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Charity set up for troubled comet

An on-line charity has been set up aimed at getting food and medical supplies out to the troubled Comet Ison, Remnants of the comet, which was declared dead after flying too close to the sun are now...

Uncle Bertie 29.11.13 1:07pm
Uncle Bertie
Ed Miliband Chooses Robbie Williams Singing "Engels" As A Desert Island Disc

(I fear this gag has been made before, in which case I apologise.) Perhaps he might have chosen "He ain't heavy, he's my brother" or something by Wet Wet Wet. I am sure other biscuiteeers will be...

Titus 29.11.13 12:59pm
James Pluside
Johnson's Identical Council Estate Twin "A bit of a divvy"

London Mayor Boris Johnson's remarks on the inherent intellectual superiority of 2% of the population have been thrown into perspective by the discovery of his long-lost twin on a Chingford Council...

blokefromstoke 29.11.13 12:39pm
Global crop failures ‘a growing problem’ says expert 0
farmer giles 29.11.13 10:13am
farmer giles
Fresh blow for Nigella 5
custard cream 29.11.13 10:02am
Cameron sex tape sparks revolution in international politics

Following David Cameron’s suggestion to the public that they should “have a conversation” about porn with his wife, a new era has emerged in world politics., The webcam service that was set up...

Jugglia 29.11.13 9:28am
Where to find on-line reviews of hallucinagenic drugs - Tripadvisor

Cap doff to Titus...

Smart Alex 29.11.13 9:14am
Council bans minorities from saying they're not offended by Christmas

Suburbiton Council has called for more government funding and uniformed manpower as it extends its war on seasonal festivities. "Banning Xmas was just the start," said Dave Trotter, Global Diversity...

ronseal 29.11.13 9:01am
Nigella hoping for snow this Christmas 0
Smart Alex 29.11.13 8:26am
Smart Alex
Cigarette makers to sell brand stickers for plain packaging 0
medici2471 29.11.13 7:54am
Wandsworth Comes Top In Nickadvisor

Although Worwood Scrubs came top for catering and Parkhurst for its breathtaking views, Wandsworth prison gained the highest score overall. ***** from guest no. 4567856434 (travelling alone), "The...

Titus 29.11.13 7:41am
Taiwan catapults man through disputed zone in East China Sea

Taiwan has used a catapult to throw a man through disputed airspace over the East China Sea, increasing tensions in the region. Earlier this week China declared a new air defence zone over the...

Ralph Warner 29.11.13 2:31am
Ralph Warner
FOUND: Perfect samples of fossilised excrement

Cameron criticised for not burying speeches deep enough...

KateWritesStuff 28.11.13 10:30pm
Mortgage lending scheme scaled back now that MPs all have new houses. 0
deskpilot3 28.11.13 10:25pm
New Notional Gallery to house conceptual art

A new national Notional Gallery devoted to conceptual art is to open in a yet-to-be-decided venue by a person who might or might ot not exist. The Notional Gallery will house a diversity of...

nickb 28.11.13 8:26pm
Artist's silent odourless trump was 'conceptual fart' 0
pere floza 28.11.13 8:04pm
pere floza
Justin Bieber may be the ‘missing link’

The recent unearthing of an indigenous daubing outside a hotel in Queensland, has caused anthropologists to hypothesize that the pint-sized ‘musician’ is a long lost part of our evolutionary...

Wrenfoe 28.11.13 6:51pm
Paddy Berzinski
Nigella Express re-published as Cooking with Speed 0
Ref Minor 28.11.13 6:40pm
Ref Minor
Posh Plod Posted to Downing Street

In order to minimise the possibility of any future communication issues or unfortunate misunderstandings between government ministers or other riffraff shuffling in and out of No. 10 and the local ...

Titus 28.11.13 6:35pm
Npower sack 1600 after record price rises. Satire also made redundant.

Work done by sacked workers (including 560 from Stoke) to be outsourced to TATA consultancies*. Blokefromstoke announces retirement from humour as Npower chairman Paul Massara is clearly a comic...

blokefromstoke 28.11.13 5:09pm
New Nigella DVD relased - Baking Bad 0
custard cream 28.11.13 4:16pm
custard cream
In the confusion Tony Blair turned the NHS into a weapon of mass destruction 3
ronseal 28.11.13 4:14pm
custard cream
Boris Johnson calls for national system of Fagging

Provincial poor and disadvantaged to toast muffins and polish riding boots of their betters to qualify for benefits., Full text and the Latin for "massive tit" at 6...

blokefromstoke 28.11.13 3:41pm
Mr Weasley held for Quidditch fixing as Ron's owl says "you'll win t'draw, son

NEAT-O, no other excuse for it frankly - and it kept changing the final quote mark to an ampersand for some reason...

cinquecento 28.11.13 3:37pm
U-Crane Factory…...

….To export to UK?...

Jesse Bigg 28.11.13 3:25pm
Jesse Bigg
Owners of dating website accused of fixing matches

More obvious news soon...

Smart Alex 28.11.13 1:50pm
Football, basketball, hairdressers and fishermen all in favour of Net Migration. 0
Not Amused 28.11.13 1:06pm
Not Amused
Bernie Winters to replace Tony Hart in new series of "Vision On"

really obscure neato...

NewBiscuit 28.11.13 1:04pm
Independent Scotland would keep England, says Alex Salmond

The leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party, Alex Salmond, has pledged that along with Sterling and the Queen, an independent Scotland would keep England. Speaking at the launch of his party's...

nedge 28.11.13 12:06pm
'I thought she asked for a smack,' claims Saatchi

More soon. I imagine...

Oxbridge 28.11.13 11:39am