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James Hewitt "ashamed". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 23.08.12 8:47pm
Al OPecia
Naked billiards to be demonstration sport in Rio Olympics. More soon.

Another Royal Medal in prospect...

Al OPecia 23.08.12 8:46pm
Al OPecia
Right to die man to be jailed for contempt of court. More soon.

Ta grumble...

Al OPecia 23.08.12 8:17pm
Restoration expert ruins cartoon

An elderly librarian at the BBC has stunned cultural officials with an alarming and unauthorised attempt to restore a prized cartoon of a cat and dog., Roobarb and Custard by Grange Calvaley has...

Gerontius 23.08.12 8:16pm
Rio Athletes to eat Yorkshire Puddings

Following the outstanding success of Yorkshire-born athletes in the London 2012 Olympics, Team GB sport scientists have announced a new dietary regime for Brazil 2016. UK athletes will be...

Alfred Noakes 23.08.12 8:14pm
Alfred Noakes
Buckingham Palace to be sold in social housing reform

The government has announced today that it plans to sell off Buckingham Palace, as part of its social housing reform. Substantial financial savings can be realised by selling off premier public...

Alfred Noakes 23.08.12 8:02pm
Alfred Noakes
Prince Harry Ignites New "Ginger Pubes" Craze For Kids! 0
HIGNFY 23.08.12 8:02pm
Prince Harry: ‘I took off clothes to avoid causing offence’

Prince Harry today gave an explanation regarding the events that led to him being photographed naked in Los Angeles. The monarch stated ‘I had inadvertently put on an old fancy dress uniform on...

Alfred Noakes 23.08.12 7:51pm
Alfred Noakes
Lack Of Able Bodied Parking Spaces Causes Paralympics Nightmare

Just a headline...

HIGNFY 23.08.12 7:45pm
Andrew refuses to let Kevin use his bat and ball over "poo poo" dispute

England's preparation for the World Cup of Backyard Cricket (open to everyone with an emotional age less than 10 years of age) are in disarray as a dispute between the captain, Andrew, and best...

Yikes 23.08.12 7:37pm
Gove denies ever passing his GCSEs 0
Gary Baldy 23.08.12 7:33pm
Gary Baldy
Queen caught wearing Wedgwood blue matching hat and jacket

The Queen has been photographed wearing a Wedgwood blue matching hat and jacket at a private garden party. 'It's hugely embarrassing,' said veteran Royal watcher Evelyn Mountjoy. 'After the Jubilee...

roybland 23.08.12 7:30pm
Serialised next week: 50 Shades of Galloway

Thrilling new installment of the 50 Shades sensation. Serialised all next week. In which new antihero George Galloway, dressed in his lycra gimp outfit, tempts women to have sex with him,...

Miss Hegas 23.08.12 6:19pm
Miss Hegas
Forced entry to Ecuadorian Embassy "probably OK if occupants are asleep" 4
grumblechops 23.08.12 5:15pm
GCSEs still easier than last year - but offset by kids being more stupid. 1
bonjonelson 23.08.12 4:32pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Balance restored to universe as Edwina Curry goes on Cruise. 2
button 23.08.12 4:17pm
Jordanian paralympians no entry to Ecudorian Embassy due to access issues 0
simonjmr 23.08.12 2:50pm
Remaining Pussy Riot members jailed for "putting bins out on wrong day". 0
dominic_mcg 23.08.12 1:06pm
Asil Nadir denies taking daughter's Polly Pocket dolls. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 23.08.12 1:00pm
Right-to-die man "must be ressurected" after defying High Court 1
grumblechops 23.08.12 12:51pm
Shock as puppets claim to have rewritten most of the episodes of Thunderbirds

'Thunderbirds' writers have blasted back at the show’s puppets who claimed the quality of the program was going downhill, straight into a volcano after a plane crashed in to a fast moving train....

Ian Searle 23.08.12 12:49pm
Paralympic beach volleyball 'selling surprisingly well' 0
Oxbridge 23.08.12 12:24pm
Jordanian paralympic squad 'relieved' as sex-charge athletes pull out

..dammit, there's a gag in there somewhere trying to get out -...

FlashArry 23.08.12 12:23pm
Cameron Miffed Re Royal Antics....

"Pity; all the makings of an indifferent Tory."...

Jesse Bigg 23.08.12 12:17pm
Jesse Bigg
Palace condemns embarrassing prints 3
charlies_hat 23.08.12 11:53am
Rootin Tootin
Camerons Big society

blamed for latist countrywide photo shop closures,causing thousands of unemployed protesting overweight photograthers to riot in Trafalger square,clashing with overweight police officers who are also...

De-spair tyre 23.08.12 10:41am
De-spair tyre
Harry admitted to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary 0
medici2471 23.08.12 8:55am
Huge interest in rare photos of a naked ginger

Ginger-watchers all over the world are buzzing with excitement today after extremely rare pictures emerged on the internet of a completely naked ginger. Notoriously shy creatures, gingers normally...

Vertically Challenged Giant 23.08.12 8:54am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Recession hits Dr Barnardos hard.

Sir Colin Froth head of Barnardos said,you can tell things are getting bad by the number of children falling out of door step charity donation collection bags at our sorting offices.One sad case...

De-spair tyre 23.08.12 8:23am
De-spair tyre
Lifelong Eastbourne resident

George Slanders 89 has been attacked for the secound time in two months on Eastbourne beach,George recently released from a short stay in Rampton mental hospital had this to say.Its disgusting,I...

De-spair tyre 23.08.12 7:29am
De-spair tyre