Dick Everyman 12.07.13 6:52am
Dick Everyman
Man Gets Lost Inside Duvet Cover

CINCINNATI --- An Ohio man became disoriented inside of a dark blue duvet cover Thursday, according to his wife who watched from nearby. "He got frustrated, then he just went in," said Samantha...

jmg16 12.07.13 3:33am
Labour to review historic links with voters

In a wide ranging speech in London Ed Miliband has committed the Labour Party to a review of its relationship with voters. The Labour Party leader believes voters have had 'too much influence' in...

andrewl81 11.07.13 10:21pm
"Judas" still least popular Christian name. 3
sredni vashta 11.07.13 9:58pm
Public Happy for MPs' Pay-Rise To Be Set Independently, Provided Rise Is Zero 1
Titus 11.07.13 8:59pm
US allow Snowden to fly Asiana to SF 0
bumtrinket 11.07.13 8:22pm
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed designs new waterboard for CIA

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed the terrorist who famously admitted to being the mastermind behind the 911 attacks on the US in September 2001, from a cave in Afghanistan, has applied for a US patent on a new...

bumtrinket 11.07.13 8:12pm
Snowden Begs G4S To Escort Him To US, In Bid To Ensure His Continued Freedom 0
Titus 11.07.13 8:03pm
G4S Given The Job Of Escorting Sergei Magnitsky To Moscow Court For Fraud Trial

Titus 11.07.13 8:01pm
G4S to escort G4S to court

The government has confirmed that following investigations into fraud at G4S, G4S has been hired to escort G4S to court. A spokesman explained; "G4S were the lowest bidder for the contract, so it's...

apepper 11.07.13 7:52pm
Countries currently bracing themselves for disaster

Ethiopia bracing itself for renewed famine following severe drought, Nepal bracing itself for further floods and landslides, Antigua bracing itself for further tornadoes and waterspouts, Gulf of...

bumtrinket 11.07.13 7:38pm
Russian Court Convicts Zombie Tax Fraudster

Official verdict "Gulty but dead"

Titus 11.07.13 6:33pm
Prescott “Knows Where Falkirk Is”

Lord Prescott (75) defended his remarks on Radio 4 when he suggested that no-one knew where Falkirk was. Prescott, who declared that he would never accept a peerage until he accepted a peerage,...

Mike Turbine-Hamilton 11.07.13 6:22pm
Entire Government Of The UK To Be Sub-contracted Out To G4S

"They have shown themselves to be incompetent and unapologetic" said a government spokesman "And therefore ideally suited for the task"...

Titus 11.07.13 6:20pm
Ex-Eastender gets into heaven Anna Wing and a prayer 0
victimms 11.07.13 4:22pm
Lou Beale set to make surprise return to Albert Square 0
victimms 11.07.13 4:21pm
Children to be 'tagged' while 'tagging'

In a serious upheaval of playground safety, G4S have won the contract to provide security for the UK's parks. Children as young as two will have their interaction policed and invoiced by the...

Wrenfoe 11.07.13 4:05pm
Plan To Convert Wind Farms To Solar-Electricity-Powered Giant Cooling Fans

despite protests from the Friends of Green Earthpiece who object to the fact that this might present the risk of making both wind turbines and solar panels actually useful, thus contradicting all the...

Titus 11.07.13 3:29pm
Agency recruiting nightclub bouncers has new slogan - Heavy Gents Placed 0
Smart Alex 11.07.13 3:23pm
Smart Alex
MPs say 'No,No,No,No,No. Ah go on then.' to pay rise 2
A.A.Arkwright 11.07.13 3:20pm
Russian scholars find lost sequel to Eugene Onegin: Boris Tenvodkas 1
sydalg 11.07.13 3:20pm
Smart Alex
China to outsource all executions to Texas

All eyes are on Texas this week as it takes over the contract to execute everyone convicted of a capital crime in China. Places like North Korea and Saudi Arabia are believed to be watching closely. ...

sydalg 11.07.13 3:15pm
Steroid sample thief was 'just taking the piss' 0
custard cream 11.07.13 3:07pm
custard cream
Woman Kidney Patient Terrified Of Receiving A Welsh Transplant

"I must admit, it would be nice to be able to sing well" she stated "But I don't think I could manage to sustain the necessary level of continual whingeing and complaining about everything, nor be...

Titus 11.07.13 3:00pm
Lindy Moone
Poll in Guardian reveals 47% of children are born out of Matlock 5
Scronnyglonkle 11.07.13 2:41pm
Tour de France bosses shocked as thrown urine contained no steroids 4
ianslat 11.07.13 12:59pm
Royal Mail to be sold on eBay, though seller has poor feedback. 1
MADJEZ 11.07.13 11:43am
New smoke tweet and booze friendly airline celebrates relatively few fatalities

The bosses of Politically Incorrect Air were celebrating last night, after a set of quarterly results that showed that most flights were relatively crash free, and the mortality rates were...

ronseal 11.07.13 11:42am
Thousands of soldiers laid off to make room for Olympic knights.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence has confirmed that almost 5,000 soldiers have been made redundant due to the influx of knights since the London Olympics. “We just don’t have the...

sdritchie 11.07.13 11:23am