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Starbucks app on iphone provided by Vodaphone: The ultimate in tax avoidance

HM Revenue and Customs have today announced that all UK citizens who have the Starbucks app on their Vodaphone network iphones will today be arrested for aiding and abetting tax avoidance. More soon...

simonjmr 28.11.12 9:34am
‘No victims since the 60’s’: about the time Cyril Smith started eating them 0
medici2471 28.11.12 9:32am
Cyril Smith convicted of abusing armchairs and bedsteads 1
antharrison 28.11.12 9:06am
UK 'in deep shock' over allegations of Liberal MP's sexual behaviour 0
dvo4fun 28.11.12 8:06am
Levenson report evidence "obtained from phone taps"

Calls have been made for an enquiry into the way evidence was obtained for the Leveson report. More to follow...

apepper 28.11.12 6:52am
NHS spot check reveals acne drug over prescribed. 0
weematt 27.11.12 11:19pm
Rihanna so ill she can't even remove most of her own clothing 0
ginty 27.11.12 10:41pm
Scientists say trouser-making technology is "making great strides" 0
exigo 27.11.12 10:24pm
BBC flooding news latest: 'there was something in the air that night', Ben Ando 0
Mandy Lifeboat 27.11.12 10:08pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Savile to be Terminated in Downton Abbey Series 4

ITV today confirmed that they have been approached by the BBC about introducing a Terminator style killing into the fourth series of Downton Abbey. The BBC are hoping to stop Jimmy Savile 20 years...

Sheepback 27.11.12 10:02pm
Otto Jespersen
BBC to hold alternative Sports Personality of the Year to calm the nation

Concerned about inducing widespread public hysteria with a Sports Personality of the Year show that for once contains genuine winners, the BBC announced today that it will simultaneously broadcast an...

thumper 27.11.12 9:48pm
Police round up all old Knights of the Realm "as a precaution". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 27.11.12 7:54pm
Al OPecia
Policemen signing up for duty undercovers in droves. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 27.11.12 7:51pm
Al OPecia
Tea Party: Barack Obama "Not Of Woman Born, Possibly Doesn't Exist"

Right-wing activists have long attempted to suggest that Barack Obama was not born in the USA and is thus ineligible for the American presidency, though this efforts have been consistently rebuffed...

Textbook 27.11.12 7:50pm
Nadine Dorries 'must build bridges' with constituents (+ bamboo, string & nails)

more soon Hat, coat, door. All set...

dvo4fun 27.11.12 7:21pm
Nadine Dorries wins back Tory whip after jungle U-turn

Voters in Mid-Bedfordshire were dancing in the streets today with news that their Conservative MP, Nadine Dorries, was heading back to the Australian jungle. Following a tense meeting with Chief...

27.11.12 6:25pm
Patron saint of music was gluten intolerant confirm scientists

A saint who was sectioned under the Mental Health Act of 201 was gluten-intolerant say scientists., It is thought the condition may help to explain some of the more bizarre and somewhat unholy...

St.Cecilia 27.11.12 5:22pm
Joey Barton denies calling opposition player a singe 1
Underconstruction 27.11.12 4:50pm
Rotherham council seize red Furby from child with blue bedroom

Social workers have taken a much-loved Furby from a child in Rotherham, after it was ‘blatantly and deliberately’ placed in a bedroom that didn’t complement its pelt. The Furby had been...

27.11.12 4:34pm
Stranglewank: The Musical. Michael Hutchence the biopic announced

Stranglewank : The Musical will features the songs of INXS in a celebration of the life and death of the singer Micheal Hutchence. More soon...

simonjmr 27.11.12 4:25pm
Fresh flood warnings as Fifty Shades Book Four is released 0
Underconstruction 27.11.12 3:45pm
TV documentary solves riddle of ‘Who shot Simon Cowell?’

Millions of TV viewers around the world are expected to tune in to a special 2-hour TV documentary this week, which finally reveals who shot oaken bull-necked music Svengali, Simon Cowell. Was it...

Darkbill 2.0 27.11.12 3:41pm
TV series 'filth', says Babestation star. 0
simonjmr 27.11.12 3:41pm
New anti-erection cream fails despite rigorous tests 0
Dick Everyman 27.11.12 3:15pm
Dick Everyman
Windows 8 boot time reduced to just 3 hours 0
Dumbnews 27.11.12 2:20pm
Arafat family dog destroyed after Yasser is dug up and buried again 0
medici2471 27.11.12 1:50pm
Oxbridge officially retires 'perverted middle manager' sub after three attempts

'OK, so I accept this one won't ever make FP,' said the balding would-be satirist who has at least been on Mastermind, although he certainly hasn't got a Porsche coupe to polish. 'I thought it was...

Oxbridge 27.11.12 1:44pm
Man "hurt and saddened" that no-one’s noticed he’s doing 'Movember'

Justin Woodfield, a 23-year-old trainee accountant from Wycombe, expressed hurt and dismay yesterday as no-one at work has yet commented on his efforts to raise money for prostate cancer by growing...

DrTurmoil 27.11.12 1:40pm
Tourette's sufferers only have 28 fucking swearing days to twat Christmas 0
antharrison 27.11.12 1:39pm
Cornwall removed from Google Maps after scientists find 'nothing but ocean'. 0
exigo 27.11.12 1:16pm