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Darts recruit even louder audience to distract how boring it is 0
David K 12.01.14 11:30pm
David K
1st Lady hospitalized with exhaustion now Hollande can't go out to see mistress.

No more soon she says...

MADJEZ 12.01.14 9:07pm
CEO's Pride as Drug Rehab Business Expands

Bryan Michigan, 36, CEO of Narcotica, the nationwide network of drug rehabilitation and advisory centres, celebrated the first anniversary of his leadership by announcing plans to open 26 new...

Teenwolf 12.01.14 7:09pm
Teacher MOTs will not include emissions tests, says Labour Minister 0
custard cream 12.01.14 6:28pm
custard cream
Clarification: Hiscox is an insurance company not a dating site 0
custard cream 12.01.14 6:26pm
custard cream
God praises Ariel Sharon for his bright whites 0
davetwojackets 12.01.14 4:33pm
Iran bans french standup for being non-offensive 0
Bigglesworth 12.01.14 2:54pm
Middle-aged balding men contemplate move to France 7
David K 12.01.14 2:08pm
UKIP Delight As EU Says 'The Only Way To Avoid EU Rules Is To Quit the EU'.' 0
Titus 12.01.14 1:47pm
Labour to introduce breakdown cover for teachers

Under a Labour government teachers would need to take out annual breakdown cover in order to work in English state schools pledged Shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt, Mr. Hunt said the...

Gerontius 12.01.14 12:56pm
Jesus H
Arab Spring voted ‘least effective contraceptive device’... 0
Tripod 12.01.14 12:54pm
Isle of Wight man emerges from 8 year combover

Ariel Smythe, once leader of Ventnor Borough Council, has made a dramatic recovery from an eight year combover. Isle of Wight reporters, agog for news of the controversial hairstyle, heard that Mr...

nickb 12.01.14 11:19am
Met Police to start reform by being 'nicer on Tuesdays'

Police officers in London are to be nicer on Tuesdays, Scotland Yard has announced. "We'll not be murdering newsvendors, perverting the course of justice, leaking news to tabloids for money or...

nickb 12.01.14 11:03am
David Dickinson signs up to the be the new face of Orange Wednesdays. More soon. 1
deskpilot3 12.01.14 11:01am
Disney pledge to reduce sugar in products

More to follow...

apepper 12.01.14 11:01am
Ariel should get great reception in heaven 1
topfotogmw 12.01.14 10:59am
Clothing brand ‘North Face’ faces competition from ‘2-Faced Cunt’

“I got the idea when I noticed a large percentage of people I was aware of who wear the ‘North Face’ clothing brand, are in fact two-faced cunts.” said 2-Faced Cunt founder Sad Wanker-Troll....

Damien_H 12.01.14 10:27am
Dyslexic pilot crashes into Futon Airport

New Zealand pilot Tyler Proudfoot, who twice crashed his lightweight aircraft onto a beach last Thursday, has admitted to suffering from an extreme form of dyslexia. He explained that whilst engine...

Landfill 12.01.14 10:00am
US Geological Surveyors report "Colorado is no longer square"

Cartographers at the US Geological Survey have reported in a news conference that since the turn of the year, the state of Colorado is no longer square. "Its borders keep moving and changing" said...

AReader 12.01.14 9:38am
'They burned me with a soldering iron', says first teacher to fail MOT

Teachers up and down the country have today slammed a recent move to introduce standard classroom tests, dubbed 'classroom MOTs', after an early report revealed that thousands of experienced teachers...

Jesus H 11.01.14 10:17pm
Uproar on Tatooine over Lars' "lawful killing" verdict. 2
jamesr 11.01.14 9:04pm
Ref Minor
Iain Duncan Smith’s barber ‘to be knighted’

“Bob usually does a great job of hiding my lunatic fringe” quipped Mr Smith “but he makes my centre parting a bit too wide on occasion. At least I don’t wear a wig, like some I could name.”...

farmer giles 11.01.14 8:54pm
Schumacher wins Carry On Matron bed race - Bresslaw close second 0
Drylaw 11.01.14 7:35pm
Floods "bad for business" say Thames Valley streetwalkers 0
Drylaw 11.01.14 7:30pm
Morbidly obese New Yorker ate his way out of snowdrift

A 72 stone New Yorker is recovering in the City's hospital after eating his way out of a 15 foot snowdrift. The drama unfolded as 32 year old Gonzalez Himinez, lost control of his pick-up truck,...

Underconstruction 11.01.14 5:29pm
Sharon dies of embarrassment "because of girl's name"

Israeli doctors have confirmed that former prime minister, Ariel Sharon, died of embarrassment at his "girly" surname...

apepper 11.01.14 3:32pm
pere floza
Millions die of boredom as 'binge abstinence' takes NHS to breaking point

Doctors’ leaders have called on the government to take urgent action against a new social phenomenon which has caused the sudden deaths of men the length and breadth of the UK. Affecting mainly...

nedge 11.01.14 3:16pm
Staffrooms to be equipped with hoops for teachers to jump through before class. 0
dominic_mcg 11.01.14 1:16pm
Whale washed up on beach. Dolphin dried up and porpoise put away. 4
Not Amused 11.01.14 11:59am
UK flood defence system ‘as right as rain’ says Cam

In a broadcast to the nation from the nuclear submarine HMS Astute just off Aberystwyth, where he has set up an emergency cabinet room, Dave said: “I want to assure the public there is absolutely...

farmer giles 11.01.14 8:01am
farmer giles