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its not right, but its ok..........

., ., ., ., ., says whitney houstons pathologist, as he pulls down his trousers. (stolen from someone else)...

arthurminnit 15.02.12 1:02pm
Royal Masturbation Fantasies Up 80% on 2010

A recent poll has shown that of the 2000 men surveyed year on year, there is an uptick of 80% regarding fantasies involving a member of the Royal Family. The poll shows a level of interest not seen...

SimonJJames 16.02.12 9:19am
XXX Olympiad to feature etymologically correct gymnastics 8
Golgo13 17.02.12 4:02pm
Cure for depression hailed as patient pulls himself together and gets on with it 4
cinquecento 15.02.12 5:47pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Sweetener industry develop healthier "Lite fructose corn syrup" 0
Dumbnews 15.02.12 6:11am
Sean Penn's stand on Malvinas backed by Big Bird, Fozzy Bear and Pee Wee Herman

Hollywood's Finest, a troop of crack actor/visionary/world leaders, has thrown its weight behind Sean Penn's campaign to return the Falkland Islands to indigenous Spanish colonialists who first...

ronseal 15.02.12 8:39am
Eric Pickles to require ALL councils to pray before meetings...

on the basis that he won't be given them any more money, so they had better start looking after themselves...

deskpilot3 14.02.12 11:11pm
Cameron to meet with Lewis Moody. More soon. 0
GreenCross 14.02.12 10:50pm
Rangers resigned to finishing 1st or 2nd again after having 10 points docked 1
Qoxiivi 14.02.12 11:14pm
Tonto regrets loan to Rangers 5
JETFAB 15.02.12 3:54pm
Hoops McCann
Mourinho caught sexting with Abramovich on Valentines Day 0
Hooch 14.02.12 8:27pm
Sacked for being legless on the job

An Iranian terrorist bomber has been relieved of his duties for blowing his own legs off in a botched boom job today., Bosses at the Bankok terror cell sacked him immediately upon hearing of the...

Marko 15.02.12 8:45am
Moody’s downgrades Standard & Poor’s.

Standard & Poor’s ratings rating has been downgraded by Moody’s in what commentators are calling the ‘inter-rating agencies rating stars war’. S&P’s ratings were previously 5-star...

malgor 15.02.12 1:08pm
Man drove 'economic bus' off cliff & berates successor for not reversing back up

More Balls soon...

dvo4fun 14.02.12 10:09pm
Rangers in administration crisis "A bleak day for sectarian bigots" says McCoist 0
dvo4fun 14.02.12 7:14pm
Cameron Finally Admits That Him And Osborne Have "Done A Glasgow Rangers"......

.With the UK economy...

Jesse Bigg 14.02.12 6:32pm
Disillusioned Dog Suddenly Realises The Futility Of Fetch

Clapham Common yesterday: Lucky, a spaniel / terrier cross, during his 7th retrieval of a well used and prized tennis suddenly stopped, sighed, looked at his owner disappointedly, walked to sit under...

SimonJJames 15.02.12 5:40pm
Whitney Would Enjoy Seeing Her Deathbed on TV

The singer and actress Whitney Houston died on Sunday night leaving behind a great feeling of sadness within her many fans. Her death has also sparked fury as images of the bath in which she drew he...

Hooch 14.02.12 5:27pm
Questions into length of Leverson Inquiry as 'Street Sweeper' gives evidence

As the Leverson inquiry enters it’s 23rd year, it has heard evidence from a street sweeper from Bideford. Ian Brownlow, has been telling the inquiry about his torment caused by an article in the ...

Perks 16.02.12 7:33am
“Holy trinity” traffic lights to signal Christian messages.

“Red the bible today? Orange you glad? Go in peace” is just one of the triple messages that drivers in the town of Tiverton may see on traffic lights, thanks to competition winner Jeremy Front,...

nickb 14.02.12 5:47pm
Gravy Train to carry custard, says Network Rail 0
nickb 14.02.12 3:52pm
Madagascar loses AAA rating; will now be known as Mdgscar

In another blow to the developing world, Madagascar has had its AAA rating removed by the Standard and Poor's agency, and will now be known only as Mdgscar. 'This is not serious news for us,' said...

hughesroland 20.02.12 12:18pm
Kate 'has let herself go a bit' reveal Scouse women

As the Duchess of Cambridge blessed the good people of Liverpool with her presence for a photo and some chips, some of the local harridans have taken the time to pick fault with her outward...

20.02.12 10:26am
Major Clanger
Old Firm Goes Bankrupt 0
Mathna 14.02.12 3:10pm
The seemingly endless Carlos Tevez saga took a bizarre turn today ..

.. as he arrived in Manchester to be told he'd been transferred to Glasgow Rangers. Roberto Mancini said, "I believe he can do a job for Rangers that he couldn't manage here at Manchester City."...

Gourd Almighty 14.02.12 2:55pm
Gourd Almighty
Government announce 'Commercialism Day' as a new way to waste your money

Following on from the financial success of Christmas and Valentines day recently, the Government are expected to release details of a new celebration on 1st July. ‘Commercialism Day’ will start...

Perks 14.02.12 4:29pm
Middle-Earth in crisis as Rangers go bust

One for LOTR fans!...

apepper 14.02.12 2:19pm
Man still bitter about £1.75 he spent on Valentine card

Nineteen-year-old Poundland checkout worker Jake Doyle says he is still bitter about the Valentine card he sent to a colleague he fancied. 'I guess I should have got over it by now,' he says, 'but I...

roybland 14.02.12 2:06pm
Watchdog criticizes GayDay loans for causing spiral into male prostitution. 0
MADJEZ 14.02.12 1:56pm
Nasty nickers nick knickers

Record high textile prices are fuelling a new crime wave, according to Inspector Gray of the Met. Police’s ‘Clothing, Cushions and other Soft Furnishing Crime Unit’. “Thieves finding it...

dvo4fun 20.02.12 11:33am